50ft queenie

There'll be scarce posting this week as we narrow down the magazine submissions (thank you to those who submitted for your impressive patience! Just wanna give each entry an appropriate amount of attention and whatnot) so let's enjoy the flawless style of miss Polly Jean Harvey. Celebrity iconography! Sequins! Leopard print! American flags! These all require exclamation points. Perfect Americana trashy hotel room vibes, man. Please note the red top in the 7th picture that says "I heart Jesus" all over it and her Marilyn Monroe top in the video for Man-Size, where she also sings about leather boots. I haven't wanted a Spice Girls t-shirt this badly since I was 5. (I had older sisters.)


Mitchie said...

Hi :D

Isabel said...

Pj is life.

Sophie Frances said...

Oh my god I love her so much. Tavi, you never fail to inspire me!!! I look foward to hearing back from you on regards to the zine ;0. My favorite pic is definetly of her in thw lip shirt, it would loook amazing with your prada skirt

Sophie Frances said...
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. said...

I actually had that black Spice Girls tshirt, NO LIES.
Really wish I'd kept it but at least I still have my Spice Girls necklace. OH YEAH.
Keep the goodness coming, Tavi :)

Katherine said...

Never heard of her, thanks for sharing! I love the "Perfect Americana trashy hotel room" reference-- classic!


Wida said...

It's hard to believe the Spice Girls are no longer :'(

Missing Amsie Blog

Alice said...

Oh god I love her <3

Limey said...

ahh pj harvey!

Limey said...
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Anonymous said...



Hanna said...

This is badass!!!

Tavi you inspired me to start a blog! (last saturday ahahhblahhhh) Anyways, THANK YOU for being so Tavi!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about your "ABOUT ME" thing. What ever happened to the rat in sewer farting and throwing up guts thing?


Deano SC said...

So good!!!

brightlightsbigcity said...

cool pix yo!


Phoebelou said...

This is SUCH a good collection of pictures. i love her and have never seen many of these. sick post!!

Shawn said...

Love it!


Dahlia said...

Love PJ. She's a bada** chick.

Paolina of Calur Villade said...


zoomslow said...

"...the flawless style of miss Polly Jean Harvey" = Absolutely! :-)

When PJ combines her great guitar playing, powerful lyrics, sense of humour, amazing style, and a good measure of the slightly unhinged (said with respect and big admiration!), there's nothing better! Huge inspiration for when I'm trying to be creative :-)

Awesome selection of images and songs, Tavi!

Tavi said...

Isabel -- I know her because of you!

Ben -- I forgot it was ever there. I don't remember why I took it down. I wrote that at least a year ago. I change my blog often.

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

The picture on the night stand is my fav.

Marrisa said...

Loving the vintage leopard!


Obscure Alternatives said...

My dad photographed PJ back in the 90s and we've got the sweetest thank you note from her somewhere in our house. Her and Nick Cave had to be one of the coolest couples ever.

Gabi said...

PJ Harvey is going to be at Coachella this year! Sounds like an amazing time. :)


boyunso said...

Not only she is great rocker, but also she is cool girl and kind of nice model!!
your brain is like a huge treasure house!!

i think that i should say i like your thinking and your posts, but for this time... i want to say, i love your brain and mind!!!!! (it may sounds really weird to you..^^)



Unknown said...

I really like the juxtaposition between some of these pictures. Very cool


Alexi Frest said...

Oh! I love her, being so sour and thin. I love anything scandalous or shocking - this girl IS like that.

Miss Molly said...

she is hardcore! i love it


Eda said...

this is totally awesome.


Coy-B said...

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Gun Street Girl said...

oh god I love PJ Harvey more than anything.

Anonymous said...

quite not my style... but looks fun.

Purple said...

Great article as always Tavi :)


KristyMystique said...

not sure about spice girls but im def.feeling the'lick my legs' teeee

Katheyn Volikos said...



northwest is best said...

Polly Jean is amazing! I love her style and her music. She's not ashamed of being a woman. I think she lives in the English countryside, and imagine that in her off-stage time she just wears jeans, jumpers and padded jackets.

Nan de Bil said...

Me encanta Polly J.!

BECKY MAY said...

I love the Lick My Legs tee!

The Flower Girl


Brad Fallon said...

Great collection of photos and videos of PJ.
Brad Fallon

Linda said...

Another great post with lovely pictures.

Keep it up!

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vn said...

hi tavi,
great choice including A PERFECT DAY ELISE in your videos selection
(out of all the videos you could have chosen)
the song blows me away ... the marriage of beats, distorted basslines and strings.

that whole period is definitely her most underrated work to date

PJ said this about the album:

"I do think Is This Desire? is the best record I ever made—maybe ever will make—and I feel that that was probably the highlight of my career. I gave 100 per cent of myself to that record. Maybe that was detrimental to my health at the same time."

- george


Anonymous said...

She has such fabulous style! x

Michelle Lee said...

great post

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Anonymous said...

pj harvey grew up in the same area as i live :) used to go to gigs in yeovil, somerset every damn week and thats where shes from :)

Beni said...

Poly is a great singer and not very famous in people but her career is so AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I know very well your blog, I follow you for a while, congratulations for your very interesting outfits.


Fashion Nerd said...

Cute outfits

Unknown said...

I love her!

Yajaira said...

you always have the best photos!

Ashy Ash said...

tavi is amazing!

Tessa G. said...

PJ Harvey is the reason I bought an acoustic guitar a few weeks ago. How peculiar, I was actually going to email you urging you to check her out. I love how she changes along with her different styles of her albums. I submitted something to you about your magazine, but only mentioned Natalie Merchant and not the wonderfulness that IS PJ Harvey. I'm so glad this post is devoted to her. Thank you.

The song, "The Dancer" feels like she is scraping my soul when she sings it. I absolutely love it.

Very, very good.


da said...

Lick my legs...Love


Change of Season said...

Love Polly!! Love her style,..she is sooo inspiring!!
Thanks for the posting.

cancercowboy said...

hell yes, thanks for reminding me that its only 2 more weeks till her new album hits the stores! though i doubt that it'll dethrone her 90s stuff in my personal ranking. but one never knows.

Jolie Goodnight said...

I'm a big fan of the trashy sequined mini skirt. It's fantastic!

Anna said...

Love her shirt with the lips on it!!
visit me at theultraviolette.blogspot.com

Maud Cassie said...

you know what? it's the first time i see a picture of Polly Jean Harvey. shame on me! anyway, ur right, all you said require exclamation points. but what my disappointment when i wanted to look at the videos: i'm in germany for my studies until the 25th february and germany doesn't really like youtube... it means that the all videos said "your video is not available in your country". well... i hope i can find an other link!

Elyse E said...

Very interesting!
I think that those persons are iconic and it's great to see other inpirational sources..!

Anonymous said...

i love trashy americana.if you do too check out my 2nd lastest post,think,juno,americana and hamburgers ...

Anonymous said...

Tavi, you are such an inspiration and I love your ornate style. Your choice of photos and expression never fails to impress me. Keep it up :)

KINGA said...

amazing pictures !

mar said...

i love her awkuardness. she's beautiful.
rad music she makes

mar said...

i love her awkuardness. she's beautiful.
rad music she makes

btd. said...

Wow... she is so beautiful!

Amber Lynn said...

hey tavi,

will everyone who submitted to the magazine hear back something from you, positive or negative? or are you only informing a select few or just the people who have been chosen.

Noumia's papers said...

She got the style ! I love the picture when she wear the swimwear with american flag <3



Anonymous said...

i love the leopard style
love it

Oh, Hi said...

The trashy hotel vibes are exactly the kinds of vibes i was getting. A seedy motel on the edge of town that announced itself with pink and green neon lights where everyone smokes cheap cigarettes and more than a few corner workers live there.

nadine ahmad said...

love her!



I honestly wish i could understand someone like that..


Hannah said...

i like the american flags :)


Viktoria said...

OH *__________* i like this poet ♥
I like skirts *___*

Anonymous said...

What about the Spice Girls trousers?
What about her amazing duets (Bjork, Nick Cave, Josh Homme)?
Polly is just sex-appeal made flesh.

cancercowboy said...

@Maud Cassie its more like the other way around: youtube blocks certain content for certain country IPs. i'm in Germany too. simplest solution: use a proxy. this site is pretty ok.

Brittney said...

I had been wondering if you ever changed things on your blog, like from the past or whatever. It's good to know you do, because I do it a lot (even though I just started). Are you a perfectionist? How do you deal with stuff from your blogging past that you can't really relate to anymore?

Brittney said...

Wow, that sounded very journalisty. I'm just curious about how to deal with the clash between perfectionism and art, especially on a public blog. :)

...Mesmerized... said...

cool picsss



Frockspotter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frockspotter said...

inspiring <3

berdawn said...

it gives me tremendous hope for the future that you reference PJ Harvey (and an earlier post mentioned Kathleen Hanna).
Keep up the good work!

Ali Duart-Hall said...

Holey Moley where do you get all your cool pictures! :P



Katheyn Volikos said...

i like the choise of the photos


Angelica said...



Jack Flash! said...

I'm afraid I've never heard of PJ Harvey until now, or perhaps I had but not enough to recognise it, either way she takes the sexual side of fashion and plays with it, which is cool; sometimes fashion is about looking attractive, sometimes it's about looking like a castmember of 'The Mighty Boosh' (which I am addicted to.)

This woman seems flawlessly uninterrupted in her personal style which, I feel, is very impressive.
Sexual fashion isn't necessarily the spawn of the devil, looking and feeling like walking sex is just as cool as looking and feeling like a comme des garcons muse; so long as the sexuality of your personal style doesn't taint your personality with bitchy-ness.

I'm not so sure why this became a rant... It's been a long day.

Love your blog Tavi, always inspiring :)


Anonymous said...

what a lovely bunch of photos; nice job highlighting pj's many looks. interesting how they are all unique but similar at once, and interesting that unless grouping them as you have it would probably go unnoticed. well done.


Unknown said...

she has lips to die for.

Ms. None said...

Ah Tavi, thank you for the beautiful PJ Harvey virtual altar!

Unknown said...

Very cool post, i love his music and her look, bravo, stéphane

style meerkat said...

Wow. Great post ! You are amazing :)




LadyNoir said...


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Ashleigh said...

I love PJ, I am looking forward to seeing her at Coachella this year :)

JIM Designs said...

Now I need to ad fringe to my track shorts :)

Shakkablakka said...

Polly is the best! These pictures are quite old: she has always been the coolest! Still is though!

Sabina said...

Great pic post. I'm not a huge fan of PJ Harvey's music BUT I absolutely love the natural glamour she radiates. Seriously she'd somehow appear fashion forward if she were in her sweats. And she also knows how to rock the curly hair.

Off topic, good luck with your zine. I'm sure the work just going through submissions is ridiculous.


Por Júnior Fernandez said...

She's so amazing... Your voice, your style!

naomi said...

i absolutely love your blog.

finally hatachi

Anonymous said...

Oh man, the best part of this post is that I had some of these PJ Harvey pics on my wall in highschool!!!

Mark said...

I love that Footwear

Natalie said...

I love her! She is a great rocker with great style!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

LOVE pj harvey! "o, my lover" is a great song.


Michelle said...

Ohhhh, she was and still is a great one to watch :)


J said...

Oooooh. Wasn't she in the New Yorker...a couple weeks ago? now I have to go read that article. BTW I absolutely love your blog!

karen lee said...

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Footwear I found this blog I like it thanks for sharing it

Lilly Rog said...

Love the Hole necklace <3 :D

CLIFFLEE said...

Who is she? She looks like a French female rocker here in Paris!


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