they won't give peace a chance, that was just a dream some of us had

This morning I had Joni Mitchell stuck in my head and wanted to be comfy and decided to pretend it's warm out.

Vintage dress from futurelint, tee gifted by Miu Miu folks (the one I wore for the salon), and vintage boots.

Ella brought me this charm from a Voodoo store in New Orleans. It is my favorite creepy thing that I own, including my smile. The print on this tee is so so good and deserves a more thorough exploration without being layered under other stuff. In today's case the colors were the perfect mix of those of the dress and necklace.
The dress's print is like if the artwork for my favorite Joni albums had a baby.

Now let's all relax on this fine hump day and just listen and look at how cute she is and wish it were summer.