miu miu musings

I can vouch for this Vogue Paris book - it's lovely! I scanned a bunch of covers here.

The idea for the Miu Miu Musings salon came about when Shala Monroque realized she never got to finish any interesting conversations that began at shows or events. The absurdly quick pace of Fashion Week and growing force of online conversations left her lusting for a setting for people to discuss fashion face to face and without having to rush off in five minutes to continue being dehydrated, and so the salon took place last month at the Miu Miu store in New York.

As much as I like the democracy of fashion blogging, this kind of event was really special. It reminded me of the feeling you get reading D.V., that Diana Vreeland is telling you these stories in person at her apartment, accentuating her jokes by lightly punching you in the shoulder and bruising you with her rings, which you don't mind because one time, Diana Vreeland punched you in the shoulder. It was awesome.

Andre Leon Talley led the conversation, which means that every now and then one of us would muster up the courage to ask a question and he would take it in a whole other direction and talk for half an hour. This was a good thing. I think I could listen to him talk forever. My personal favorite was, "Pole dancers are very iiiiin!" Not many boundaries, that Miu Miu salon! Man, such a crazy night, dudebro.

Also, there were little jars of candy everywhere! It was pretty close to my idea of heaven.

Elizabeth and Laia and I introduced ourselves to him afterwords. Way nerve wracking but he was nice and funny and never dropped the extravagance he'd kept up the whole night. I swear it's genuine. He really liked my and Elizabeth's Mandy Coon bunny bags and wanted to know about our blogs. ALT 4 lyf.

Talking to Laia, probably about the candy? I was obsessed with it. You can half-see what I'm wearing here -- the folks at Miu Miu let me pick out some samples to wear so I took advantage of the possibilities and layered a top with a really pretty collar over a Sgt. Pepper t-shirt and Clueless skirt. My shoes are Pierre Hardy x Gap and my daisy Goody barrettes which I have almost worn to their breaking point.

The spring collection was out for admiring, and, I don't know, petting and rubbing your face on. At least, I interpreted it that way. Please note the star buttons above. Seeing it in real life sold me.

Photos from Elizabeth and Hanneli, I had a brain fart and forgot my camera.