bulimia is so '87

In these last weeks before summer I've been trying to soak up the back to school vibes before Chicago settles on some legitimate summer heat and it becomes too unbearable for vibes of any kind, other than like, "sweaty vibes," or "what-does-one-wear-to-watch-Seinfeld-all-day vibes." And so, some Heathers/iconography in Romeo + Juliet thinkin the other day.
The Heathers tee was sent to me by Sophomore, the Veronica + JD necklace is from Flamingo Cupcake on Etsy, and I thrifted the HALEY necklace and like to think about why it ended up at the Salvation Army.
Hair thangs.

Too much angst in this club! Pockets and back of my thrifted sweater, HOLE RIOT WOMYN DANIEL JOHNSTON ETC.

I bought these James Lillis holy leggings on BlackMilk and they've become a really important part of my identity. My Docs are falling apart and the sole is halfway disconnected from the rest of the shoe so I like to wiggle my toes to make my feet talk.

Bracelet from joke shop.

I was really feeling this black lipstick Lime Crime sent me to test and I think it will become a regular fixture. It's good and matte and didn't need much reapplication throughout the day and does its job.