floating head doctor

Black white seizure eyesore optic schizophrenic blinding.You knew I'd do it some time.
As for London Fashion Week, Luella and Charles Anastase kinda let me down. Sadface times 345893498.
But! Since I am very very optimistic (um) I will say one I loved too.Heartzzz. The futuristic thing is so overdone but I like it here because there's kind of a prehistoric feeling too-the few spots of color (especially the green) feel like they'd be in a diagram in some science book, the scales on those leather leggings are just epic, and since Star Wars took place a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away) the Darth Vader thing passes as prehistoric as well. Probably my favorite of LFW so far, there were some cool collections from Central Saint Martins too, though.

old navy black shirt. childhood closet mozart shirt. thrifted skirt. slow & steady wins the race shoes. headband from kirsty lee. celeste stein tights via mytights.com.
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