You look like a talking hamburger that's just sitting there going "HEY"

Yesterday I was very bored and coloring in my Disney Princesses coloring book until I headed off to Claire's birthday party, fun fun! We went to the beach and got pizza. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!
What I wore with a sweaty summer expression...Inspired by an all-floral look Ana did that was so beautiful! Damn I want floral docs.

Anddd today I hung out with a friend downtown.

Dear staff of Jimmy Johns,
Howdy! I really admire you for having the courtesy to donate free smells to everyone who walks in your door. You also make a wicked #4. Sorry that today my friend and I bought a loaf of bread that cost 50 cents and paid with a twenty. We didn't have anything smaller and we could tell you were a little P-Oed. You didn't deserve it, so here is my love, making up for wasting your time.
Kisses not disses, hugs not thugs,
TaviEverything is 100% vintage!