Feeling witchy. Again.


Remember the witchy post? Here, allow me:And some pictures from Foto Decadent:Well this outfit sort of reminded me of those. I looked everywhere for my 2nd grade Halloween witch hat but COULD NOT FIND IT. I assure you it would be in these pictures had it appeared.The little lace thing was a layer of another dress I had but detached it. Underneath I'm wearing a gray oversized sweater Stephanie gave me, and I found the coat thing and shoes in our costume box. Hopefully I can go thrifting once I get back from this damn vacation and get some more witchy items.
Today (well, the time I wrote this, not the time you are reading this) I bought Australian Vogue. Can someone please tell me what the real deal is with it? Is it true that they just use old features from the US Vogue? I'm awfully confused.