gold dust woman

Lately I've taken to creating real life moodboards out of the random junk I have on this table in my room. It bums me out that today is Black Friday because I'm not ready to let go of witchy vibes for fall but my high tolerance for the cold will be taken advantage of when it's at 10 degrees and I just want to wear ghost coats all the time.

This one is supposed to be a little cosmic and explorer-y and dusty. As always, it makes sense in my head.

Clockwise from up left: Yes, Rivkah, that is your tambourine. Yoshitomo Nara doll from his cafe in Tokyo (a year ago! Life is weird). Random box which houses my glitter glue. Guatemalan worry dolls. Yes, Rivkah, those are your optical illusion cards. Special journals. Romance Was Born headband sent to me by the folks there. Visually appealing book about deserts from a house-turned-book shop in Michigan. I Love Factory headband also sent to me by the folks there. Thrifted sun brooch. Stevie Nicks' Bella Donna. Grandma's old brooch. Random rock with fortune teller ring on top. Gara Danielle ring. Christian Sampson orange thing from Two Bridges Trading. Jamaican mask. Toothfairy box from Arizona. And all that stuff is sitting on a botanical illustrations booklet. And hanging above them is my New Orleans voodoo charm and a dreamcatcher.