pretty sure everyone in gym class thinks em and i are crazy stoned hippies: "what if there was an anarchist planet where everything was made of fur"

I thrifted this skirt the other day and had to put it with my colored harlequin tights this morning. It is the ultimate formula for feeling like a clown and blinding people.
OH, imagine it with the optical illusion tights...omg eyesore omg revenge on school people omg iamwaytoospitefultobe12 omg.
The shirt is a hand-me-down from Esther, worn backwards but I prefer it that way because the zipper is so pretty. I would like to try and emulate Christopher Kane with it...christopher kane spring 2007 via

I've decided that when I feel uninspired I'll look at weheartit instead of magazines or runway, because I always find a new artist or architect or photographer that blows my mind when I browse that place and for me the best inspiration for dressing is art itself.
That and cartoons. No seriously, try dressing like Dexter or something. It feels so liberating.

thrifted belt and skirt. shirt, gift. celeste stein tights via slow & steady wins the race shoes. forever21 cardigan. claire's hairbow.