rosie the robot

Yesterday I really wanted to wear my wig and dress like a mermaid but I didn't have the ethereal materials (yeah I'm a poet now) to be a serious one so I settled for a kind of retro-futuristic Jetsons version.
Manic Panic wig, Alexander McQueen top from Browns, thrifted long sleeve, structured Target skirt, We Love Colors tights, Pierre Hardy x Gap platforms (I wore shoes much more snow appropriate when walking.)

I've been spending a lot of time in the bathroom lately. Not due to any health problems -- oh no, one needn't worry about my bowel movements! -- but because my wig just goes with it so well.

When I was walking home a car of sooper kewl teenz drove by and rolled down their window and this one dude was like "NICE HAIR! Har har har!" and I think I just smiled but at that point I was all grumbly because of the snow so it's possible I attacked him or something. I can't remember. We'll have to look for injured and unconscious bodies once all the snow melts away.

I treated myself to the McQueen top when Browns had that big summer sale on its site but haven't worn it much because it's so hard to do justice. It didn't even occur to me until yesterday afternoon that it's soon the one year anniversary of McQueen's death. Even though I found it appropriate that his very last collection whispered instead of screamed, the Atlantis he created for Spring 2010 will always be his swan song to me. And even though it's not news to anyone, the graphics in that collection were crazy beautiful, so I scanned my shirt and all its detailed glory like they do in Elle Collections.