something i designed that is not a CDG ripoff or 3rd grade Knitting Club failure sweater

Sooooooo guys...remember this? From that one night about a month ago when I was being an insomniac and painting and took inspiro from the Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2008 collection?Yeah. Well now it's this.
I teamed up with Karoline (who also did Karl's shirts) to make these and man she did a fantastic job!
  • Hand-printed
  • Eco-friendly and made from Certified Organic & Fair Wear cotton
  • Comes in sizes S/M/L
  • Made to order
  • $35 USD, a mini PayPal store will go up in the sidebar later today
  • World wide shipping
  • Unisex
I'm really excited for mine to come..It'll be weird wearing my signature on the back of my neck but kind of cool too. This beats all tye dye camp shirts I have ever made.
Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day and are enjoying NYFW and the blogger events going on up there and Presidents Day!