Milk moustache

Yesterday my friend Krea and I felt very D&G and took it upon ourselves to splatter my white tutu with paint. Though paint-splattered tutu is pretty self-explanatory, I thought I'd take pictures along the way just the same.You will also need a couple pterodactyls:^^For LC. *sniffle*
And now, kids:

^^Personally I think it looked best in the middle, it ended up looking kinda gray but whatevs.
And I'm out! Have a fabulous day, evrebady!
p.s. my shirt is yellow because it had my school on it

This is what happens when I'm alone in the bathroom

This is also a threat. Keep voting for Isabel and Laurel!! Sidebar, punks!!

That hat makes you look like a hacky sack

A. So I've been looking for The Perfect Pink Tutu, and turns out they have quite the selection at Claire's! I know, I know, it's Claire's, but once you manage to find your way through all the JoBros pencil cases and Hannah Montana diaries, there is an item that will fill you with hope and opportunity and joy.

2. I never really thought about anything else on the runway besides clothes, but Aussie Vogue inspired me to look more at the details. Shoes and makeup would only result in heartache since my feet are tiny and plays are the only time I'm supposed to wear makeup. I therefore decided to take a closer look at hair. Colored, crimped, decorated with things one may come across in an enchanted forest where owls tell stories and green ivy fun! I don't know if I'll ever dig out my sister's old 90's hair crimper or get around to gluing a tree to my head, but very inspiring nonetheless. Still working on those collages...
Well, I'm bored, why not do a Q&A video? Hey now, that's a lot of high tech for one post! Comment and ask me what you wish, whether it's about blogging, clothes, or what I ate for lunch. I look forward to responding and making a fool out of myself on camera!


Those amazing ladies in the sidebar are competing in a couple fashion-related competitions and deserve it more than anyone I know, real people included. Their blogs (Hipster Musings, It's Her Factory) are absolutely fantastic. Time is running out, so VOTE VOTE VOTE! Vote on the upstairs computer and the downstairs computer and the laptop, and tell all your friends. 'Tis muy importante, kiddos!

Mumbo jumbo

Well, I guess I can firmly state my inbox has never been larger. Yeesh! Boy does it feel good to be back to blogging, but it was nice to have some time to think everything over and relax. I would, however, like a chance to clear the air.
If you scroll down my page, you'll see that I have met Elizabeth of White Lightning. Going back to a post in April (there's one in June, too), you will find that I know 3 other bloggers-including Stephanie of Fashion Robot-prior to starting my own. As to whether or not my family helps me with this blog, no (though I do need to borrow some cash every now and then). I wrote a post long before the article explaining how my parents aren't interested in fashion, and my sisters usually dress in a t-shirt/jeans/flip flops combo. For a few of my first outfit posts I would ask my mom to snap a picture of me, but I can assure you that no one dresses me up (sometimes they are a little skeptical and I do get the really? look). That was with the old camera, the one I use now has a self-timer, which also explains why my photos don't look self taken. And my age-I'm 4'6" and yesterday my friend's brother mistook me for a 9 year old. Need I explain any further?

I will agree that the fact that I'm 12 shouldn't set me apart from other bloggers, and it definitely shouldn't play a part in how one might react to how I think or write or dress. And I'm not the only 7th grader out there! That being said, I think it's a good time for the "cute" comments to be put to rest, as well.
Best for last-thank you times a bajillion to the wonderful readers that kept me from going coo coo for cocoa puffs and are just plain amazing in every way. I love you and I hope you feel loved because right now I'm hugging you. In my head. Because I love slash thank you. Ok? Good. MUAH!

Lately I've noticed that I gravitate more towards clothes that are very colorful and have bright patterns. So, I decided to do a little photo shoot experimenting with my black/white/gray clothing. It was sort of hard to put things together since I normally use prints to match clothes but it was neat to try this too. Oh, do I spy a little underlying newspaper article theme thingy here? Yes yes yes I doooo. Hmm, do I also spy the point where those annoying papers fell and I was too lazy/sweaty-see facial expressions-to fix it? Yeah, thanks a lot SCOTCH TAPE.Have a great day everybody!


I'm sorry, I have to take a break. Not quite sure if I'll be coming back...I'll try to keep updating my weardrobe but I can't exactly guaruntee anything.
Hate to throw all this dumb adolescence stuff here where it really doesn't need to be.

You ain't goin nowhere

Tavi's semi-short hair was starting to look like:
a) The late great Jenna Elfman in Dharma and Greg
b) Something a hair style selection magazine would've had circa 2001
c) A soccer mom's hair when she first wakes up in the morning

Whether you chose A, B, C, or none because you thought my telekinesis would read your mind and you'd feel guilty, it doesn't matter-I cut it today! Yes, IIII cut it. It was hard getting the hairs in the back but my mom later evened it out. So it's chin lenth but this time I'm going to keep growing it out, even when it gets mullet-y. And if the chicks in my grade have a problem with the mullet I can point out that Billy Ray, father of Hannah Pooptana had one and I'd be cool.
Also, I know everyone and their mom is being McSpazzy about this outfit-

And, ok call me a hypocrite, but now that I think about it-I sorta like it (WHAT? TAVI YOU CRAZY YOU CRAZY GIRL). Seriously, I like the slouchy and sort of cluttered look. Honestly, when I imagined someone like Tanya strutting this down the runway for D&G, it suddenly became a lot cuter-which I hate to admit is ridiculously shallow. But example: Jennifer Connolly gets shit for wearing Balenciaga. It's not that Balenciaga is ugly (do not even go there sista), it's just that people-myself included-can have a tendency to like something worse on a celebrity than the runway. Do you think it's because designers seem to always know what they're doing and celebrities are always getting bashed for the tiniest things? If I go on to Go Fug Yourself (don't get me wrong, I love GFY. Just using it as an example) and go "Ew Heather and Jessica, you are so right. That's incredibly ugly slash gross" then check out the newest, say, Marc Jacobs line-all of a sudden that gross skirt looks a lot cuter. Unless I missed something, designers are huge influences in the fashion world, and because of that I've never thought anything designed by such an icon could be considered as ugly. But is it the fact that these people are so well respected by the rest of the indurty that I don't see anything not to like? I mean, celebrities will be talked about for anything as trivial as itching their nose. It's become sort of a thing to gossip about what they wear, and maybe that's why I might be harder on ScarJo than Betsey Johnson (though I can't really picture Scarlet in Betsey Johnson, it's a bit too loud for her taste).

Oh shit, my superficiality is showing.

You look like a talking hamburger that's just sitting there going "HEY"

Yesterday I was very bored and coloring in my Disney Princesses coloring book until I headed off to Claire's birthday party, fun fun! We went to the beach and got pizza. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!
What I wore with a sweaty summer expression...Inspired by an all-floral look Ana did that was so beautiful! Damn I want floral docs.

Anddd today I hung out with a friend downtown.

Dear staff of Jimmy Johns,
Howdy! I really admire you for having the courtesy to donate free smells to everyone who walks in your door. You also make a wicked #4. Sorry that today my friend and I bought a loaf of bread that cost 50 cents and paid with a twenty. We didn't have anything smaller and we could tell you were a little P-Oed. You didn't deserve it, so here is my love, making up for wasting your time.
Kisses not disses, hugs not thugs,
TaviEverything is 100% vintage!

Look what the cat dragged in

I found this bin on my doorstep and took full advantage :)

Caught a trucker outta Philly, had a nice long toke

Home sweet home! The trip was a lot of fun but it is nice to be back. I do actually have some interesting stuff to share (mostly about other bloggers, as a matter of fact) so read on! And brace yourselves!
Just in case this creeped you out, I know Caroline personally. No stalkers here!

So yeah, guess that's it! I missed you all, though I did find time now and then to do a little writing both on the blog and on my face. Have a great day, folks!

My new best friends

Normally I would say I want to kidnap them, but since we're possibly the same age I shall instead befriend them. We'll make secret clubs and eat soup we made out of tree bark and run around with mops on our heads and eat bugs. You're extremely jealous you're no longer 12 years old, aren't you?


Feeling witchy. Again.


Remember the witchy post? Here, allow me:And some pictures from Foto Decadent:Well this outfit sort of reminded me of those. I looked everywhere for my 2nd grade Halloween witch hat but COULD NOT FIND IT. I assure you it would be in these pictures had it appeared.The little lace thing was a layer of another dress I had but detached it. Underneath I'm wearing a gray oversized sweater Stephanie gave me, and I found the coat thing and shoes in our costume box. Hopefully I can go thrifting once I get back from this damn vacation and get some more witchy items.
Today (well, the time I wrote this, not the time you are reading this) I bought Australian Vogue. Can someone please tell me what the real deal is with it? Is it true that they just use old features from the US Vogue? I'm awfully confused.

Duckie shouldn't stoop as low as Two and a Half Hags

Guess what folks? This one isn't scheduled! I'm currently in a hotel room with my sisters while my parents are getting drunk at a wedding we weren't invited to, but that's ok. Eating Twizzlers while indulging myself in the cheesiness of Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement works. Oooh, Anne Hathaway just told That Bad Actor Guy to get out of her life. That's what I call a Royal Treatment! God, someone just get over here and give me a life already. Via email works too.

So the trip has been going pretty good, pictures and all that later as there's still more to go. I've missed you all so much! It's really rather pitiful how hard it is for me to be away from the blogosphere for a mere few days. I did do some thrifting however.
Goodwill in Ohio (the hotel carpet is so hotel-ish):

And at this vintage store called Monk in St. Marks in NYC. (DAMMIT I'M SO SORRY BELLE AND YONCTO!) In such a punkish area I of course get the girliest things....BLOOMERS! Up here for you miss Arabelle! And please PLEASE tell me the street style sites you got the inspiration from. I'm dying here. And floral suspenders! The thing is, they don't have clips, they have holes for buttons. I however, contrary to popular believe, am not an old man, so I don't have buttons on my pants for them to clip on to. Ideas, kind friends?

Tonight I was also super bored in the hotel room. I normally wouldn't post pictures so close to my....face. Yeah, I guess you could call it that.The dots are inspired by some chick on Facehunter who was also rocking some nice geek specs.Stars just seemed like fun.AHH. CDG/Tao. Of course I would never dare to create a CDG adaptation outfit and claim it to be any good, so the outfit is just random shit. It was really hard not to write "Be Inspihdgjhrjgeb" as my hand is very unsteady.

More soon, sister wants her laptop!
Much love!