Mumbo jumbo

Well, I guess I can firmly state my inbox has never been larger. Yeesh! Boy does it feel good to be back to blogging, but it was nice to have some time to think everything over and relax. I would, however, like a chance to clear the air.
If you scroll down my page, you'll see that I have met Elizabeth of White Lightning. Going back to a post in April (there's one in June, too), you will find that I know 3 other bloggers-including Stephanie of Fashion Robot-prior to starting my own. As to whether or not my family helps me with this blog, no (though I do need to borrow some cash every now and then). I wrote a post long before the article explaining how my parents aren't interested in fashion, and my sisters usually dress in a t-shirt/jeans/flip flops combo. For a few of my first outfit posts I would ask my mom to snap a picture of me, but I can assure you that no one dresses me up (sometimes they are a little skeptical and I do get the really? look). That was with the old camera, the one I use now has a self-timer, which also explains why my photos don't look self taken. And my age-I'm 4'6" and yesterday my friend's brother mistook me for a 9 year old. Need I explain any further?

I will agree that the fact that I'm 12 shouldn't set me apart from other bloggers, and it definitely shouldn't play a part in how one might react to how I think or write or dress. And I'm not the only 7th grader out there! That being said, I think it's a good time for the "cute" comments to be put to rest, as well.
Best for last-thank you times a bajillion to the wonderful readers that kept me from going coo coo for cocoa puffs and are just plain amazing in every way. I love you and I hope you feel loved because right now I'm hugging you. In my head. Because I love slash thank you. Ok? Good. MUAH!

Lately I've noticed that I gravitate more towards clothes that are very colorful and have bright patterns. So, I decided to do a little photo shoot experimenting with my black/white/gray clothing. It was sort of hard to put things together since I normally use prints to match clothes but it was neat to try this too. Oh, do I spy a little underlying newspaper article theme thingy here? Yes yes yes I doooo. Hmm, do I also spy the point where those annoying papers fell and I was too lazy/sweaty-see facial expressions-to fix it? Yeah, thanks a lot SCOTCH TAPE.Have a great day everybody!