That hat makes you look like a hacky sack

A. So I've been looking for The Perfect Pink Tutu, and turns out they have quite the selection at Claire's! I know, I know, it's Claire's, but once you manage to find your way through all the JoBros pencil cases and Hannah Montana diaries, there is an item that will fill you with hope and opportunity and joy.

2. I never really thought about anything else on the runway besides clothes, but Aussie Vogue inspired me to look more at the details. Shoes and makeup would only result in heartache since my feet are tiny and plays are the only time I'm supposed to wear makeup. I therefore decided to take a closer look at hair. Colored, crimped, decorated with things one may come across in an enchanted forest where owls tell stories and green ivy fun! I don't know if I'll ever dig out my sister's old 90's hair crimper or get around to gluing a tree to my head, but very inspiring nonetheless. Still working on those collages...
Well, I'm bored, why not do a Q&A video? Hey now, that's a lot of high tech for one post! Comment and ask me what you wish, whether it's about blogging, clothes, or what I ate for lunch. I look forward to responding and making a fool out of myself on camera!