easy chair

I bought this red spike Christmas decoration thing at the Paper Source a few days ago along with two others and knew I had to make it a necklace the second Yokoo suggested it. It's a little big and can be somewhat uncomfortable but makes a great ninja star and that's the point of clothes anyway!It feels weird as a necklace on me since it is about the size of my head so today I wore it like you might a purse...it looked like I had a spiky red parasite on my hip.
Aw, it's like the little sister I never had.
The weather was sooo nice and springy today (liked this wall for pictures though) and I actually walked somewhere other than school. Yes, that's right. Going through Nesquik withdrawal is difficult so I took it upon myself to walk the full block to the store and buy some.
Growing up every day, I tell ya.When looking at FW runway pictures, I've always paid more attention to the heads of the critics "itching" their noses or looking rather moose-like for a split second while the camera goes off rather than the heads of the models. I don't know why? This editorial makes me think more about hats though..maybe something to try with NINJA STAAA.
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