Duckie shouldn't stoop as low as Two and a Half Hags

Guess what folks? This one isn't scheduled! I'm currently in a hotel room with my sisters while my parents are getting drunk at a wedding we weren't invited to, but that's ok. Eating Twizzlers while indulging myself in the cheesiness of Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement works. Oooh, Anne Hathaway just told That Bad Actor Guy to get out of her life. That's what I call a Royal Treatment! God, someone just get over here and give me a life already. Via email works too.

So the trip has been going pretty good, pictures and all that later as there's still more to go. I've missed you all so much! It's really rather pitiful how hard it is for me to be away from the blogosphere for a mere few days. I did do some thrifting however.
Goodwill in Ohio (the hotel carpet is so hotel-ish):

And at this vintage store called Monk in St. Marks in NYC. (DAMMIT I'M SO SORRY BELLE AND YONCTO!) In such a punkish area I of course get the girliest things....BLOOMERS! Up here for you miss Arabelle! And please PLEASE tell me the street style sites you got the inspiration from. I'm dying here. And floral suspenders! The thing is, they don't have clips, they have holes for buttons. I however, contrary to popular believe, am not an old man, so I don't have buttons on my pants for them to clip on to. Ideas, kind friends?

Tonight I was also super bored in the hotel room. I normally wouldn't post pictures so close to my....face. Yeah, I guess you could call it that.The dots are inspired by some chick on Facehunter who was also rocking some nice geek specs.Stars just seemed like fun.AHH. CDG/Tao. Of course I would never dare to create a CDG adaptation outfit and claim it to be any good, so the outfit is just random shit. It was really hard not to write "Be Inspihdgjhrjgeb" as my hand is very unsteady.

More soon, sister wants her laptop!
Much love!