Traveling Light

After my sister and I posted Chalk this past summer, the ladies in the group Stealing Sheep asked if Rivkah would make a lil video to their music, which is so sweet and weirdly dark and fitting to all the Amelie vibes we were feeling in the summer, so she did, and I kind of did too, and it was fun, and here it is.

Traveling Light is a lot about that stage between being a kid and an adult, which I think about a lot, and was especially thinking about when we made this in the summer as I was about to enter high school. It's really weird when you realize that makeup has gone from being a dress up box occasion to an every day requirement, and you start looking for bubblegum cigarette ways to make these two stages make sense and be friends, but helping Rivkah make this made it easier to be able to have some kind of grasp on it, since this video is a series of those searches and moments as well as Rivkah and me being summery and liking hats. There isn't much of a plot or progression aside from that, I guess it's more like a photo for its moment-capturing than a story. And, us being sisters, a lot of details in this we took from our own memories, so it's, y'know, personal and appropriately nostalgic and I'm proud of us and her and our sisterly teamwork.

I have a lot more to say about these ideas in general but that's what the video is for. I like what Rivkah wrote, too. Also, I just last night finished a zine that's very much about this stuff (though a little more high school in mentality and subject matter as I'm not as hesitant to be a teenager as I was last summer) and I think I'll put it up on Etsy soon or something. Also also, listen to Stealing Sheep's beautiful music!

P.S. It's just a coincidence but I think it's kinda funny I ended up posting this on Sofia Coppola's birthday.