oh wow WALLE won such a shocker that half-star "bolt" movie looked real good

Most fun ideas occur late at night right after finishing a paper and eating lots of Famous Amos and going "Ew Zac Efron performing with Beyonce? Zac Efron performing with someone awesome enough to wear Margiela AND Gareth Pugh in one music video? Zac Efron in the prescense of people that, unlike him, do not look like Neopets?" He greatly resembles these two in particular, btdubs.Well. That was anti-climatic. Anyway, I was admiring a purse Yokoo sent me when I realized the little cover on it was reversible and detachable from the purse and that it would make an awesome headpiece. I say "headpiece" because it is not a hat, Gym Teacher That Made me Take it Off (not during gym, mind you. Afterwords. Who would wear this during gym?)I pinned on all that tulle and ribbon stuff but the print is adorable, my dream floral. My friend said it looked like a flowerpot on acid. I built the outfit around the colors of it, kinda Powerpuff Girl?I was always Buttercup when I played this with my friends in preschool. This is because I wasn't fast or good enough a leader to be Blossom or cute enough to be Bubbles. I was just good at frowning and punching people. Still am, don't worry.
Oh ps, Peter Jensen?Hi, hi, how are you. Please be my friend. Gold gloves, layered knee socks, EPIC JACKET. Brb, hyperventilating.
Meanwhile, something to make your Monday more awkward.

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