rosie the robot

Yesterday I really wanted to wear my wig and dress like a mermaid but I didn't have the ethereal materials (yeah I'm a poet now) to be a serious one so I settled for a kind of retro-futuristic Jetsons version.
Manic Panic wig, Alexander McQueen top from Browns, thrifted long sleeve, structured Target skirt, We Love Colors tights, Pierre Hardy x Gap platforms (I wore shoes much more snow appropriate when walking.)

I've been spending a lot of time in the bathroom lately. Not due to any health problems -- oh no, one needn't worry about my bowel movements! -- but because my wig just goes with it so well.

When I was walking home a car of sooper kewl teenz drove by and rolled down their window and this one dude was like "NICE HAIR! Har har har!" and I think I just smiled but at that point I was all grumbly because of the snow so it's possible I attacked him or something. I can't remember. We'll have to look for injured and unconscious bodies once all the snow melts away.

I treated myself to the McQueen top when Browns had that big summer sale on its site but haven't worn it much because it's so hard to do justice. It didn't even occur to me until yesterday afternoon that it's soon the one year anniversary of McQueen's death. Even though I found it appropriate that his very last collection whispered instead of screamed, the Atlantis he created for Spring 2010 will always be his swan song to me. And even though it's not news to anyone, the graphics in that collection were crazy beautiful, so I scanned my shirt and all its detailed glory like they do in Elle Collections.


Yajaira said...

do you really go out like this? or this is just to take pictures for the post..
i like the wig color.. very spring

mirae. said...

toothpaste colour wig. i really need something as magical as that.

Alys said...

The McQueen is so beautiful, I think the last collection just managed to achieve perfection.


P.S. Thanks for the update on your bowels!

maisa said...

awesome hair :)

Unknown said...

you look insanely cool.. I've been digging the cosmic-space vibe for the last 2 weeks.. have you watched Barbarella (1968) with young and beautiful Jane Fonda?.. you'll love the outfits!
stay cool girl..

Velvet Snow said...

Love the wig, it's so beautiful! It's a gorgeous top. I still find it hard to believe that McQueen is gone. He will surely be missed forever.
Rebecca x

Maxens M. Finch said...

We need more of you around the table. DUPLICATE!
Please, thanks, bye.
(no mean to offense, just in case.)
(trying to share my want of you duplicating.)

Unknown said...

The outfit is very futuristic/Atlantis/jewel-y. I love the wig with it because it adds that cartoon mermaid vibe that looks really good on you.

Alexander McQueen's last collection was a WORLD that he created filled with mermaids from space and alien fish women. All I can say is 'I love him'.

Anonymous said...

You are so crazy!! Love the necklaces, I just watched Brokeback Mountain and they kind of remind me of that. You really know how to market yourself as a kooky messed up kid (in a nice way of course!)- I am also a teenage blogger but right now looking to expand readership, I think I need some tips from you!

Claire said...

Wow, you have THE most inspiring outfits ever! The wig, and the tops, and the tights!!!
This post really made me gasp out loud.
Gosh, I love you.

Shea said...

I always find that wig to be pretty spectacular

chloe said...

Love the First Picture!

Olivia said...



BECKY MAY said...

I wish I could pull off turquoise wigs! You're so bloody cool!

The Flower Girl


Unknown said...

You look amazing! Love that McQueen top!


Andrea said...

great tights!

and i love the mc queen <3

Anonymous said...

These photos are so amazing x

the other emily said...

I think the problem with teenagers today is that they just can't be bothered to come up with any proper taunts anymore.
the other emily

Angelica said...

I love your style...
And that you wear 'statement' clothing (: x

Diana said...

I love this outfit. The wig matches perfect with this amazing Amq shirt.
And you really go out like this?!
Wow! I'd never do that. But it's so crazy and brave :)

Bübiiiiiiiiiiiiiii said...

this hair! that looks sooo freakin´stylish, really!
(and the tights!)

kate cait sith said...

I'm so obsessed with scanning fabrics, particularly just to archive it all on my computer for organization purposes/my sanity.
But a thought of more importance/relevance: have you seen the Kirstin Dunst/Takashi Murakami collaboration that was exhibited at Tate? I figured it would interest you since the video (in a nutshell) references pop culture while utilizing tacky trends/awesome styling NOT TO MENTION KIRSTIN'S BLUE WIG THAT LOOKS EXACTLY IDENTICAL TO YOURS. Sorry, the caps was necessary? Just thought you would get inspired by the whole deal, watch it here:

Chloe Tweeny said...

you definitely nailed the 'retro-futuristic Jetsons' look! too frickin epic

Freya said...

That is some wig!
I love it's colour, mint fresh!
Such a crazy outfit.... I LURVE it!
And the Gap heels, uh-mazing!
Oh yeah, and about the wig, I had a flash back of Nicki Minaj's 'Check It Out' - very strange, yet ever so awesome.

X said...

This wig is amazing! So ethereal, and it makes you look like a mermaid. You never stray far from perfection.

Jack XXX said...

This is so amazing always!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous top (Alexander MCQueen!!!! swoon!!) and amazing tights!

Hannah said...

love that mcqueen printxxx


Cygnet said...

That wig is totally awesome! Please excuse my teenager-y cliché. And I’ve been staring at that shirt forever finding jellyfish-colored shapes, such as cucumbers. Haha I’m crazy. But it’s awesome!!!! The ensemble, I mean. :D

Tavi said...

Thanks dudes!

Poptuckshop -- I'm marketing myself? I had no idea.

kasmslo -- Yep, I love that video.

little moon lover -- I'll have to check that out!

Yajaira -- Yeah, I wore this to school. All my outfit posts are stuff I was wearing that day unless I say otherwise.

Sheik said...


I love going out in wigs. Hehe. I'm a cosplayer so I own a lot of wigs and they're awesome. It's a fun way to have unique hair but not fry your actual hair to achieve certain colors. @@;

Oh and at least no one came up to you and asked if it was your religion to be dressing up like that. Or perhaps you would have liked that? xD I've been asked many weird questions before...

Sandra Kisić said...

perfect wig

Anna said...

woow, crazy!!.)

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

Love the fact how you play with these ‘TRON’ kind of colors. It’s is not only an exciting outfit, it look fabulous against the pale blue wall and the snow. I ABSOLUTELY adore pattern-tights but they are not easy to combine. I mostly wear them with a neutral top/dress. But I’ve to say that the top+leggings look amazing: they are made for each other. I adore the way your color pattern changes from head to toe. From blue to pink/lila. You can always borrow my Matthew Williamson dress to match the leggings.

Noumia's papers said...

your tee-shirt Mcqueen is so nice ! And guys are alright, fake hair are so beautiful ;)


Absolutely Mrs. K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

i'm so jealous of your Mcqueen top I can't even see straight

Phoebelou said...

the skirt is soo awesome. J'AIME. plus, I loooove the way the barrettes look like with the manic panic wig.

Amy Leonard said...

I think it's the snow that makes it.

Amy Leonard said...

Also, I'm from England. Uniforms are big over there. I feel robbed. I'd get detention for necklaces and nail varnish. Can you imagine a world...?

ameliaguchi said...

love the shoes, the tights, the top...everything XX

Bianca said...

TTTTavi, can you please buy a white afro and wear it. Obviously a practice sized fro, but never the less a fro. thanks...much appreciated:)

hahah xxox

Anonymous said...

And I was going to wear the EXACT same thing to school tomorrow too!

brightlightsbigcity said...

beautiful top! the pattern is so gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

(My zine I just made... I thought you would appreciate it. I can't find any other teen girl's blogs that would even be slightly interested in a zine, sadly.)

Sonia said...

AAAAAGH that top is just... AAAAGH! I want I want I want!
And oh, haha your hair really does go with that bathroom!

Stacy Teacup said...

I love this look, especially the wig, you pull it off really well. Oh, and the cool kids still shout things at me, and I'm nearly 24 :-p

My Heart Blogged said...

Lovely outfit, and post.
My Heart Blogged

Taj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taj said...

omG!!! I swear I was just look ing at that top earlier in Polyvore and musing on about it and all of its cucumber/squid leg awesomeness!!

notanymore said...

Very Ayukawa Madoka. I approve.

SMD said...

You're so hilarious! These cray-cray patterns are totally rocking the fashion conscious part of my mind right now. McQueen. Pierre Hardy for Gap. Snow. Fishnet. Mermaid.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tavi, I thought it sounded a bit weird! I just meant I see you everywhere- in newspapers and magazines, you have networked so successfully and I wanna do something similar. I guess you are more of a personality because your identity is open so people can see who you are, I can only congratulate you on your popularity so far! If you are interested, I live in London and my menswear-oriented blog is at

WendyB said...

I used to lurk in my bathroom back when I had leopard print shower curtains. I'll have to dig up a picture of that.

Miss Tami Lee said...

Those tights are so great!

M said...

I would literally kill for this top.

Nataline Ribeiro said...

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melina bee said...

that shade of of aqua is maybe my favorite color (hard for me to choose). I always thought you just dyed your hair a lot, glad to know it is a wig and not some magical ability to avoid hair damage.

Lia said...

The wig is outrageous! Love it


Anonymous said...

I wish I owned something McQueen!

6roove said...

omg, awesome color! ;))

Watching the waves

Maddie said...

I have that skirt :3

Anonymous said...

Love the color of the wig. A really pretty blue

WelcomeToTheMoon said...

You give me hope that creative, outside-the-box thinkers still exist, regardless of the shallow masses. Your ability to understand angst and be humorous and still serious is completely awesome. You are one of my favorite people of ALL time. AALLLLLL time. =)I hope the sad people you have to encounter sometimes don't bring you down too much, because you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beyond them in a million ways.
Carry on, comrade.


Brianna said...

I really like the shirt, it's sooo pretty. Also, the tights are cute!

Tika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Yajaira-What does that mean..."Do you really go out like this?"
Are you implying that it isn't cute "going out" worthy??? I beg to differ. I do's not for the faint of heart...

Emily said...

The colors in your outfit are amazing. I'm glad to see them because i'm sick of the depressing winter grays.

Anonymous said...

The patterns on that McQueen shirt are beautiful.

Jennifer said...

This is definitely one of my favourite outfits, space babe for the win. Plus, I can't get enough of that blue wig :)

Anonymous said...

RE Tavi: Suuuuure. They're not really a price... is free a price?

contact me:

favio said...

your manic panic wig definitely has a kind of "ethereal" presence, reminds me of mermaids, and therein reminds me of mcqueen spring 2010.
i thought of him as a kind of weaver of illusions, and his craft and artistry were that of dreamers, he really does take you somewhere else. miss his presence, but so much he left behind, including his beautiful creatures and idea that fantasies aren't only for story telling in books, you can tell stories without reading.

gotta love this post tavi xD

Audrey said...

I looked at your outfit and was like, "Whoa! I love her top!" Then I saw Alexander McQueen and I was like, "No surprise there!" XD

Bailey Faye said...

Haha! I love the wig-bathroom pic. It's art! :]

-Bailey Faye, To The 9's

Katheyn Volikos said...

aaaaah blue hair <3

Michelle Lee said...

oh wow such an intense color
want to try it myself too :)

Genevieve Nollinger said...

The wig is the perfect color to go with snow and the top. I like how you put a clip in even though it isn't your real hair.

JIM Designs said...

I'm sure you're making McQueen smile right now :)

like fried chicken said...

The bathroom shot is my favorite.
Don't you like how bathrooms feel like this quiet refuge (not quite the same as the bedroom)

To quote Regina Spektor, "the truest room in the whole damn house"

but there's also that whole emptying your bowels and bladder thing that's not so...yeah.

Natalie Gonzalez said...

I love your style.. Very Inpirational and fresh.

Your blog is great!! Kepp up the amazing work.

Lina B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lina B. said...

The wig makes me think of nicki minaj's kid sister

Lina B. said...

in the best way :)


GREAT CLOTHES!!! beautiful print!!!

boyunso said...

i used to write WOW on comment of your post... and i really don't know what to say about this post, (i hope you understood well what i mean^^) this is .... i think i should make a new word for you. Tavish? no, it reminds another people :( oh oh oh i will consider about new word of you and be back! :D

boyunso said...

OH! and tavi, what kind of things you usually write on the post??

Golly Golightly said...

The shape your structured skirt creates just adds wonderfully to the futuristic vibe, and kinda creates this awesome illusion that you could rest a cup of Nesquik on top of it too.

Oh, and since you've been into scanning the prints of your shirts lately, you should totally make a real life moodboard of just the prints/textures of your clothes! Recently I created this scrapbook that had close-up photos of my clothes, so coherent outfits are really easy to make.

Anonymous said...

the leegins so cool!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog so much !

Big love from JAPAN

Unknown said...

you pretty much rule the world actually <3

Anonymous said...

I like your wig!

Alexi Frest said...

Wow - this outfit is fantastic! Perhaps this is the one I like the best you EVER wore. The wig is great, and so is the green-blue top and the black fishnet top, too. And the leggings... it's perfect from head to toe.

Nesha said...

you look like you're going to a sci fi convention.

tttt said...

You will make a wicked mermaid, the hair is just purfection

Cara said...

Not many people can pull of that wig, but you do it soo well!

Give my blog some love?

Eda said...

Lovely color and outfit! :)


a reference said...

You should manic panic some streaks into your hair! I used use koolaid when I was your age in the 1990s! It was fun! Ps that's a very koool bathroom!

Cici said...

This McQueen top is just too good to be true. And the wig...well, looks like real hair. Adorable look.

the stylista said...

Love your blog, your very original:)
check out my blog at
hope you like it x

MONi said...

McQueen's spring collection 2010 was the best! I'm really into colors like your wigs right now. I might dye my hair the same color you did (that cool red you had in the movie Chalk which I loved by the way)! I know you probably don't even read this comment but I just love writing comments on your blog!!

Tanya Dempsey said...

Ef that guy. I fantasize about actually dying my hair colors like this. A wig will do. You're fab.

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November Grey

Bára Růžičková said...

i love your styl!!!and your hair:D

jessielovesthis said...

The McQueen top is just brilliant!And I need to get this off my chest;I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR WHITE SHOES WHICH YOU ARE WEARING IN THIS PHOTO.ok,off my chest.

da said...

Tavi I want to meet you...

You look so fierce..

Anonymous said...

I love your hair! So spring.
Check out my blog:

Anonymous said...

i love this outfit! Your so lucky to have a mcqueen shirt, and i adore the wig! too cute!

Natalie said...

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Natalie said...

Really COOL! check out my blog!
remember: all comments, views, followers, etc, are greatly appreciated! please help me spread the word!

Natalie said...

Really COOL! check out my blog!
remember: all comments, views, followers, etc, are greatly appreciated! please help me spread the word!
Really COOL! check out my blog!
remember: all comments, views, followers, etc, are greatly appreciated! please help me spread the word! Really COOL! check out my blog!
remember: all comments, views, followers, etc, are greatly appreciated! please help me spread the word! Really COOL! check out my blog!
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Aidan E said...

reminds me of kirsten dunst turning japanese video :D

fashionsky said...

Love the vibrant colour of the wig! being a teen myself I know exactly what you mean about those "super kewel teenz" they really are the antagonist of all of my nightmares.

blue said...

Crazy town usa Tavi! The Bottom line is that wigs rule. I have a blue afro wig that I LOVE.

Trés Awesome
Chicago Street Style

Fashion Nerd said...

Awesome Outfits Tavi.

mike said...

Need space? Listen to this.

The crystal city glistens in the moonlight. Three of the six moons of Suma Nular are shining down, casting weird shadows in this abandoned city. Yeah, yeah, not totally abandoned. This was once an automated city. Now the rusted slidewalks no longer move. The winds blow thru the broken city. What else... Here's a kiss for you (sounds of futuristic gunfire).

My name is Ruby. I'm a galactic gumshoe...a good one.

From "The Adventures of Ruby",a radio serial broadcast on college radio in the early 1980's.

Riot Nrrd said...

All the colors are so futuristic-y and beautiful. Reading the comment above me, I think we need to make a science fiction radio show about a hardboiled space-mermaid detective named Ivat! LET'S DO THIS.

zoomslow said...

"Her eyes are downcast, and her hair - the colour of a slurpee..."

From one poet to another! :-))

Michelle said...

Seriously want that top and those tights. Love neon in winter!

Alexandra said...

LOVE THE WIG ! I love bold colors in hair , but this wig is amazing <3

alexandra @

Unknown said...

Just so you know.... the lead singer from Yeasayer was wearing your yves 2008 tshirt at the St Jeromes Laneway Festival in Melbourne on Saturday. I saw! I saw!

Unknown said...

I love that you bring color in this cold grey winter. The wig is fabulous.

Francesca said...

you have amazing unique style. love it.

F. ( x

狄安 said...

Just love you.

nicoleciomek said...

I found your blog a few weeks ago, and thoroughly enjoy your posts. I love your wit and insight and your ability to be true to yourself.

And if you did kill those really "cool" teenagers, I'll help you bury the bodies.

Eline said...

I really love this outfit!
The colors are amazing.

Purple said...

I looooooove this outfit so much ! <3

Amy Joy said...

We Love Colors tights makes the outfit fun!
I love your outfit, very inspiring!

CultureOnHold said...

WHOA! You look fantastic! Did the wig stay put? McQueen will be missed forever.

thwany said...


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Would you please follow me :D

Ali Duart-Hall said...

Love the top :)


Anonymous said...

you look very scott pilgrim vs the world here

cancercowboy said...

friggin awesome. but what's that with you and your partial memory loss, Mrs Hyde? ^___^ can't blame the guy; unexpectedly being witness to some passing psychedelic colour wave is a rare experience.
this outfit makes me damn the fact that there still isn't a decent HD print of the Tron sequel available.

RetroUrbanRainbow said...

I love your wig. When I go out I always have on some bright wig. its soooo much fun!!! you look killer.

La Gypsetter said...

OMG u rock those bubblegum blue hair better than Katy Perry! Baby you're a FIREWORK!!!

Anonymous said...

I just fell in love with your hair.

Anna said...

I think cookie monster is in your bathroom?

Diane said...

tavi- i don't think it is possible for you to look any cuter! *adorable*

Unknown said...

the supposedly cool kids can suck it.
if you actually go out like this, they should have given you a ride.
i adore those tights.

Unknown said...

That top is really nice! Lucky you!!

Aidan said...

love the hair and the tights <3

Anonymous said...

Wow. Your outfit definitley looks futuristic. Where do you get all the money for your clothes? I don't think I have ever seen you wear anthing twice.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a Modern Gypsie. The colour, The wig, the style, The peacock Pattern, the netting and bright colours.

I love it Tavi! I always wanted a pearl pale blue coloured haircut. In a silky bowl cut though. With short hair at the back. You catchin my drift?

m said...

amaaaaze colors!!!

has some pretty rad vintage finds u may love.


Anonymous said...

I like your wig. And when you're being a poet :)
Saludos from Barcelona!

Bianca said...

Amei a peruca!!!

Mitchie said...

haha that's cool I just got an Alexander mcqueen watch from the Atlantis collection. Check it out on my blogity blog !

Grace said...

Wow that McQueen top is divine.

erin jane / atlantictreefox said...

that little bit about the guy yelling at your reminded me of a time i was poking around at some books that were out for trash & a goof drove by & yelled "go shopping!" to me. what a goof.

tattwa said...

amazing! I don't care if you go out in this wig or nor - absolutely hype! cheers from Poland :)

Oh, Hi said...

You look like an ice queen with your hair like that! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Tavi,
You got a mention from Hadley Freeman on The Culture Show here in Britain last week, which made me check your blog out and how glad I am that I did.
You seem like quite a girl! I love the blog, the clothes and your attitude.

Teddy, London

Pippi said...

It's so beautiful! I love the shirt soo much!
I nearly fell off the chair when I read "har har har" can I steal that laugh? =))))

ólöf said...

I love love love this look. It's so cold (obviously I mean cool). It has all the right things. Oh. I love this.

ólöf said...


just to be clear.

EHEH said...

Bitch. You are so ... ugly !!!!

we hate you!

Mordrian said...

Those sooper kewl teens were just jealous hunny <3 thanks for being such a positive, kind hearted person

Mordrian said...

Those sooper kewl teens were just jealous hunny <3 thanks for being such a positive, kind hearted person

Mordrian said...

Those sooper kewl teens were just jealous hunny <3 thanks for being such a positive, kind hearted person

Anonymous said...

snow looks very epic x)
and identifies you. very.

Anonymous said...

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