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So looks like something called "Fashion Week" is going on right now. It is apparently when a bunch of people make clothing and put them on tall people that walk down a long strip of floor and look a little angry and then walk back. I figured I'd do some hard-hitting, intense, groundbreaking research on this "Fashion Week" and found some "collections" I liked.
These are all NY, but there were a few others I liked too (really just waiting for Paris though, OH REIIIIII...)
I found this collection a little too cohesive as a whole, the looks a wee bittle dimpkins too similar to each other but tons of pieces I would not mind owning. At all. Hintidy hint. The leather and fur is such a win (sorry Paul McCartney and Pamela Lips I mean Anderson), and OMGGG THOSE QUILTED GLOVES!! It's like a Chanel bag was like "Screw this hanging-off-people's-shoulders scene, I'M GONNA BECOME A GLOVE."
I love Matthew Williamson because he looks like some type of menacing cat (this is a good thing) and is fantastic with mixing prints and fabrics and textures and messing with your mind. Like, you think a bunch of tiny little diamond glass pieces are glued on those dresses, right?THINK AGAIN. I don't know whether to say "Oh Matthew, you sly fox!" or feel utterly betrayed. BUT, since I am not a cold hearted person WHATSOEVER (did I tell you guys I'm going puppy hunting tomorrow? (Kid, I)) I will let it go. It looks cheaper when you realize it's just really smart fabric but I guess most things will look cheap when you realize they're not diamonds huh.
I've never gone totally bananas (COPYRIGHT RACHEL ZOE (she actually got that copyrighted) (I'm using a lot of parenthesis today)))))) over a DVF collection but those hats are just awesome and I am totally going to try and DIY one. Love how with every look each color from the hat is repeated in the clothing, with a few exceptions that are cool anyway. Awesome possum.
I don't believe I'd ever heard of Libertine before (shame on me), but the name sounded interesting enough so I clicked. I love the weird epic random people portraits and flowers and BOOK CASE PRINT. The only way you can beat that is if you could carry actual books in the dress.
....Actually...a possible DIY if I'm feeling really bored/like spending a lot of time trying to sew wood onto fabric and putting copies of Ramona on it only to see them fall and fabric tear. Not a feeling I get often but we'll see.
EPIC. Laura and Kate Mulleavy always do so so well with incorporating nature into their collections-like, is that a pond? A rock? A cave? Tell me! They do soft/hard contrasts so well too. The princess/punk thing was great, and now this is like Hi I'm a light fluffy knit bolero/OH WAIT I'm wearing thigh high totally badass leather boots too. They said it was Frankenstein-inspired, which only adds on to the list of greatly underused inspirations they use in their collections: Anime, Star Wars, watercolors, and Japanese horror films, to name a few. This is probably my favorite of all the NY collections, because it was cohesive without looking too much like a huge blur of clothes and all the pieces are things that could be easily matched with other stuff but also look great with their set outfit here.Lately I've been tired of all the 80's redoux but Marc was so good. Those spat cookoo legging thangs are FANTASTIC and I especially love the print in black and white. Sunglasses are utterly amazing, I like how the black shade part that you look through is going downhill toward the nose a little at the top edge so it looks like you're frowning at the demode people surrounding. That blue cloak thing is so great with the black outlines and the black shoes made me literally die in the middle of social studies when I looked at them I mean researched Andrew Jackson's presidency. Seriously, they had to take me to the nurse, where I lied on the cot (Every nurse's solution to everything, even if you are barfing up a lung and your right eye is missing) just jerking slightly every so often and quietly squeaking "marrrrc." Also I would like to think Marc made the zipper skirt with the recession in mind because it will be easy for the tiny people like us to DIY.
I think with this one there are more individual pieces I'm crazy over than complete looks themselves, but still fantastic as a whole, he never lets us down (other than this, which I decided was just a Photoshopped myth a long time ago for the sake of my sanity).And then some individual looks I especially liked. Great mix of shades of gray in Doo.Ri's, not to mention those completely beautiful (hey look a sophisticated word) and DIYable tights. All the crazy going on on the top half of the Phillip Lim model's body makes me happy, the monochrome is nice and cut of the blazer thang=heartz. I am rehabing from Matthew's evil trick fabric in what I think are actual jewels (not cloth, at least) in the Ohne Titel dress. This Davidelfin shiz looks like a dress of stairs I might trip going up on. I should be afraid of the hazard but instead want to wear it. Fashion Week does these kinds of things to you.

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