myscene is MY 3rd grade SCENE, still as cool as alwayz~

It seems every time I get something new that is plaid or leather I update my Westwood outfit. That's how things went today. I wore a big bow in my hair which you can't completely see. YAY contradictions. And chaos..clocks. Watermelons.idk denim vest/shirt. thrifted leather vest/skirt. jonathan aston tights via vintage doc martens via ebay.
The other day was pajama day at school. I wore mine, they are comfy beyond BELIEF which totally made up for those times I stuffed my shoulders with tshirts and CDs, but once I got home thought it would be fun to try and style them in an outfit I would actually wear. This is a plaid that will always look like pajama pants or boxers no matter what you match them with, including Piglet stripes.idk pants/shirt. vintage bolero. claire's necklace. forever21 glasses.
This I wore to go thrifting and look at fabric for my Bat Mitzvah prayer shawl. My mom is letting me make it, and I'm debating whether to go cinch cinch ribbon ribbon drape drape REI REI, or all watercolorlike, sort of like the really flowy long dresses at Rodarte last season. Speaking of, have you guys seen pictures of their recent show yet? I don't think the vogue sites post them til midnight but Jen already has a couple up. I LOVE IT. Might actually stay up just to see more. I am not joking. My friends had to hear me grumbling most of the day about having to read textbooks instead of being at the show but I lightened up a bit when we went to myscene dot com. It is the epitome of everything I ever loved in all of my elementary school years. That and KidPix and Arthur and coloring Cheerios with Crayola markers then eating them (trufax).
EDIT: Rodarte pictures and video, yesssThis was in homage to Luella and Jen, because Luella is so girly and granny and purple and black always remind me of Jen immediately. This is more wintery colored but I am SO ready for Chicago weather to stop being hormonal and get warmer and stay warmer. Like now. Kthanks.comme des garcons for h&m coat. thrifted skirt/lace top/belt/purse. idk necklace/purple shirt. vintage ruffle lace dress/veil. pamela mann tights via slow & steady wins the race shoes.
And thanks guys for the really supportive comments about the tee! Things are going swimmingly. Heartz 4evz.

piglet, luella