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Laia is the coolest person ever, in case you didn't already know.
Because not only is she hilarious, does the best FW roundups ever, always provides epic Sunday Jams, and has the prettiest hair since sliced bread, but she also sends tiny middle schoolers things like this:IT'S ALL RIGHT MA, I'M ONLY LIKE DYING.
Barney's Warehouse Sale, wutwut. I can throw away the awful DIY I tried of this a while ago.
How does one repay such a gesture?!?!
Won't be able to sleep tonight. I. Am. Dying.HEART, indeed!
Laterz, sobbing of happiness. Laia rules all.


Despite waking up to a song that should probably make me want to wear the most girly stuff ever, this is what I wore today.The sweater was normal to begin with but throughout the day I pulled at the threads and tied them and now it looks like paper shredder residue (this is a good thing!)Not much inspiration lately. Time to go to Borders and read i-D and Lula and Vogue UK and then walk out without buying anything (Might have to get the Lula though-Alix's scans are great!)

easy chair

I bought this red spike Christmas decoration thing at the Paper Source a few days ago along with two others and knew I had to make it a necklace the second Yokoo suggested it. It's a little big and can be somewhat uncomfortable but makes a great ninja star and that's the point of clothes anyway!It feels weird as a necklace on me since it is about the size of my head so today I wore it like you might a purse...it looked like I had a spiky red parasite on my hip.
Aw, it's like the little sister I never had.
The weather was sooo nice and springy today (liked this wall for pictures though) and I actually walked somewhere other than school. Yes, that's right. Going through Nesquik withdrawal is difficult so I took it upon myself to walk the full block to the store and buy some.
Growing up every day, I tell ya.When looking at FW runway pictures, I've always paid more attention to the heads of the critics "itching" their noses or looking rather moose-like for a split second while the camera goes off rather than the heads of the models. I don't know why? This editorial makes me think more about hats though..maybe something to try with NINJA STAAA.
(See more here)

floating head doctor

Black white seizure eyesore optic schizophrenic blinding.You knew I'd do it some time.
As for London Fashion Week, Luella and Charles Anastase kinda let me down. Sadface times 345893498.
But! Since I am very very optimistic (um) I will say one I loved too.Heartzzz. The futuristic thing is so overdone but I like it here because there's kind of a prehistoric feeling too-the few spots of color (especially the green) feel like they'd be in a diagram in some science book, the scales on those leather leggings are just epic, and since Star Wars took place a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away) the Darth Vader thing passes as prehistoric as well. Probably my favorite of LFW so far, there were some cool collections from Central Saint Martins too, though.

old navy black shirt. childhood closet mozart shirt. thrifted skirt. slow & steady wins the race shoes. headband from kirsty lee. celeste stein tights via mytights.com.
photos, style.com

oh wow WALLE won such a shocker that half-star "bolt" movie looked real good

Most fun ideas occur late at night right after finishing a paper and eating lots of Famous Amos and going "Ew Zac Efron performing with Beyonce? Zac Efron performing with someone awesome enough to wear Margiela AND Gareth Pugh in one music video? Zac Efron in the prescense of people that, unlike him, do not look like Neopets?" He greatly resembles these two in particular, btdubs.Well. That was anti-climatic. Anyway, I was admiring a purse Yokoo sent me when I realized the little cover on it was reversible and detachable from the purse and that it would make an awesome headpiece. I say "headpiece" because it is not a hat, Gym Teacher That Made me Take it Off (not during gym, mind you. Afterwords. Who would wear this during gym?)I pinned on all that tulle and ribbon stuff but the print is adorable, my dream floral. My friend said it looked like a flowerpot on acid. I built the outfit around the colors of it, kinda Powerpuff Girl?I was always Buttercup when I played this with my friends in preschool. This is because I wasn't fast or good enough a leader to be Blossom or cute enough to be Bubbles. I was just good at frowning and punching people. Still am, don't worry.
Oh ps, Peter Jensen?Hi, hi, how are you. Please be my friend. Gold gloves, layered knee socks, EPIC JACKET. Brb, hyperventilating.
Meanwhile, something to make your Monday more awkward.

pp gurlz, peter awesome, zac zac zac head in a sack

um put some fashion blog fw review title here

So looks like something called "Fashion Week" is going on right now. It is apparently when a bunch of people make clothing and put them on tall people that walk down a long strip of floor and look a little angry and then walk back. I figured I'd do some hard-hitting, intense, groundbreaking research on this "Fashion Week" and found some "collections" I liked.
These are all NY, but there were a few others I liked too (really just waiting for Paris though, OH REIIIIII...)
I found this collection a little too cohesive as a whole, the looks a wee bittle dimpkins too similar to each other but tons of pieces I would not mind owning. At all. Hintidy hint. The leather and fur is such a win (sorry Paul McCartney and Pamela Lips I mean Anderson), and OMGGG THOSE QUILTED GLOVES!! It's like a Chanel bag was like "Screw this hanging-off-people's-shoulders scene, I'M GONNA BECOME A GLOVE."
I love Matthew Williamson because he looks like some type of menacing cat (this is a good thing) and is fantastic with mixing prints and fabrics and textures and messing with your mind. Like, you think a bunch of tiny little diamond glass pieces are glued on those dresses, right?THINK AGAIN. I don't know whether to say "Oh Matthew, you sly fox!" or feel utterly betrayed. BUT, since I am not a cold hearted person WHATSOEVER (did I tell you guys I'm going puppy hunting tomorrow? (Kid, I)) I will let it go. It looks cheaper when you realize it's just really smart fabric but I guess most things will look cheap when you realize they're not diamonds huh.
I've never gone totally bananas (COPYRIGHT RACHEL ZOE (she actually got that copyrighted) (I'm using a lot of parenthesis today)))))) over a DVF collection but those hats are just awesome and I am totally going to try and DIY one. Love how with every look each color from the hat is repeated in the clothing, with a few exceptions that are cool anyway. Awesome possum.
I don't believe I'd ever heard of Libertine before (shame on me), but the name sounded interesting enough so I clicked. I love the weird epic random people portraits and flowers and BOOK CASE PRINT. The only way you can beat that is if you could carry actual books in the dress.
....Actually...a possible DIY if I'm feeling really bored/like spending a lot of time trying to sew wood onto fabric and putting copies of Ramona on it only to see them fall and fabric tear. Not a feeling I get often but we'll see.
EPIC. Laura and Kate Mulleavy always do so so well with incorporating nature into their collections-like, is that a pond? A rock? A cave? Tell me! They do soft/hard contrasts so well too. The princess/punk thing was great, and now this is like Hi I'm a light fluffy knit bolero/OH WAIT I'm wearing thigh high totally badass leather boots too. They said it was Frankenstein-inspired, which only adds on to the list of greatly underused inspirations they use in their collections: Anime, Star Wars, watercolors, and Japanese horror films, to name a few. This is probably my favorite of all the NY collections, because it was cohesive without looking too much like a huge blur of clothes and all the pieces are things that could be easily matched with other stuff but also look great with their set outfit here.Lately I've been tired of all the 80's redoux but Marc was so good. Those spat cookoo legging thangs are FANTASTIC and I especially love the print in black and white. Sunglasses are utterly amazing, I like how the black shade part that you look through is going downhill toward the nose a little at the top edge so it looks like you're frowning at the demode people surrounding. That blue cloak thing is so great with the black outlines and the black shoes made me literally die in the middle of social studies when I looked at them I mean researched Andrew Jackson's presidency. Seriously, they had to take me to the nurse, where I lied on the cot (Every nurse's solution to everything, even if you are barfing up a lung and your right eye is missing) just jerking slightly every so often and quietly squeaking "marrrrc." Also I would like to think Marc made the zipper skirt with the recession in mind because it will be easy for the tiny people like us to DIY.
I think with this one there are more individual pieces I'm crazy over than complete looks themselves, but still fantastic as a whole, he never lets us down (other than this, which I decided was just a Photoshopped myth a long time ago for the sake of my sanity).And then some individual looks I especially liked. Great mix of shades of gray in Doo.Ri's, not to mention those completely beautiful (hey look a sophisticated word) and DIYable tights. All the crazy going on on the top half of the Phillip Lim model's body makes me happy, the monochrome is nice and cut of the blazer thang=heartz. I am rehabing from Matthew's evil trick fabric in what I think are actual jewels (not cloth, at least) in the Ohne Titel dress. This Davidelfin shiz looks like a dress of stairs I might trip going up on. I should be afraid of the hazard but instead want to wear it. Fashion Week does these kinds of things to you.

all photos, style.com

pretty sure everyone in gym class thinks em and i are crazy stoned hippies: "what if there was an anarchist planet where everything was made of fur"

I thrifted this skirt the other day and had to put it with my colored harlequin tights this morning. It is the ultimate formula for feeling like a clown and blinding people.
OH, imagine it with the optical illusion tights...omg eyesore omg revenge on school people omg iamwaytoospitefultobe12 omg.
The shirt is a hand-me-down from Esther, worn backwards but I prefer it that way because the zipper is so pretty. I would like to try and emulate Christopher Kane with it...christopher kane spring 2007 via style.com

I've decided that when I feel uninspired I'll look at weheartit instead of magazines or runway, because I always find a new artist or architect or photographer that blows my mind when I browse that place and for me the best inspiration for dressing is art itself.
That and cartoons. No seriously, try dressing like Dexter or something. It feels so liberating.

thrifted belt and skirt. shirt, gift. celeste stein tights via mytights.com. slow & steady wins the race shoes. forever21 cardigan. claire's hairbow.

he's like a fishman that is trying to shadow buddy holly

I'm one of those stingy crazy people that never want to get rid of clothes because they are convinced they will get insanely mad at themselves the next day whilst planning an outfit that would be much better with that item. Well, some "spring cleaning" thing is going on, and I have to get rid of clothes. I would love to hold these dear to my heart forever but they're too big on me and I've barely worn them (once or twice each I think) anyways.
Adorbz floral romper and fun neon windbreaker:They're up now. I don't know if this eBay selling will continue but maybe it'd be cool to get a few more items up. Suburbia thrift can be really great!

PS, New York coverage soon-Marc and Rodarte and Matt.Dubs and Phillip Lim and others did it for me, celebrate now.

myscene is MY 3rd grade SCENE, still as cool as alwayz~

It seems every time I get something new that is plaid or leather I update my Westwood outfit. That's how things went today. I wore a big bow in my hair which you can't completely see. YAY contradictions. And chaos..clocks. Watermelons.idk denim vest/shirt. thrifted leather vest/skirt. jonathan aston tights via mytights.com. vintage doc martens via ebay.
The other day was pajama day at school. I wore mine, they are comfy beyond BELIEF which totally made up for those times I stuffed my shoulders with tshirts and CDs, but once I got home thought it would be fun to try and style them in an outfit I would actually wear. This is a plaid that will always look like pajama pants or boxers no matter what you match them with, including Piglet stripes.idk pants/shirt. vintage bolero. claire's necklace. forever21 glasses.
This I wore to go thrifting and look at fabric for my Bat Mitzvah prayer shawl. My mom is letting me make it, and I'm debating whether to go cinch cinch ribbon ribbon drape drape REI REI, or all watercolorlike, sort of like the really flowy long dresses at Rodarte last season. Speaking of, have you guys seen pictures of their recent show yet? I don't think the vogue sites post them til midnight but Jen already has a couple up. I LOVE IT. Might actually stay up just to see more. I am not joking. My friends had to hear me grumbling most of the day about having to read textbooks instead of being at the show but I lightened up a bit when we went to myscene dot com. It is the epitome of everything I ever loved in all of my elementary school years. That and KidPix and Arthur and coloring Cheerios with Crayola markers then eating them (trufax).
EDIT: Rodarte pictures and video, yesssThis was in homage to Luella and Jen, because Luella is so girly and granny and purple and black always remind me of Jen immediately. This is more wintery colored but I am SO ready for Chicago weather to stop being hormonal and get warmer and stay warmer. Like now. Kthanks.comme des garcons for h&m coat. thrifted skirt/lace top/belt/purse. idk necklace/purple shirt. vintage ruffle lace dress/veil. pamela mann tights via mytights.com. slow & steady wins the race shoes.
And thanks guys for the really supportive comments about the tee! Things are going swimmingly. Heartz 4evz.

piglet, luella

something i designed that is not a CDG ripoff or 3rd grade Knitting Club failure sweater

Sooooooo guys...remember this? From that one night about a month ago when I was being an insomniac and painting and took inspiro from the Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2008 collection?Yeah. Well now it's this.
I teamed up with Karoline (who also did Karl's shirts) to make these and man she did a fantastic job!
  • Hand-printed
  • Eco-friendly and made from Certified Organic & Fair Wear cotton
  • Comes in sizes S/M/L
  • Made to order
  • $35 USD, a mini PayPal store will go up in the sidebar later today
  • World wide shipping
  • Unisex
I'm really excited for mine to come..It'll be weird wearing my signature on the back of my neck but kind of cool too. This beats all tye dye camp shirts I have ever made.
Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day and are enjoying NYFW and the blogger events going on up there and Presidents Day!