they won't give peace a chance, that was just a dream some of us had

This morning I had Joni Mitchell stuck in my head and wanted to be comfy and decided to pretend it's warm out.

Vintage dress from futurelint, tee gifted by Miu Miu folks (the one I wore for the salon), and vintage boots.

Ella brought me this charm from a Voodoo store in New Orleans. It is my favorite creepy thing that I own, including my smile. The print on this tee is so so good and deserves a more thorough exploration without being layered under other stuff. In today's case the colors were the perfect mix of those of the dress and necklace.
The dress's print is like if the artwork for my favorite Joni albums had a baby.

Now let's all relax on this fine hump day and just listen and look at how cute she is and wish it were summer.


meagan said...

knowing chicago, it won't be warm until like, a week before the 4th of july. you look lovely.

Tara said...

the dress is so lovely! it does indeed echo Joni Mitchell (who really is adorable. and her voice is so lovely. ah, she's just great!)
and I'm rather envious of your vodoo necklace. will have to go to new orleans someday, truly. it seems like a magical place with such rich culture. ps. your smile does not look creepy; you obviously haven't seen when I full on grin or laugh. I look like a devilish pirate..

thecowboygeisha said...

how pretty is her guitar.
It looks like the silhouette of the female form.
It's very warm here in Sydney, you should come for a visit.
I promise I will take you to all my secret vintage stores until your eyeballs explode with so much aesthetic awesomeness.
your my favourite.

Mallory | The Storm in a Teacup said...

I, too, pretended that it was warm today!
Bare legs when there was a THREE hour delay due to snow and ice. Ha!

I love those boots :)

Mitchie said...

:D your hair is growing out nice!
How long are you trying to get it?

Faith said...

@thecowboygeisha: it's called an Appalacian dulcimer (it isn't a guitar). Love this song!

Isobel said...

"i love her. And true love lasts a life time."

rose xxx

Anonymous said...

aww... that combination is darling (:

Fashion's Religion said...

Love the outfit! Love it!!!

ElenMarie said...

The shirt and the dress together make a lovely combination.
I too pretend that it is still summer, but down where i live, you really wouldn't know the difference :)


Eli said...

California is my absolutely favorite song from Joni Mitchell...the album version doesnt hold a candle to this live version though, so amazing. She has the voice of a bird. I can't even begin to imagine all the things this woman has seen and lived.

brightlightsbigcity said...

aww joni mitchell makes me think of love actually aka the greatest christmas movie of all time. i love that dress a lot! also your hair looks incredibly cool/bada$$ with the color fade.

Shevah said...

I love those boots, Tavi. The detail in your dress is incredible.

boyunso said...

your outfit always makes me happy!!! this one is soooo great!!!
and i love your blue dress^^(that one is you wore it in the video before??:D)


WendyB said...

I adore that charm! Makes me want to design some voodoo jewelry.

Kaiami said...

Man, I wish I were that weather-tolerant. I can't even walk around in my own house without long sleeves, let alone outside. It doesn't even snow here.

I like your shoes a whole lot.

dani d. said...

wowow thanks for introducing me to that Joni song... i just picked up the Ladies of the Canyon LP this past weekend and am realizing that the subtleties of her music are just what i need right now!

Ashlyn said...

I'm rather keen on your boots.

M. said...

that dress is gorgeous, those colors ah.


bestie said...

Love your ombre hair Tavi! (:

Limey said...

the prints remind me of fancy napkins from the store
still a lovely outfit!

Daily Sass said...

darling, simply darling!

e l i s a b e t h said...

gorgeous dress.
ugh tavi im obsessed with your hair
my fashion blog

brodie said...

that shirt is the best because it looked like you worked about 11 more layers into this outfit than you really did. ~*~IlLu5i0n~*~

PS I very much enjoyed your tumblr shout-out on my last comment, so now I have the pressure of writing more good ones. IT'S TOO MUCH.

Anonymous said...

I wish I where lucky enough to get gifts from Miu miu. Is that shirt from a collection they are working on or is it vintage or is it just somthing they made for no reason?

Anonymous said...

And that is the cutest smile ever! Ceep smiling like that and no reader will ever have a nightmare about baby teeth grannies again!

Joey Becerra said...

You look so happy! Smile!!!


KARLITO said...

A post with a soundtrack, nicey nice.


You're looking super nice in this dress! Love the pattern of it!

Miss Molly said...

you are hilarious! your smile is not creeeepy! hahaha!

You look awesome!

Riot Nrrd said...

Yes, that print is wondrous. It's like what a child would see on acid. (Which would be terrible, a child on acid. But. Still.)

hayley said...

wow I love Joni! No one seems to know about her! She is such a brilliant songwriter and she is gorgeous in such a unique way! Since you like daria and joni mitchell, I think we should be best friends :)

zoomslow said...

Bit behind because have reached 90% of my internet useage for the period – so need to ration for a while :-((

Re. O sisters let’s go down

“Second Cousin’s Hairdresser’s…” à Thank you! This is why I never feel the slightest bit intimidated about visiting your blog <3 I really hate that whole categorisation thing!

Those shorts! à Very special… I totally agree with all of the influences you’re seeing, but I feel that maybe some of the pattern work and drape is also taking some reference from the artist Klimt (and that whole 1890s & 1900s Vienna vibe) – Please take a look if you haven’t already).

Re. Film stills

Wonderful! And what an awesome smile :-) Top one totally reminds me of Godard. I’m sure he’s the influence here, knowing that you’re such a big fan [Perhaps not a ‘big’ fan, but I do remember seeing one of his stills on your tumblr!] ;-))

It’s great you’re doing this, ‘cause I think your strong visual skills could easily move towards film, if you wanted (especially when combined with your strong verbal skills, and interest in theatre! You’re just sodarn talented, Tavi!;-))

“Ugh, being a pretentious…” à Reminds me (I’m doing a lot of that today! And I’m also doing a lot of (bracket) work – not sure what that means, but maybe those multi-vitamins are starting to do something?) of that suave dude talking to a smitten Sybil in ‘Faulty Towers’. We just catch the punch-line, “Pretentious!!! Moi???” :-)

Re. They won’t give peace..

Eeeeee <3 Another great (completely non-creepy) smile. Perfect outfit! I especially like how browny/orange of neckline matches sleeve detail, and boots. And I just like the mixture of a really nice loose-fitting dress with tights and boots.

Phew! After writing all that I’m a little tired. Better have another multi-vitamin.

zoomslow said...

P.S I wrote my post on 'Word' first, and then pasted it in. My directional arrows have strangely become an "a" with an accent?

Melika said...

Beautiful pattern. I love your shoes! xx


Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

I do love Joni :)

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Court and Spark is hands down my favourite album. Though I really should give Blue another try.
Love this outfit. You've certainly translated the feeling really well.

Brittney said...

THIS is my favourite outfit you've put up. The colours and patterns are perfect, especially with the shoes. Even the hair works really well with it all.

And, I can't help it. I like the smile. ;)

Dagmarette Yen said...

Well obviously we should be going to California, right Joni? Either way I'm here and I can say its beautiful and bright. I think I will wear a dress out today too!

Anonymous said...

You look lovely. I really love you hair as well! x

Montse Gabrielle said...

me gustan mucho los colores del vestido aunque el corte no es mi estilo a ti te queda genial, tienes un style unico!

me encanta el blog of course!

Anonymous said...

You are just like from spring 2011 runway, I class this dress more to style of Blumarine and boots to Chanel ( Karl never had used color) !

ailsa said...

i love this outfit! that dress is spectacular (i have a well-documented fondness for blue dresses), and mostly i'm just jealous that you get to wear boots and tights when i'm restricted to anything that can be categorised as "breezy".

the outfit diaries said...

i love the boots

Alexandra said...

Lovely dress. And the charm really is a little odd. Does it have a special meaning or purpose , or is it just decorational ?

alexandra @

Anna said...



Unknown said...

I really like the title of this post!


Bina said...

your smile is nothing frightening, it is docile.

Elspeth Rose Mitchell said...

Such a fan of the colours and the print of that dress. Bring on the warm weather

Maya said...

so comfy and sweet!

S. Alice said...

you're sense of style is.... different.... and therefore awesome. I change my mind...this is my favorite outfit ever.

Alina said...

I like your dress and hairstyle very much!)

Cara said...

Love it! I love the boots most of all, but then again I love boots no matter what!

Ms.Fashionista said...

Love this outfit. I think the boots give it a wintery feel while the dress comes off a bit of summerish.

Anonymous said...

Cute picture! You must have been freezing xxx

Bárbara Roberta said...

Brasil ♥ Tavi
pretty odd.


Sophia said...

All I've been doing is wishing it was summer!
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.

Michelle said...

I've always loved that song, and have always wanted to kiss the sunset pink, even though some of the lyrics swear she's wanting to kiss a "sunset pig." I guess that rhymes better with "dig" but it's not nearly as cute as kissing the sunset to me!

Fashion Nerd said...

Hey Tavi and followers read and follow my bog pease!
I really need followers!!!!!!!

Allison said...

Fantastic fantastic dress! I am way too into patterns lately (Hello, I think I am making a marimekko slipcover for my couch, I'm clearly ridiculous) and this one is gorgeous.

We had the Joni Mitchell best of CD where I worked. It shared the I am Sam soundtrack for "most rotated disc."

Yajaira said...

nice dress..

style meerkat said...

Awesome outfit ! I love your boots.
cute photos.


xoxo <333

Unknown said...

I lvoe this outfit!

Vera Lē said...

Oh, Joni Mitchel, ♥.
Her and some cocoa make ankle-deep multitudes of snow tolerable.

FH said...

I love your shoes :)


Julia said...

California is my favourite Joni Mitchell song. I listened to it today! I'm trying to play this on the guitar, but it's very hard...

NorwegianWood said...

You are going to LOOOOVVEEE reading girls like us, sooo much Joni back's amazing. I'm also a Canadian prairie girl with Scandinavian roots (like Joni) so I've always felt a weirdo connection to her, easily one of my favorite musicians...she's a freakin' genius, and if she was a man she would have been more famous than Dylan. For real.

Foodie Chick said...

I'm from (and still live in) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, same hometown as Joni, and I've always admired her music and art, which is displayed in our local gallery often. Listening to her music/seeing her art is so nostalgic for me, reminds me of playing in my grandma's garden as a kid for some reason, I think because my hippie aunt was always playing her music! Also, love the outfit! It's wayyy too cold here for taking pictures outside in little cotton dresses :(

Miss Tami Lee said...

I'm digging the hair

Kacrates said...

i love the way your hair is now. dark transition to light.

Amy Joy said...

Love that song!

Carnivorous Seaweed said...

Joni's best vocal. Makes me so homesick for California.

MartaPalczewska said...


and can u cast ur vote on Apropos? It's my school magazine.

Please, send this link to all ur friends!


Thank u very much! :*

La chica que llevaba cosas raras en la cabeza said...

love ur look
u're amazing!

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I have seen you without your glasses. And love your article on Teen Vogue. And Gwen was a pretty eclectic trendsetter.

Tee said...

You've got very positive style.
never resign of it.

Unknown said...

It's funny how some blogs (i.e YOURS) really take off, gather a global following and result in the write of aforementioned blog becoming a fashion celeb (please excuse the lameness of this phrase) in their own right. Then again, every time I actually read your blog I entirely understand why it has become so unbelievably popular. Your writing is witty and intelligent and your style utterly unique. But most of all what I think really makes your blog stand out is the fact that your posts combine fashion with anything else that crosses your mind... that and the fact you, unlike me, never use cheesy phrases stolen from magazines or America's next top model such as "fashionista", "style setter" and "fierce". X

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alicia said...

check out Clouds, darlin. It's my favorite. I used to love Blue but Clouds just took me with its simplicity. If you like that live version of California you'll love Clouds!

Anonymous said...

Joni made me cry

Thank you!

modaslamona said...

I love your vision

greetings from spain!

- D - said...

This is soo cute! love it :)

Eda said...

Cute hair and love your style :)

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Love the look. Your hair has grown so fast, since the last time I came on and Ive noticed you are the luckies girl in the world, interviewing gwen stephani and meeting andrea leontalie (or however its spelt!!!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

KristyMystique said...

brrrrr i hate shooting outdoor in r brave!!! ))))

Mana said...

I love your boots!
AND how did you become famous with your blogs? i have a blog and can't seem to get anyone looking.
But anyways, I LOVE your blog!

NLL said...

I'm from Southern California and this song always gets me all choked up. On another note, you probably could've worn this outfit for the California weather today!

Kara said...

Gosh dang it, I love Joni. Never fails to put me in a good mood. You're awesome.

Monica said...

The art gallery I worked at in NYC has a whole show on right now featuring works inspired by Joni Mitchell. You should check it out!

Leah said...

LOVE. Jonie is the best, thank you so much!

J. said...

thanks for posting Joni Mitchell.. that's what I keep posting again and her!

~~California I'm coming home~~

Carrie said...

the dress is beautiful, I love it. This is the firts time that I leave a comment on your blog.

I would like that you see my blog, and leave me your oppinion on it:


MELISSA Z. said...

love the print and the colors of the dress! <3

clara stella said...

i love ur necklace a lot

Anonymous said...

Tavi- LOVE the prints in this post!

Oh-- and I think you will like these as they remind me of those 90s flowered Docs you have-- these are from Japan.


Unknown said...

Love your post...the outfit, the art, & the musical inspiration all together - brilliant!


JIM Designs said...

Have you seen the grey blue "longlashes" boots by Irregular Choice? They'd look very cute with that dress :)

JIM Designs said...

Anonymous said...

I was wondering: do you aspire to dress your age? I've read your blog for about a year and all the other teenage blogs I've seen always dress so much older. It's so depressing. I try to dress my age because growing up is overrated in fashion.

Ama B. said...

I gave you the stylish blogger award!!
Make sure to look at my blog to get the details of what you're supposed to do.

theNobodier said...

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theNobodier said...

(I almost never see people answering others on this blog, but I'd like to answer Meagan)
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Also the most "childish" looks are put down sometimes, I think when people first learn about fashion they take that into account. Then they'll explore and get their own style.
Some others may want to do so because it's how they see themselves, their "identity".
That's just suppositions.
I hope I've the right to answer that comment and if it's the case and anyone has something to had let's go!

Ms. V said...

Hi! great blog, I am new to it! Your blue dress looks similar to the new Blue print on Vera Bradley bags. It's worth checking out for those of us who like affordable pops of blue in our wardrobe! Keep bringing us more rockin ideas! : )

Maria K F said...

I love the dress! and the shoes! and yeeea... everything really! :-) - Have a nice day!

Fashion Nerd said...

I looove you Tavi!!!!! Your outfits are amzing.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I would agree. It probably also has to with the grossly distorted ways teenagers are pressured into being older than they actually are and all "mature" and all that. And then they waste their childhood and look back when they're 20 and say "wow, I wish I acted more my age." Sad.

Anonymous said...

I gave you a nice blog award on my blog: :)

Marina said...

Hello Tavy¡¡¡ You're style is amazing, please... visit my page and post a comment ¿have you got an account on twitter?

Unknown said...

I enjoy music inspiring my attire, I don't do it often enough. It's not until doing my make-up that the music I'm listening to governs how painted I get.

Those boots go really well with that dress though, people don't usually wear the right shoes with 70s dresses.

Vintage and bluelace. said...

I love your style. your so cute and creative. Im 13 and my dreams are to become a fashion stylist. your such an inspiration. I dont have much luck though coming from little Australia. you make me have hope. Im not too sure if you will read this but its worth a try(:
here is my blog( p.s I only started a few months ago)

Your by far the coolest and most quirky 13 year old Ive ever seen.


Bübiiiiiiiiiiiiiii said...

your blog is one of the best of the world!
I love it!

The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

You are Fantastic!!
I love your blog!!

carina said...

u look great!!!!


Silvia Negretti said...

nice outfit!
i like your hair, looks really good on you :)

María Chantal Rodríguez Nilsson said...

love the vintage dress^^

cool joni mitchell song

i.c. blogspot said...

love that you love joni- she is a inspiration on so many levels! <3

Paige Renae said...

Hi Tavi! I am in love with your blog, style, and witty commentary. In fact, you are part of the reason I decided to start a fashion blog...I think teenage bloggers are harder to find, so it's nice to see someone around my age.

xo, Paige

Oh, Hi said...

You know who else is cute that you should listen to sometime? Regina Spektor. She is adorable and has a really similar range. You should listen to her sometime, maybe Summer In The City.
Also, the outfit was great. I loved the blue of the dress (partially because I have something similar) and the idea of going into a Voodoo shop and buying a necklace. Good luck with the internet thing, hope you don't go into withdrawl!

Sold Out Forever said...

love the little necklace... <3

keep up the good work and if you like, take a look
at our fashionblog... :)

xoxo CLP

Sarafina said...

Thanks for reminding me of how awesome Joni Mitchell is! Her song, "Both Sides Now," really sums up my life right now. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

You also may like delia derbyshire and daphne oram!They are sooooooo incredible!BBC Radiophonic workshop!

Rockster1039 said...

I LOVE that album, but I love that charm even more :p

Tika said...

dudde, that's a killer print. how'd you find it? did you make a request through alchemy? etsy's magical g-g-g-gateway...

Bianca said...

amei o look!

Emily said...

You look beautiful!

Emily x

Frockspotter said...

Yeah, I wish it were Summer but I know that I'm going to miss Winter when Summer eventually does come!

love the blog <3

Tess Johnson said...

Love your blue dress! So dainty and cute :)

Unknown said...

amazing dress ;)

Oli said...

thats amazing i want this dress its super cute !!

cancercowboy said...

the pendant needs its own Twilight Zone episode, with your smile in a supporting role ^____^
and i like the arabesques.

Juliane said...

You look beautifully dainty, frail and yet full of life in that picture (and your rosy cheeks are just adorable). :)

Ali Duart-Hall said...

Your hair matches the dress and boots perfectly :) yay Joni Mitchell!


MarissaoftheSea said...

you ain't no rookie.

Love you for posting this

M. Lim said...

Also my favorite song! this and Carey :)

susie said...

your comment spam is fascinating. i can only come to your internet space maybe 5-8 times per year because it raises so many questions about the world. such as how one (you) deals. but after my non-subscription visits, i'm always happy i stopped by. creepily, it's interesting watching you grow older. it's true that teenagers are really weird looking. but i'm happy you've become a famous teen. it gives me hope.

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