wish you were here

Today was a snow day with no school or internet or phone connection so I had to rely on old-fashioned forms of entertainment such as "books" and "television" instead. It was a revelation of an experience that taught me a lot about what's important in life. And like, I totally know what it's like to be Amish now.

And so, I made another real-life moodboard (others I've done here & here) on the desk in my room based around this necklace contraption that the folks at Proenza Schouler recently sent my way. Summer camp/friendship bracelets/bike lock/bungee chord/backyard streams/geology vibes. I really wish it was summer.

So about this necklace, which is a bit too clunky for the delicate connotations that the word necklace implies -- it is beautiful summer camp perfection. Usually when I wear it I just stare at the rocks and zone out. And probably the best part about the non-necklace-ness is that I don't have to be really careful when wearing it. A complain I'd like to file, however, is that the size isn't adjustable. You'd think that when half of it is made out of bike lock/bungee chord material there would be some clever and simple way to adjust it. I've taken to latching the large loops onto the smaller ones sticking out of the side. Maybe that's what you're supposed to do, actually? Hmph.

The necklace is displayed here against a record I bought at the Salvation Army because for some reason it seemed really necessary to own a record of a high school band from an Illinois suburb in the 70's.

Lizard bracelet is from a watch I bought at Target in like 5th grade and the other bracelets my friend made. Meagan gave me this Risto skirt and, like her with her eyebrow glasses, I got extremely Double Rainbow over it. Which would be appropriate, considering the Proenza necklace is from their stoner collection.

Sonic Youth's Murray Street and Guatemalan worry dolls.

Top also sent to me by Proenza.

Finally, if you live in Chicago and have nothing to do Friday night, I'm part of a fun interview lineup at the Hideout! Do you enjoy small venues with friendly people? How about alcoholic beverages? Were you a member of the Wheaton Central High School Band in 1977 and want to know what I thought of your tuba playing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, come say hi! Especially the tuba player -- I have a lot of notes for you.