You ain't goin nowhere

Tavi's semi-short hair was starting to look like:
a) The late great Jenna Elfman in Dharma and Greg
b) Something a hair style selection magazine would've had circa 2001
c) A soccer mom's hair when she first wakes up in the morning

Whether you chose A, B, C, or none because you thought my telekinesis would read your mind and you'd feel guilty, it doesn't matter-I cut it today! Yes, IIII cut it. It was hard getting the hairs in the back but my mom later evened it out. So it's chin lenth but this time I'm going to keep growing it out, even when it gets mullet-y. And if the chicks in my grade have a problem with the mullet I can point out that Billy Ray, father of Hannah Pooptana had one and I'd be cool.
Also, I know everyone and their mom is being McSpazzy about this outfit-

And, ok call me a hypocrite, but now that I think about it-I sorta like it (WHAT? TAVI YOU CRAZY YOU CRAZY GIRL). Seriously, I like the slouchy and sort of cluttered look. Honestly, when I imagined someone like Tanya strutting this down the runway for D&G, it suddenly became a lot cuter-which I hate to admit is ridiculously shallow. But example: Jennifer Connolly gets shit for wearing Balenciaga. It's not that Balenciaga is ugly (do not even go there sista), it's just that people-myself included-can have a tendency to like something worse on a celebrity than the runway. Do you think it's because designers seem to always know what they're doing and celebrities are always getting bashed for the tiniest things? If I go on to Go Fug Yourself (don't get me wrong, I love GFY. Just using it as an example) and go "Ew Heather and Jessica, you are so right. That's incredibly ugly slash gross" then check out the newest, say, Marc Jacobs line-all of a sudden that gross skirt looks a lot cuter. Unless I missed something, designers are huge influences in the fashion world, and because of that I've never thought anything designed by such an icon could be considered as ugly. But is it the fact that these people are so well respected by the rest of the indurty that I don't see anything not to like? I mean, celebrities will be talked about for anything as trivial as itching their nose. It's become sort of a thing to gossip about what they wear, and maybe that's why I might be harder on ScarJo than Betsey Johnson (though I can't really picture Scarlet in Betsey Johnson, it's a bit too loud for her taste).

Oh shit, my superficiality is showing.


Kylie said...

Speak the truth, girl! I agree with everything you said...including kinda liking that outfit...!
--Cant wait to see the diy hair! I'd never be that brave!

Samantha said...

Oh, I agree completely. It's all about taking things out of context. It's kind of the same idea as when you go thrifting. Some things might look super dowdy or unwearable but if you can take them out of context and imagine them accessorized or toned down (or played up) then it's thrifting heaven. High five for superficiality.

Unknown said...

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