My sister came home from school and traveling for the first time in 11 months this summer and had the idea for us to make this short film. It's mostly her thing, so I won't take too much credit, other than drinking Nesquik and smiling and picking out the socks. It's not fashion-related (the outfits are really supposed to be more those of someone who likes fun clothes, not fashion) but I thought I'd post it anyway because we're really proud of it. I mean, just see what critics have to say:
"I think it's very good!" -Our mom
"You dyed your hair without our permission?!" -Our dad
We were aiming to enter it in a Vimeo contest, not because we really thought we'd win but because we needed a deadline and it would've been cool for it to be judged by the folks there. There was a last-minute technical mishap and we missed the entry deadline, but then we decided it's more fun this way and that artists shouldn't compete with each other. (Uh, I retract that statement now. We were making ourselves feel better. Sometimes contests can be good things.)
For a while now I've been in a kind of rut where I second-guess my outfits and are more conscious about the people around me whenever I go anywhere, so it was great to just do something like this and remember that it can be fun to embrace stares. And fun to wear Comme des Garcons toe shoes. And have red hair. Oh, I didn't tell you guys about my red hair! Sheba did it a couple weeks ago. This is it at its best, methinks. Enjoy!