I'm sorry, I have to take a break. Not quite sure if I'll be coming back...I'll try to keep updating my weardrobe but I can't exactly guaruntee anything.
Hate to throw all this dumb adolescence stuff here where it really doesn't need to be.


Anonymous said...

with love and spirit, i hope you are fine first and foremost...

suz said...

yeah...i second that tavi

Unknown said...

hope u are okay <3

Laurel said...

Beh beh - I hope all is well, I luh yee! And I don't know if you knew about this, but -


Stephanie said...

Oh no Tavi, what happened!

Biianca said...

what happened?
Is everything alright??
well, i hope what ever it is that everything will be ok.
Love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

A break?!?! Noooo! I only recently came across your blog. Hope everything goes alright. We're all crossing our fingers you come back!

yiqin; said...

I want you back :( You inspire me ALL the time!!! & I love your writing!

Sugar Pop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
April said...

I hope you're okay! Feel better, and remember that you're awesome <3

Elisa Kwon said...

i'm taking a break too...not that that's not what it already seems!

but, you'll still do our super awesome post, RIGHT? b/c I am seriously psyched.

oh, and I want to see your hair!! haha, bet it looks awesome.

much love and respect,


Mouse said...

Ignore that NYT article. They're just jealous!

Selina (Flying Saucer) said...

I really hope this is nothing do do with the NYM article because that was a total load of crap! What a horrible writer, obviously so jealous as their blog is just dull. If you notice, they didn't fault your blog at all, they made fun of others for making such a fuss and asked if they were over exaggerating. I commented and asked why they'd singled you out and why ever they would think you were getting help. I truly hope you show them what an amazing blogger you are and in the future, you can look back and say 'yeah, when i was 12 new york magazine said this' and they will know how pathetic they are.

Anonymous said...

i agree with Mouse, don't even bother with that NY Mag junk... people are unbelievably bitter that they weren't as cool as you at 12.. THEY ARE ALL OAFs... we love you :)

Rumi Neely said...

Tavi just do what what makes you happy, it speaks volumes that the writer of the article and others think your age is inconceivable - you're just that well-dressed and eloquent. I absolutely love Style Rookie.

Isabel said...

Tavi, i just read the article. it was so fucking lame - do not listen to those fools! They don't know you or anything about you. i know what its like to be harrassed by full-on psychopaths on the internet, and it stings like hell for a while until you realize that they don't know you and they don't matter and that this is only a measure of your true success. i love you!

Hannah said...

I honestly can't believe that article... it doesn't even make sense! Don't let it get you down, Tavi! I'll miss your blog very much if you go away.

Stranger said...

well, if u must take a break, take it! i'd rather u do some cool stuff with ur wardrobe before u get a "fashion block"(um, i doubt those exist but u get what i mean)
well, hopefully u can still comment and see my blog! lol, not that it's very gd or anything!
have fun!

Hanna said...

Tavi! I just read the article and I am well--incensed! They had absolutely no right to question your credibility just because you happen to be a twelve year old NOT transfixed by Abercrombie and the Jonas Brothers. Genius provokes strange reactions from people, but consider it a compliment to what a truly advanced person you are.

L said...

Wow. So much jealousy! Don't let the doubters get you down, Tavi. Keep doing what you love.

Noormol said...

I read the article, and i think that through a certain lens the whole thing can be viewed as flattery; I mean you were described as having "loads of style" and don't think any other 12 year old has been described that way or received as much media attention.
So just stay positive, and don't stop blogging just because someone at the Times was blown-over by your immense style.

Erica said...

babe, i honestly cannot believe the words from that article. if that's what this 'break' is considering, i think (as much as it saddens me to consider that possibility!) you should just keep doing what makes you happy, nay-sayers aside. we all believe you, and know that you and your blog are fantastic =]

Ella said...

If you're break is because of the [damn] article, honey, don't take a break. Keep blogging, and just "show them", and, if need be, start a new blog.
(Anyhow, that [damn] article implied that no one "cares about" us other bloggers. Nice to know).
I, and i think i speak for everyone, will miss you like mad. I don't know what we'll do without your wit, style, and down-right lovelyness.
P.S. maybe you can sue NY magazine? Then you'll be "Tavi, the 12 year old millionairess"

Riot Nrrd said...

Roar. You know everyone still loves you. Of course, my passion for you is unparalleled.
I don't want to be a creeper, but I can't help but stalk you like a rapist.
Therefore don't leave!!!!!!! My heart, like a, um, tree without the sun, shall wither and die without youuuuu.
You are so amazing and inspiring, it should be a travesty for you to stop blogging.

Gabsterr said...

Tsavi you were the reason i started blogging i hope you come back

Elana said...

aw i hope you come back! i just read that article about you and it is BULL! i cant believe whoever wrote that would doubt your age, style, and intelligence, because I think almost ALL of the people that read your blog know that you are not lying to everyone! yes, we are all insanely jealous that we're older than you and not nearly as cool, stylish, or intelligence...but that doesnt give anyone the right to write a stupid article claiming you arent what you say you are! i hope you come back and i hope you know that you have a TON of people who love love love your blog and completely support you!

+20 said...

this NY MAG article shows the worst part of humanity;
if something is good, then you do anything to make it bad. cause you can't stand it.
but it won't work.
if 1000 people was reading tavi, now 5000 people read and love her.
come back.

Peca said...

Tavi, don't let this bullshit affect you. You're such a beautiful girl and I looove your way to write and dress - go on!

It's often hard to believe that you are only aged 12 after reading your blog, but I just adore you for that because when I was 12.. Well.. Let's not talk bout that ;)

Just keep it going if you feel like it.

Unknown said...

I am going to have to hunt a bitch down.

Girl, email me and ill give you my number, I wanna talk to you on the phone! Im with you all the way, sister.

Como Say What? said...

Tavi, you ARE real--realer than real, in fact, by not hiding who you are. That's why people love you. So please don't let this stupid article dissuade you from blogging--if anything, just be flattered that a huge magazine thought your style was to good to be true. love!

Alline said...

That article is incredible crap! We love you, you are the coolest and best dressed kid around, smart as smart can be, write as a talented journalist and that`s what counts! Show them you are way above that crap and ignore!!!

Joey said...

I'm not sure about this article but you can't stop blogging! You're the best and you're definitely going places!

Meagan said...

Tavi - I just discovered you today and think you are awesome! I wrote about you and all this at Latest Beauty and hope it helps to send positiveness your way!

hayleeey said...

Exactly, fuck what that article said!!! But take your time, get your head sorted and enjoy summerrr, and i hope you'll come back to blogging normally again :)

Team Tavi.

Elena said...

That's too bad! I just started reading your blog yesterday and I really like it. Hopefully you'll start posting again soon!

Anonymous said...

omgee! don't leave! i wont' have a fellow 12 year old blogger to be jealous of because she has the best blog ever, and who gets 1000x more comments than me!! please don't leave!. those people are stupid, and i left a comment on how stupid how they are and if they start to be bitches to me ( i left my blog url just to show them that there is more than 1 12 year old blogger in the world)

Anonymous said...

Miss Tavi,

I must first say that I too was shocked that someone of 12 could write such things and be so darn fashionable, but I also remebered that I once was an intuitive 12 year old (though fashion was not my thing back then). I must commend you for an amazing blog. I first stated reading about a week or so ago, but I have gone back into the archives, it's so good.

I hope that the article written about your blog does not steer you away from it. As you can see with the way our celebrities are talked aboutm people like to criticize those whom they are intimidated by or those they feel they can gain some sort of profit or fame from. Keep your head up & the post coming!


Kathryn said...

Oh, Tavi dear your an amazing little writer. So witty for your young age..
hope you feel better girl because your so good your famous :]

Morgan, Hi! said...

I came here via the NYM article, and if that's why you're taking a hiatus, here's something to remember: it doesn't matter what people say about you, as long as they're talking about you. I've plowed through the entirety of your blog in the past bit, and you really seem to have a lot of fun with and a knack for fashion; don't give that up for anyone!

Smaggle said...

I only just discovered your blog and I'm disgusted at NYM for saying what they did. I really hope you don't leave your blog and that you continue to write. I know it's hard to ignore crap like that when you're 12 but try to rise above it... and keep writing because you're awesome.

elysia mann said...

i think i may have a hunch about the break, and i just wanted to let you know that you are an intelligent, eccentric, unique, funny, and fabulously stylish girl that deserves nothing but positivity. keep your head high.

KATLIN said...

I agree with what everyone says above. I hope that you do come back because I'll miss your funny comments! We'll do Wizard of Oz, Pink Floyd, and "magic stuff" all at the same time one day! :) All the best to you!!

la petite fashionista said...

Tavi, they are just incredibly jealous of your incredible sense of style and way beyond your years eloquence. don't stop blogging:)

Stranger said...

aww, TAVI! i just read the NY mag thing and some of the comments were awful towards u! BUT there were so many about people supporting u! we all love u (in this blog world) and u should kno that! please continue this just so we can show u more love!

Mary said...

don't let them get to you!

look at all the people who lovee your blog.

i for one find Style Rookie highly entertaining :)
seriously,the things you come up with sometimes are hilarious.

i hope you wont stop blogging,because that will make my daily blog reading much much boring.

Unknown said...


cheer up hot stuff. :)

Unknown said...

hi precious. i found you from the NYT article and think you are a doll! I've even spread the word far and wide on my blog for everyone to check you out. you have to take the risk to reap the reward and your reward is going to be monster one day. you are wicked talented and i hope there is more to come!

Anonymous said...

oh tavi baby
you are amazing and i hope this break isnt permanent. but you know yourself the best so you do whatever is best for you, kay doll?

i saw the post/comments from the cut. the internet is a cruel place to be, maybe a break is good. but they're asses.

take care, hope to see you up and about soon!

Emily said...

If this is about that dumb article, dont even dare listening! show everybody how much bigger you are than hateful words

Paris Tarts said...

Dont leaveeeeeeeeeeeee!!


Andrea Eames said...

I love the way you took a swipe at the NYM article by deliberately misspelling - way to go! Those people are just ... I don't even know what they are. Ignore them. They obviously think people only grow a brain after age 25, or something. Losers.

Do what you love - there are a lot of people out there who obviously really love your blog and your style! I only came across you through all this hoo-hah today, but I can see already that you are very talented and articulate, and it's really refreshing to see.

All the best! Xxx

Amelia StyleDownUnder said...

just thought i'd put in my 2 cents worth too - style rookie is the best! love your talented musings/pics and just remember, blog haters mean you've hit the big time! xx

Anonymous said...

i hope everything turns out okay!

Jello on Springs said...

dudette i just found out about the ny mag article and even though ive been out of the blog loop lately and haven't been reading or commenting on blogs i just needed to comment on yours to tell you not to let that a-hole of a journalist and her article keep you from blogging. I seriously hope you come back.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I discovered your blog through Fashion Robot (and also noticed you linked to me, that's so nice, I'm honoured!).
Just wanted to say I adore your blog, you are super-stylish, I'm quite jealous you manage to know so much about fashion at your age!
Please don't let that article and mean people get to you too much!
If you decide to keep updating, I will certainly keep reading and supporting you!

BitchBuzz said...

Tavi, I just found your blog and I think you're awesome.

Please don't stop just because some lame journalists don't understand how a young girl of 12 can be so articulate and stylish.

You're amazing. Keep on going, girl.

You have too many fans to stop!


Anonymous said...

Please don't stop writing because of some stupid article. While it's obviously no fun to be at the center of some kind of internet controversy at your age, there are 22-year-old bloggers who would kill for that kind of publicity and it is likely to serve you in good stead in the future. Even if you stop blogging or form a more personal blog, keep writing and doing what you do, or take it offline and submit pieces for publishing - I know there's a fash mag out there that would dig your style.

sendinghearts said...

I'm so sorry about that article but here's the deal: now many more people, like me, will find you and Love you ... all because of that stupid article. It stings that she was nasty but once you've recovered (and you will) you'll have more readers than ever. This is just free publicity on a mass scale. I mean, who doesn't love to rally around the underdog esp. when she's as cool as you! Something very very good could come from this. I know I'll keep watching you and spreading the word. :) hugs.

Inspire the Starling said...

You really are famous Tavi...don't leave us! I stumbled across this article on YOU YOU YOU...

Guðrún Sóley said...

Tavi, you are so amazingly talented, original and wonderful. Reading your blog makes me happy, and I hope you won't let ignorant imbeciles distract you from writing, blogging, being creative and all around brilliant. You have got quite a fanbase here in Iceland, and we'd be devastated if you stopped blogging. VIVA TAVI!:)

Project Ecoart said...

You are incredible. Keep safe and return soon!

JanelleGrace said...

I came across you on I *Heart* You and I hope everything is going okay. Being young is a lot tougher than people know/remember/care to remember. But you are lucky to have discovered yourself, or at least most of yourself because you will always discover more and you will always be changing, at such a young age.

ArachneDefiant said...

I just found your blog today on my lunch break. I haven't read the NYM article that everyone mentions here, but as someone else who suffered from bad press at an early age, I am so sorry.

But please know that as overwhelming and (I'll admit I was terrified) scary as this may be, it will pass. It's been six years since my accidental 'outing' and, while some weird stuff still comes up under my name when I Google it, nobody notices it. And even if they do, the people who matter don't care.

Whether you come back to this blog or not, please know that your wonderful style, eclectic nature, and boundless creativity are an awesome spectacle. You're the 12 year old I wish I had been. I'm sure you'll do well in life - all the best to you.

- Andrea

FashionSqueah! said...

Hey Tavi! I just read that article via the fashbot, what an idiot! I think they were jelous because, while you are actually 12, they merely have the grammer and writing aptitude of the average pre-teen...I mean the constant use of inverted commas, are we still in the '90s? Don't get me started on the needless italicism of Vogue and thrifted (incidentally two of my favourite activities!). Muchos love from fashionsqueah, I do hope you rejoin us in the blogging world soon! Don't worry 'bout the haters (hope they're reading) they are sad individuals!

V said...

If it weren't for that blog post in NYmag, I wouldn't have come across your blog... love your photos and outfits and humor... don't stop now!

head in the clouds. said...

dude. your amazing, dont stop blogging! look how many comments you've already gotten about this! if this is about that NY mag article. ignore it. you are fantastic, i mean im 12 too, and you are like 8,000 times more stylish than me & that article ( haha) . you also are an amazing writer! Dont listen to them. Plus you could always use this article in a positive way! look at the fame your getting : ]

Kylie said...

Wow, that article was DUMB! I've never had a single thought about this blog not being 100% authentic. I don't know why it's so impossible for some to comprehend that not all 12 year olds are into Hannah Motanah and the Sprouse twins!
In our world today, kids mature a lot faster and we've just got to accept that!
Love ya Tav, hope to see you soon!

Stararah said...

Oh, Tavi. People are silly and jealous because you're amazing.
Ignore them.

Unknown said...

Oh Sweets,
We all adore you and it looks like NYM is totally impressed by you too. That writer has a reputation for being silly. Regardless of what you choose to do, you have tons and tons of love and support.

Julia said...

Hang in there, it sucks that people are picking on you for being as young as you are, but you just have to prove them wrong and rise above it with grace and of course, style :)

LJ said...

Don't leave because of nym.
Stupidest artical ever and if there's any evidence thatyou should discount it, it's in the comments. about 5 pages of people outraged for your sake!!
Don't let them beat you!

City Chic Please said...

please don't leave, tavi. well, i shouldn't really advise you on what you should or shouldn't do. if you feel it's in your best need, go right ahead, but you will be missed.

and congrats to your NYM article. i read that, and i was like, "hey, don't i know this girl from somewhere?" hahaha

hope to talk to you soon, darling <3

Bean said...

Hey Tavi--

Yes, that article was beyond rude and totally lame, but you know something? It was that article that led me to your awesome blog and I'm so very happy about that.
You are an superduper-tastic young lady with style for days, so I hope that this break isn't permanent and you come back better than ever.

Hazel said...

tavi, for the first time EVER i've stumbled upon a fashion blog that i don't like, BUT LOVE!

your blog is so cool it's no joke and please keep it up!

Anonymous said...

If this is about that article, you should know that there were tons of people saying the nicest things about you in the comments. Everything from "I think she's gorgeous" to "she is an intelligent, creative and extremely unique young girl." I read through all the comments, and let me tell you that there were more people with you than against you. To quote Lindsey Lohan, no publicity is bad publicity, right? I hope you continue blogging because I would definitely miss you.

Hang in there!

xoxo, Ashlyn

Squishybubble said...

Gawd....Tavi I just read that retarded article in the NY Mag and quite honestly it makes me want to never read the it again. You've got great style and if you will be like another agathe. And have 76 comments. Thats like more than like ever. And most are nice ones. PLEASE COME BACK!!

annabananna said...

darling, take a break if you need one. you'll be missed dearly here, and i really hope you come back. until then, take care and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Just know that someone like yourself can influence so many people, regardless of your age. You have many readers who all obviously adore you. I would assume many, including myself, are older. As for myself I'm an entire decade older, but I don't see a difference in the matter.

You are completely and utterly one of the most interesting people whose blogs I've had the chance to stumble upon. I would hope someone who comes across as self-assured as you, can take it with a grain of salt. Learn from the experience.

Easier said than done. Stay positive. If you ever need anything, feel free to message me. There are lots of people out there who are willing to help. The blogosphere isn't as scary as it seems. :]

Nancy said...

Sorry to hear you're taking a break, but come back soon! Hope nothing bad happened.

Donna said...

It is typical, some like to call it tall poppies syndrome, others-pathetic.The minute something really fantastic happens in life, in this case your blog, no-one can stand they have to ridicule it. makes me soo mad. don't stop blogging because of them. they should get effed.

Ana said...

Tavi you are the cutest thing ever..your outfits are fun and you seem sweet. Dont let that stupid article get you down. I just recently turned 14 and yes some older people are going to criticize younger kids liking fashion but hold your head up high. Do come back when you're ready!

Mackenzie said...

DON'T LEAVE You are one of the best blogs goin!

Anonymous said...

People need to calm down.

That article was NOT rude, not critical, and did not attack the blog. The writer did NOT call Tavi a liar, or anything of the sort, nor were there any personal attacks. There is an enormous amount of overreaction on this site and the NYM site. You're not making Tavi feel better by creating drama and misrepresenting the article.

Tavi, if you're going to post a public blog, you have to expect people may sometimes take notice. It's a compliment. Your blog is well-written, thoughtful and charming. You have nothing for which to apologize, NOR DOES JESSICA COEN. Both of you should keep doing exactly what you're doing. All this manufactured drama will blow over eventually.

Linds said...

hey Tavi,

I live and work in NYC and haven't read many fashion blogs that keep up with everything as well as you do. I understand that you probably need a break from all the attention, but I hope you come back. NY Mag is known for being a sarcastic publication so all in all their mention of you was pretty nice according to the set of standards by which they operate! You're cute as a button and incredibly bright. Keep writing whatever you do.


Sam said...

don't even listen to that article, those people don't know what they are talking about!
aww, well I hope everythings okay and I can't wait for you to come back.

meg said...

chin up sweetheart! take a break if you need to but don't quit because of those silly "bullys on the playground". k? k.

Unknown said...

Go kiddo go!

Go Go Go!

Tavi for the win!

annah said...

cuddles to the lovely tavi.

you are the best twelve year old i know. well. kinda know.

Anonymous said...

come back :(

you're my faaaaavourite ( geez i'm even commenting and i normally just lurk)

Diego R. Wyatt said...

You are an awesome talent and congrats on the NY Times gig. Good Luck with everything!


LCL said...

I hope you come back to blogging!
you are really one of the most stylish bloggers and I love to see your outfits.
btw if you ever get down to this 91st comment, I saw this sweater on Rice and Beans Vintage and thought it might be something you'd wear

lelaelena said...

I certainly hope this isn't because of the New York Magazine thing. they never give anyone 100% praise in teh fashion world except like Karl Lagerfeld. If you read what they wrote about Stella McCartney's first collection on you would see that their worship is earned by toiling it out through the criticism.

You are clearly an unbelievably intelligent and spunky 12 year old, and as your friends say everyone wishes they were that cool when they were 12. You put together the kinds of outfits that magazines hire stylists for thousands of dollars to do for their spreads. If you really want a future in fashion you have a bright one that is just smacking you in the face. Don't let anyone else's negativity get you down, as hard as that is during those hormonal years, use it to embitter and empower you so you can laugh in their faces.

And don't be so self-deprecating, some degree of conceit is going to do you a world of good because for the next few years of your life, things will only seem more confusing and insane then they do now. For most people things start to make sense when they go to college, if you're smart and lucky maybe you will make sense of yourself and yuor life by the end of high school.

And PS: Wear ANYTHING that is attractive to you. Coordinating, appropriacy and figure flattery are for the old and responsible. You will never get these years of your life back if you waste them worrying about what the kids at your school or the editors at major magazines think of you.
There is nothing more valuable than a healthy dose of contempt, flash your Arden Wohl headbands right at them and I swear to you one day you could influence as much as Kate Moss does. She always says never complain, never explain.

I always say never apologize and never compromise.
If you want to talk with someone who is freshly out of their teenage years and full of hard earned knowledge about the pitfalls you can check out my facebook, Elena Popovic in Calgary, Canada. Message me if you feel like venting to someone, I've been a shoulder to cry on for many of my little cousins your age and all their friends.

Oyinda said...

You Tavi are a gem!
At 25 I havent an inch on you!
I hope you take time to chill but do come back to us, we'll defo be waiting!

Life always throws curve balls, its what makes us strong, so take this and use it to your advantage.
If anything Print the article, let it remind you that you must be doing something right for them to actually challenge your age!

Take care

Lizzi said...

Hi Tavi. I just found about your blog and I luv it. I'm 11 and I also have a blog if you'd like to see it. It's not as good as yours, but if you get a chance... maybe you could read a few posts. Anyway, that stinks that you won't be writing anymore...

Hope you read this comment.

Lizzi Wyatt

Anonymous said...

Hi Tavi, I found your blog through thefashbot, and I read that silly little article from NY Mag and I just wanted to say don't let it get you down. Do what you want! You're far too much of a free spirit to let the critics do otherwise. I hope you're okay dear.

Karamea said...

don't leave now! i just came across your blog and shared it on mine. [also borrowed one of your pics to do so!] i also read that article earlier today and it's ridiculous! everyone's just jealous that they didn't have your style&vocab when they were 12! so keep on going! you're amazing!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

honey!!i love your blog!!cool and very truth!!

Anonymous said...

Like the coolest blogg and the coolest 12-year old EVER!!

Caroline said...

alright here we go. i'll be honest here and say i've never really read your blog. i've seen it around but havent really ever clicked. but im so glad I have! you are a gorgeous girl and so mature for your age.
I have always been critized for my age because my friends are a little older (many are in their early 20's..i'm 17) but the thing is, i don't act my age! and thats not exactly a bad thing. don't let an article ruin what you like doing. don't let people tell you you shouldnt or that you can't, becuase obviously, you're good at what you do.

Jaclyn said...

I really hope that you come back, and that everything works out alright. I really enjoy reading your blog.

1234 said...

hey tavi, jsut wanna say that i hope youre ok, i heard about the NY news stuff, dont let it get to you! you are awesome, and hope to see you back soon!

Paris Tarts said...

I made you something :) Check it out at


Unknown said...

Keep writing. You are better than they are. ;)

Simply Me said...

i hope your okay. Your blog inspires me everyday and it inspires plenty of others, remember that.

Unknown said...


you are smart as a whip, cute as a button and destined for fashion greatness. don't let some silly little blog post get you down. hope you get back to blogging soon.

Jillian Hobbs said...

COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!

btw love the new banner! very cool

but i miss you it's not the same POST SOMETHING... anything! pwease!

Ariela said...

NOO! Tavi come back. You dont have to listen to the people from the article! You're way better than them. They're not worth your time or attention!

COME BACK! You're incredible and dont need them okay?

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