miu miu musings

I can vouch for this Vogue Paris book - it's lovely! I scanned a bunch of covers here.

The idea for the Miu Miu Musings salon came about when Shala Monroque realized she never got to finish any interesting conversations that began at shows or events. The absurdly quick pace of Fashion Week and growing force of online conversations left her lusting for a setting for people to discuss fashion face to face and without having to rush off in five minutes to continue being dehydrated, and so the salon took place last month at the Miu Miu store in New York.

As much as I like the democracy of fashion blogging, this kind of event was really special. It reminded me of the feeling you get reading D.V., that Diana Vreeland is telling you these stories in person at her apartment, accentuating her jokes by lightly punching you in the shoulder and bruising you with her rings, which you don't mind because one time, Diana Vreeland punched you in the shoulder. It was awesome.

Andre Leon Talley led the conversation, which means that every now and then one of us would muster up the courage to ask a question and he would take it in a whole other direction and talk for half an hour. This was a good thing. I think I could listen to him talk forever. My personal favorite was, "Pole dancers are very iiiiin!" Not many boundaries, that Miu Miu salon! Man, such a crazy night, dudebro.

Also, there were little jars of candy everywhere! It was pretty close to my idea of heaven.

Elizabeth and Laia and I introduced ourselves to him afterwords. Way nerve wracking but he was nice and funny and never dropped the extravagance he'd kept up the whole night. I swear it's genuine. He really liked my and Elizabeth's Mandy Coon bunny bags and wanted to know about our blogs. ALT 4 lyf.

Talking to Laia, probably about the candy? I was obsessed with it. You can half-see what I'm wearing here -- the folks at Miu Miu let me pick out some samples to wear so I took advantage of the possibilities and layered a top with a really pretty collar over a Sgt. Pepper t-shirt and Clueless skirt. My shoes are Pierre Hardy x Gap and my daisy Goody barrettes which I have almost worn to their breaking point.

The spring collection was out for admiring, and, I don't know, petting and rubbing your face on. At least, I interpreted it that way. Please note the star buttons above. Seeing it in real life sold me.

Photos from Elizabeth and Hanneli, I had a brain fart and forgot my camera.


Carmen said...

I love what you're wearing, you look so cute. You really remind me of how Scarlett Johansson, like a younger version!

Carmen Ri.

Isabelle said...

On fashion's night out, my friends and I almost met Andre Leon Talley, but there were.... complications. (We ended up meeting nanette lepore, which was amazing also!)


Isabelle said...

On fashion's night out, my friends and I almost met Andre Leon Talley, but there were.... complications. (We ended up meeting nanette lepore, which was amazing also!)


Anonymous said...

Think I would have been speechless in the presence of Talley

Katherine said...

What a good idea! Some powerful people in that room!


Doganiam Motyle said...


Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Amazing, your life is just filled with amazing! Great photos of the event, and your shirt is lovely.

G said...

Thank you Tavi! The Vogue Paris book might be useful for my dissertation, I'm so glad you featured it, I'm buying it now!

Looks like a beyond unbelievable party... amazing!

Anonymous said...

You are really great. I think you are innovating in the way you think and analyze things. I know you have helped many people put themselves out there and dare to be different.
You are truly one of a kind,
yours sincerely,

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Vivian Loh said...

i'm so jellin.
miu miu is my ultimate fav.... omg........................

Carlota♡ said...

I love your blog! you are soo inspiring :D
i wich i could get some where like you have, it soo amzing you are so stylish and retro, you make your own style its really amazing!!

look at my blog sometime!
follow me or leave a comment if you like :D

p.s :how old are you? like 13/14 a bit like me :)

amanda archambault said...

I see famous people in these photos and it makes me smile! Congrats!
I'm following you! Follow me back?
Thanks for sharing the post. Lovely!

xoxo, A

MONi said...

crazy your heaven looks exactly like mine!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

Awesome!!! great post :)

Ivânia Diamond

Phoebelou said...

I absolutely adore your blog. You are so clever and brilliant and your writing is so much fun to read! Seriously, I've had a love affair with clothing for a while now but you inspired me to start a blog. Can we be friends? No, seriously, can we? Get creeped out. stalker fan letters are coming your way.
<3, phoebe

Claire said...

This sounds pretty great.
Also I will be forever in love with your shoes. They just look so great.

Sunnyizzy said...

In the first picture... the saltwater taffy.... I'm eating some right now O_O

Yajaira said...

you look great!
love your shoes!

BECKY MAY said...

wow you must have had an amazing time. i'm sure i'd be equally as facinated with little bowls of candy

The Flower Girl



Unknown said...

Your outfit is amazing, I love the mixture of elements and the shoes look so awesome with the tights, I thought you were wearing stripy shoes at first.

Anonymous said...

I want to be you! I've been OBSESED with Miu miu for a long time but especialy the last couple days. I just subscribed to Miu miu today, and I just finished my paintings of miu miu spring 2011 and saved Miu Miu addict(some random website)and added a Miu miu picture to the sidebar on my blog and pinned most of the Miu miu pictures I've been saving from magazines to the wall by my bed and now you just posted a whole bunch of fun stuff you did at fashion week including wearing Miu miu clothes and rubbing your face on clothes from the last collection!(Deep breath).


Vanessa J Romero said...

Hi, how are you. First time that I write you, so, you have an amazing blog, congrats, and I love your photos, are amazing, so minimalist.

Francesca Robertson said...

gorgeous pictures

Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!!!

Audrey said...

Did you actually get to keep the blouse? If so, you're beyond lucky!

Naddy Sane said...

OOh exciting times, looks like a fabulous time. you look really good

nad X


KARLITO said...

Nice, candy and Andre: auhmazing! Looks like you had fun. You lucky little thing.

chloe said...

love the top, what a collar on that bad boy. and your bangs rule rule rule.

Tranbeena said...

I love your outfit. Gorgeous. My biggest love should be your high heels. Wish I could have them! LOVE them!

Cara said...

Looks like such an amazing time! You always dress to impress! Love it.


TIM DIAO said...

The place sounds sooo heavenly , especially having a conversation with ALT ahhhhh ........ Ur outfit is soooooo keel .....

-pls. Do. Check my blog , theblogermouth.blogspot.com

Alyce said...

Wow you're so lucky! I absolutely love Miu Miu.

btw - love the white shoes you wore!


rebekah said...

this is unreal!
and everyone matches the room!
good for you lady.

INCI said...

you are so lucky!
i love what your wearing and that vogue paris covers book! amazing!


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Now I am hungry for candy.

zoomslow said...

Yes, your outfit looks great! Sgt. Pepper t-shirt! <3

My love of S.P.L.H.C.B knows no bounds! Hey Paul McCartney bass lines, how's it going (Thanks Tavi, you've taught me that anything can have a heart & soul if you love it enough)!

I find pictures of Edith Head very inspiring. Not exactly sure why but I think it might have to do with the intensity of her gaze. It's like she's saying to me, "Hey why don't you go and do some work, rather than sit there looking at me! But that's OK - whatever works, right? :-)

"Miu Miu Musings salon" - Amazing, amazing, amazing! For the next one, could I please hop into your bunny bag and come along? I promise I wouldn't be any trouble (Thanks again, Tavi, you've taught me that bag travel is a perfectly legitimate form of transport)!

Eva said...

You look amazing in that outfit!! So pretty <3 And your hair looks really nice too! God, those Mui Mui's are amazing <3

Miss Molly said...

what an amazing concept! this is great!


Laura said...

"My life is surreal." Excuse me for putting words in your mouth. The event sounded amazing. Stupendous outfit.

Sara and Emma said...

Ooh we have that Vogue book as well. It's amazing, lots of inspiration to draw in it!
xoxo /Sara and Emma

Riot Nrrd said...

Oh my goddd, so magical. You look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Tavi!! greatthings from méxico!! eres una bella! :)

Caddy said...

Sounds like a fashion dream. I do hate it when I have to break of interesting conversations with people. The even you describes sounds like a roundtable discussion for people who love fashion. Wonderful.

Luca said...


Start dreaming on www.dreamingthedayawaywithluca.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

gorge shots, so much inspiration, amazing looks, loved these bright green and blue leather details, amazing colour palette


Laura Sherriffs said...



Alina said...

good photos! I like the last miu miu collection too)

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Andre Leon Talley is amazing. I may have stopped watching America's Next Top Model were it not for him, outshining Tyra at every turn..

Blythe Dae Harlow said...

Truly amazing enough said......

Clara Martin said...

Really cute outfit. Love the photos too.



tttt said...

looks like you all had a great time there

Marina said...

Tavi you are amazing¡ I'm 11 years old, and I have got a little blog, but is in spanish lenguage. If you want to visit this blog: www.dimoda-marina.blogspot.com, post a comment please... You are my idol. Save Style Rockie!

Rafael Franco said...


I want this Vogue book LOL

I love your hair in that picture.

kisses from Brazil*


Rafael Franco said...


I want this Vogue book LOL

I love your hair in that picture.

kisses from Brazil*


Alice said...

So very random of me, but I had to say this...
In the second picture you posted, there is another picture of a woman wie red lips and red nails covering her face... I have that on my room-board! (It's a mood-board covering a wall of my room... all my visual inspiration is there...)
Do you know who it's by? I'd love it if you could get back to me.

Picture pals!

Moni said...

seems it was great there :) I wish I could visit something like this ...one day :)

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for some time,you are growing into such a beautiful young Lady. keep up the good work. Cute outfit by the way!

Chloe Tweeny said...

How i love the word 'brain fart'. Classic

LEE SE LOME said...

I am obsessed with your blog, tavi. inspire me. btw, How can i get that Vogue cover book? If u know, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Wow; Andre Leon Talley & Miu Miu S/S collection on show & Candy?...Probably my idea of somewhere near-ish Heaven. Although if I was there, i'd probably sit there smiling creeply untill they would eventually have to lead me out; On acount of the fact that i'd also have to make pep talk later. On the other hand, Great post!! X Neda X

style meerkat said...

Great post. You look awesome ! amazing photos ;)


xoxo :***

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

wow! the event of a life time! And I love your outfit Tavi


fairy on acid said...

Loving your shoes, Tavi!!



fairy on acid said...

Loving your shoes, Tavi!!



Julia said...

It sounds like very-super-duper-cute-and-cool-and-awesome and stuff.. And the books on the tables look really interesting!

MartaPalczewska said...

You're really wonderful person!

Anonymous said...

you look great.particularly interested in that clueless skirt.and man if i were there i would be raving about the sweets too x

Fernanda Toki said...

laia's face face isn't goo in this pic :x

Mai said...

real nice outfit with the white shoes! Got a pretty similar pair in dark brown.. maybe i should wear them tomorrow ;)

Mihaela said...


I'm jealous on you!!xDD

Your outfit is amazing!

How old are you??

Anonymous said...

You look SO pretty.

Fashion Nerd said...

Tavi, you are awesome. Can you read my blog? It about fashion too, http://joannafashionnerd.blogspot.com/

Rachel said...

the picture with all the red nails... iz crazy!

Bárbara Roberta said...

pictures very beautiful deear!!!


Em Ten said...

Tavi, you are sooooo lucky!! It sounded like the greqatest time. Andre Leon Talley: gotta love him!


P.S. Joan Crawford is my idol!

Brie said...

Candy buckets = awesome.
ALT = even more awesome.

Social Habits Blog said...

Haha! @ "Pole dancers are iiiin," would love to meet Andre.


Dejad Rocas said...

loving her shoes!

xoxo and be careful.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post, lucky you.

Charlie said...

Your style is so very admirable, and I love the fact that you're almost exactly my age! Fashion daredevils unite!


Unknown said...

Girl, you leave me flabbergasted!! So much talent, and so bold. I'm way impressed; keep it up!

My Heart Blogged said...

What an amazing opportunity. Thanks for sharing.
My Heart Blogged

Unknown said...

So much I could comment on here but I just wanted to let you know that I love your short bangs.

carina said...

so cool!!



RIAN PHIN said...

Your hair, your outfit, this post; I can't even.. <3 Ah. I quite like the color palette.

Chloé said...

Wow. This sounds weird and untrue, but it is true and hopefully not creepy, but I am so happy for you. That experience. It's magical? I guess is what I'm trying to say?

COCO said...

I absolutely love this post! I especially love the pics from the Paris Vogue book that you uploaded to flickr.

I actually re-posted them on my blog:


Antonia Serio said...

Fantastic :D
Come into my blog if you want, you're welcome :)


JIM Designs said...

Wish I was a (stylishly dressed) fly on the wall!

cancercowboy said...

sounds entertaining. i just hope its not some vain vaunt club.

melissa ♥ said...

i think i might have commented before, but i love your blog. i love evreything you wear. did you really start it when your were 11? you are very talented. please come and read my blog!
xxx melissa

Unknown said...

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