stick hippo

Last night Marisa and I had the ultimate slumber party. We ordered pizza, wore tiaras to see PROM with Jamie and my friend Claire, made friendship bracelets, and read aloud from Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. We sat in our PJ's talking about high school and Catalanos and Rayannes and feminism. It was the ultimate! Like that song Lindsay Lohan sang in Freaky Friday. We also talked about Lindsay Lohan.
Quality temporary tattoos.
Tiaras, one passed down from Marisa and one from Walgreens.
Note the American Girl sleeping bag.

My So-Called Life theme Cut Your Hair by Pavement Teenage Whore by Hole Teenagers From Mars by the Misfits Lust For Life by Girls Loop Duplicate My Heart by Suburban Kids With Biblical Names Boyfriend by Best Coast Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper Bad Reputation by Joan Jett Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill 16 and Suicide by Huggy Bear Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana Sixteen by No Doubt I Was a Teenage Werewolf by the Cramps I Can Never Go Home Anymore by the Shangri-Las At Seventeen by Janis Ian Thirteen by Big Star Playground Love by Air Baba O'Riley by the Who Teen Age Riot by Sonic Youth. Download here for when you're angsty, or for always, or maybe both of those are the same thing for you!
Then she left and I acted really cool taking pictures of myself smiling in front of my house!!!! It's this kind of social activity that won me the title of prom queen. Back to school vibes, Twin Peaks, etc. Top gift from Meadham Kirchhoff, thrifted jumper, random Boy London patch and socks.
And my favorite white picket fence birthday loafers Rachel Antonoff gave me.

Also, quick question, just been on my mind lately, I dunno -- WHY IS IT NOT SUMMER?


The Fancy Teacup said...

You are such a doll! Sounds like you girls had a blast. I can't get enough of your darling loafers.
much love.

Faye De Lanty said...

Super cute! Love what you do - good for you!

Faye - Fashion Hound


Kayla said...

Sounds fun! You are adorable!

Lia said...

haha cute tattoos!

Glass of Fashion

Jessie said...

sounds like the typical yet fabulous teenage sleepover. while prom seems as though it is beyond trashy, i kind of want to see it. the tats you guys applied look kinda fabulous.

Sister Shirley said...

What? No "light as a feather, stiff as a board?" No slumber party is complete without a levitation and/or seance!

Kaiami said...

Seconding the summer comment.

Anonymous said...

you're it. you're the ultimate. it's automatic i'm sure of it. no liee. so don't even try. to tell me that you're not the guy. cause i've been waiting alllll my lyfeee for someone just like you. you're IT. you're the ultimate YOUUUUU!!!

definitely typed that from memory. love that movie.

Professor Batty said...

The Shangri-las! Best girl group ever! And singing about their Mother the night before Mothers day!

Lindsey Cook said...

Stick hippo!
I know about your sophomore.
Actually it's a celestial fountain.

Oh dear I loved that movie way too much. My friends and I saw it for my birthday party the day before our actual prom...needless to say the movie was way better

Bronzed Humanity said...

Love slumber parties! Such a cute skirt!
Hot Pink Day

matthew roland said...

Oh those temporary tattoos ARE quality. Most ones I had when I was younger cracked up when you were putting them on, boooooo.

Hanna said...


Deano SC said...

Umm those shoes are soo cute!

Sisters for Life said...

Supper cute skirt and shoes!!!! (I am so jealous)


w o w Meadham Kirchhoff, i'm so jelly.
temporary tattoos are the best! true koala tea ♡

KKY said...

YES. Summer has totally escaped the world. Also, I love your skirt!!!

KARLITO said...

UGH I envy your life!
No one wanted to see Prom with me so I was forced to go see Scream 4 instead, which wasn't bad but OMG, PROM.
Anyways, you look so cute and happy. Makes me want a cafeteria cupcake real bad!

Alexi Frest said...

Teenage Whore by Hole, I like it! That is cool. Besides, friendship bracelets are cool ( friendships, too).

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Aww slumber party! Man, it's been waaaay too long since I went to a good slumber party. Like actually 20 years.

Unknown said...

So cute tavi, loved it♥

Joy said...

Totally adorable. Slumber party long overdue!

Sewon said...

Sweet temp tattoos! I'm listening to your mix right now. :]

Unknown said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. Lol, cute picture. Awesome song choices too. :)

Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

Anonymous said...

I love your loafears!
they're amazing))

Ella B said...

Because it is the Southern Hemisphere. Your weather is wrong.

Unknown said...

sounds like absolute fun. :]

i really like that red over shirt you have. :]

Her Persona said...

cute shoes

Rose and Muse said...

oh to be young and have sleepover parties! To tell you the truth I'm 19 and still hold sleepover parties cause they're better than clubbing!

Unknown said...

Can't get over how cute those shoes are! Love your jumper too.

Anonymous said...

hnnnnnnnnnng why so amazing. stop that.
and completely jealous of the meadham kirchoff

minimal coast said...

wow thanks for the songs list. it is for smiling today.

Iris Castro García. said...

I like it !

Lydia Armstrong said...

I wanna have a sleepover and talk about Catalanos and Lindsay Lohan!!!!

vla* fashion frontier said...

i wanna do slumber parties again!
when you are 25, it's much more harder to sleep in with your friends, so it's always awesome to watch others have the fun you had!


Jess Heath MUFX said...

Haha sounds like you had a fantastic time!!

Cait said...

Looks like a blast! Reminds me of my summers at my Uncle's campsite- I read that book there for the first time and had the exact same sleeping bag! :3

Claire said...

Why do I not have slumber parties this awesome? Note to sled fun better friends...:P
You re adorable. I'm very jealous of this outfit.

Unknown said...

i love the flare of the skirt.. and i love slumber parties!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Saúl said...

I can tell you a lot of things about how you incredibly and intelligent girl you are! but I could never finish! You are my inspiration!
I love your outfits are very innovative! I love you! please look my blog I am starting and you are my model to follow! sorry for my bad english! bye kisses little tavi! :D

20thCgirl said...

Summer is here in England, we stole it ;)

Wonderful outfit as always Tavi - especially the skirt!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Liking the hippie tatoo's :)

Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

Trashy Student said...

sounds like a sweet time :) temporary tats are awesome always xx

welovefur said...

With love Little Sable

Tika said...

i love loafing.

loaf loaf loaf.

Raquel said...

You look like a doll :)
Nice post :) Hee-hee


Mihaela said...


Anonymous said...

Tavi, you're an inspiration. You are such a wonderful girl. Thaks for your blog and for your personality.
xoxo -Kseniya

Madeleine said...

Summer is in Europe. Even up in cold Sweden were I am from, have been walking around in skirt and bare legs for a weak now.

alexis said...

that slightly awkward moment, when you read the playlist and already have all those songs because i am a backround character from my so called life, who would totally hit on Mr. Chase and just a garbage pail kid.

Phoebe said...

Temporary tattoos=funnest things ever at sleepovers.
Especially cheap Halloween ones.
Of ghosts.

Anonymous said...

You have a great taste in music.

MartaPalczewska said...

I love ur laofers! :)

olivia said...

I agree. Why is it Monday, why is it not summer, why do exams exist?

I love the playlist! You should listen to "The Future Starts Slow" by The Kills and "Young Blood" by the Naked and Famous.

Cristina said...

Why is it not summer indeed! It's the stupid weather in Erie PA too and I can't stand it! Anyway, I miss sleepovers. Don't ever grow out of them! You look adorable with that smile on your face :) I'm sure you didn't want to here that!

Flaunt It said...

Hey Tavi,
Great that outfit so cute!
Check out my blog, I'd love to hear your thoughts :-)

Kirsten said...

I love the image of your authentic slumber party. It is perfect. I also make mix tapes for all awesome events!

Megan Hattie said...

Cutest loafers ever! The white part looks like a continuation of the socks and that boggled my mind for a few seconds. Sounds like a fun sleepover night, I'd kill to be back in high school for a night, hosting sleepover's at my parents' house... enjoy it! I'd also kill for some actually decent pizza, it's hard to find in Paris on a budget. Nice mixtape as well.

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Anonymous said...

Hole is the bomb. I am hooked.

And umm have you seen this place?

It looks pretty legit. I have just found it via which I also thought was interesting. Then again, you've probably seen all of these things.

Aliza said...

THAT JUMPER IS TOO PERFECT I LOVE IT TOO MUCHH. AND THE SHOES. i might the jumper with doc martens or black moccasins because that's what I have in my closet but I love the loafers. When me and my friends have sleepovers we also read aloud from Judy Bloom books, and Are you there God It's Me Margaret is one of our favorites. I count myself a feminist but sadly a number of my females friends are oddly "against" it, as I'm sure they're inhaling some sort of inaccurate male spew of false information, or more likely from their stay at home moms. Sorry that was a rant. Love this post!

heatherheartsfashion said...

youre awesome tavi, love your outfit

heatherheartsfashion said...

blog more!

Melissa said...

Are you there god, it's me margaret has to be one of my favourite books growing up. Such a gem-I hope to pass it on one day.

Audrey said...

It's been freezing,where I live too! I live in CA and it rained today! I keep on saying I need to go summer shopping,but there's no point in going, if it's just gonna ran, right?

chloe said...

Hey tavi, I follow your tumblr and was interested in the posts where you and your friends listed the good things about that prom movie. I thought it was really cool cuz it spearheaded all the lame Disney bullshit on most modern teen movies today. It's like, do they think we are all shallow idiots? Anyway, I thought it would be cool if you maybe did a more extensive post about that movie or maybe other current kid/ teen shows. You always have a refreshing ( lol I know that's a corny word..) take on older pop culture, so it would be cool to hear more about what you think in terms of recent teen movies. Just a suggestion, I'm sure you get ideas for posts all the time. Keep on being awesome


olivia bee said...

mmmmmm catalanos....

Eve E. said...

Dear Tavi,

My husband and I have decided that our someday daughters must all be like you. Please send notes.


Anonymous said...

Cute skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!! u were my inspiration to start my blog because i was quite nervous to but i heard when u were 12 years old u started it so seeing as im 12 i thought i should give it a go!


zoomslow said...

The skirt appears to be flaring of its own accord; such is the delicacy of your grip.

P.S I originally just had a comma here, but Word has advised me to use a semicolon. I really don’t know how to use them so sure, why not! :-)

Jesue Valle said...

Temporary tattoos I use don't ever turn out that well!

Wahy said...

your temporary tattoo really cute! seriously

blue roses said...

some other songs to add to your soundtrack:
teenage kicks, the undertones
teenage wildlife, david bowie

hope you ladies had a blast, sounds great.

Limey said...

ahhh! i wish it was summer too! chicago is too cold and rainy

love the outfit and the tiaras


Eda said...

charming style, specially shoes!


Anonymous said...

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cancercowboy said...

zomg flats again?! thanks, Audrey. i suppose. nice music again. and nice almost-a-kilt. summer over here, btw. guess somebody holds it hostage. 20+°C for 14 days in a row now. gets kinda boring already ^____^

Vega ♫ said...

Where are the tattoo? I love it!
please answer hear:
mi name's Vega, i'm from spain so my blog is in spanish, sorry :(

Anonymous said...

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Suzannah said...

Eeeek I love your shoes! :)

Metalbabe96 said...

Ah, the age old tradition of teenage sleep-overs. I'm glad you had fun!

winnie said...

sounds like a great night! My so called life is a major favourite of mine too :)
and great playlist!


sootsy said...

hey! wanted to share with you this video:

Rock 'n Style said...

Tavi! You are such a doll and so cute! Love reading your blog! Keep on going with this!! You've got my support ;) (and thousands of others)!


Rock 'n Style

Anonymous said...

Hello Tavi,
I like so much your style ! (Seriously).
And I really want to have some tips for my blog from you ! :)
(I'm french so, sorry for my bad english !)

My blog :

Allison Stuart said...

So, I downloaded your playlist, and named the new album "Tav-aged Angst". Boy do I feel clever. FEED ME MORE MUSIC!!!! I heart your mixes ;P

chatiwaa.x said...

i ♥ the dress..
any1 wanna follow me please?

Mandy Paige said...

"What? No "light as a feather, stiff as a board?" No slumber party is complete without a levitation and/or seance!" - ZOMG, Yes Sister Shirley! What were you thinking Tavi? No truth or dare either? What kind of a proper teen are you? ;)

I think my mom still has my American girl sleeping bag in storage at their house. Seeing yours totally takes me back! WOW!

Glad you had fun!

Susan said...

sounds like so much fun :)

H4Gx said...

nice post. rly like your blog :) id followed you

Anonymous said...

meri said...

wow youre pretty tavi

Maxens M. Finch said...

Oooh, I just bought a similar plaid skirt!

Tika said...

sorry man. i sweet-talked summer into staying south.

Jayd said...

you might like teenager of the year by lo-tel


ops! cool smile!!!))

blue said...

Are you there Tavi? It's me Très Awesome. I haven't stopped by The Style Rookie in a while. Glad to see your still whooping it up.

Très Awesome - A Chicago Street Style Blog

thwany said...

love the loafers.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your shoes!

LostInSTHLM said...

If it's over 15 celcius, then it is summer, at least in crappy Sweden:(
Btw,thanks for being awesome (at least for what I know of you, clothes, music and movies)

sabina&alex said...

lovely shoes!

Sandy Joe said...

Epic and unbeatable playlist! Those loafers are pretty boss too.

x The Pretty Secrets

Anonymous said...

whoever got the shroom tat is way lucky

Nathalie said...

that sleepover sounds amazing!
I lurve your tatoos(especially the mushroom!) where did you get them from?!?! The temporary tatoos I buy won't even stick onto my skin in the first place, let alone look that awsome, when I've managed to finally get it on!!

I have just started my own blog, and reading your blog has inspired me sooooo much!!

:D xx

Natalie said...

It's the good days of the best age - enjoy it!

p.s- great shoes (:

Francie. said...

slick shoes tavi

Mertxe Hernàndez said...

How cute!.... love those shoes...

Anonymous said...

I love you're outfit! It's also in my inspiration box for this fall/ upcoming seasons: I want to dress like an Wednesday Addams; aka an Emo Blair Waldorf!

If you do actually read this, I'd like to submit something for Sassy magazine, too, which I know you're reviving. If not, just stop by ( ) and say hi!

Anonymous said...

Oops--let me correct myself, when I mentioned Sassy, I meant a "wallflower-girl" magazine!

Unknown said...

so glad that blume's are you there god it's me margaret is tsill popular...i read it when i was 12yrs old! ;)

magical power said...

Tavi's fashion is very cute and crayzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like it very much★

my fahion icon is Tavi(*^^)v
follow me

Paige Joost said...

ok haha, love this post.

Number one, I have that same sleeping bag.

Number two, I think the girl on the cover of that Judy Blume book goes to my school. RANNDDDOOOOM.

Cassie said...

Hey Tavi,
First time comment from a fellow OPer although I don't live there anymore. Just noticed this post and stopped in my tracks. That jumper is the former St. Giles uniform (north OP on columbian). The plaid is amazing and those loafers are kickass (if only I had those when I wore that jumper). -Cassie

Anonymous said...

boy london tee and check skirt = awesome

Izzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Izzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Izzie said...

You're so inspirational! I like your style. I love looking at your outfits!

You were in an article in a magazine I was reading. It inspired me to create my own fashion blog!

Brittney said...

Tavi!! I'm just now catching up on your summer posts and noticed that your jumper is the same as my uniform from catholic grade school! You make it look so sick [the good kind!]. Kudos on staying true to you all these years!

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