Milk moustache

Yesterday my friend Krea and I felt very D&G and took it upon ourselves to splatter my white tutu with paint. Though paint-splattered tutu is pretty self-explanatory, I thought I'd take pictures along the way just the same.You will also need a couple pterodactyls:^^For LC. *sniffle*
And now, kids:

^^Personally I think it looked best in the middle, it ended up looking kinda gray but whatevs.
And I'm out! Have a fabulous day, evrebady!
p.s. my shirt is yellow because it had my school on it


Unknown said...


ok, it's official, only the cool kids wear glasses. also, the tutu looks grey now. o_o you should wear shiny leggings and hit people with sticks now in your tutu, you'd get away with it,you 12 year old elf, you.

Stranger said...

haha, i find it so funny/cute that u actually own a tutu.
ya, it looks a little grey, but it just means you probably add brighter colours to it when it dries, lol.

Mary said...

I need to do this.
Aha about the pretend to work comment!

Unknown said...

*is hanging by a thread on AIM*

*slowly dies*

Shen-Shen said...

I agree, I think it looked best in the middle, but it still looks lovely now! I'm craving a tutu.

emily said...

aw, it's cute! i love you and your blog. you seem like such a fun kid, but very mature at the same time. :D

Human Racing said...

You wear glasses? Craziness. I've been a sort of silent reader and decided I'd finally comment.

You're way more amazing than I was at 12, so keep on truckin no matter what a bunch of lame, jealous, 40 somethings say.

Hannah said...

Haha love the tutu and the poses as always :)

Claudia said...

I like that pretend your actually working picture. =)

Jillian Hobbs said...

that is absolutely cool and looks like a shit ton of fun!

i love how ur telling her to pretend she's working haha! p.s. thx for the nice comment on my blog! lol and i totally see a little beefy man behind those eyes lol despite what u say!

<3 too sweet

Leti said...

That looks like so much fun!

Wendy said...

Thats a very fun project!

MakiMaki Vintage said...

aww, fun and fashion together.

i think you are amazing and if you ever see anything in the shop that catches your eye, let me know and I can give you a fave bloggers discount. alot of it is really tiny.

i've also added you to my links, :)

keep up the good work!

Elisa Kwon said...


need I say...KAWAII!!!!

Kira Aderne said...

you are really fun girl!

a kiss!!

jess said...

what a day my internet back and so is tavi!
I love the tutu. It does look best in the middle. Maybe you could add colorful sequins to it?

Just Fashion said...

Hi Tavi.
It is a little bit scary that you are only 12, but whatever. What is, is.
I wanted to give you a tip. Use carspray on your skirt.
Tulle is not easy, but carspray is a winner on everything:)
And that would probably be very cool with the grey underneath it.
Probably pink? And YELLOW! You decide:)

Em said...

hey girl! your blog is way cool. i discovered it through nymag's post about you, but i must say I'm totally impressed. you are awesome.

i just started blogging this summer, i'm at just started and getting more ideas constantly!

anyways, congrats on your success so far!

Anonymous said...

Tavi, you are fabulous and inspiring as always. and so funny! I love your crazy pics!

May I also suggest using an ink, and maybe even "stamping" stuff in PINK on the gray tutu? There's an ink pad and refill inks called "versacraft" and you can make your own (perhaps primitive) image stamps out of potatoes! I could see you doing this up a lil bit with that colorful 80's flair vibe you have been rockin'.

either way, it can also go with your black/whit/grey thing.

fun project! great posts as always!

cheers Tavi!


Anna Shapiro said...

your hilarioius.

im 13,
so your not alone age wise on blogger!

well, ya,
love yr blog.

The Fashion Epic said...

haha looks like much fun

KATLIN said...

Oooh yes, can't forget them pterodactyls!!! I personally like to use triceratops.


Love your blog, can´t wait to see more! and i like your personaltiy! (spell? :P) Lina <3

dee said...

tavi is amazing. i remember reading this back in 2008. it is 2010, and i still find the pterodactyls clever.

Unknown said...

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