he's like a fishman that is trying to shadow buddy holly

I'm one of those stingy crazy people that never want to get rid of clothes because they are convinced they will get insanely mad at themselves the next day whilst planning an outfit that would be much better with that item. Well, some "spring cleaning" thing is going on, and I have to get rid of clothes. I would love to hold these dear to my heart forever but they're too big on me and I've barely worn them (once or twice each I think) anyways.
Adorbz floral romper and fun neon windbreaker:They're up now. I don't know if this eBay selling will continue but maybe it'd be cool to get a few more items up. Suburbia thrift can be really great!

PS, New York coverage soon-Marc and Rodarte and Matt.Dubs and Phillip Lim and others did it for me, celebrate now.