doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?

Rodarte by David Armstrong, Logan White, 1978, Now and Then, Lick the Star, Petra Collins, Natalia Vodianova by Paolo Roversi, Glynnis McDaris, Mitch Epstein, John Sloan, The Virgin Suicides (as a moody teenage girl with an Internet connection, how could I not include something from this movie? I wouldn't be fulfilling my duties as a Tumblr cliche otherwise!), 70's bedroom, Erica Segovia, Elspeth Thompson, unknown, Autumn de Wilde, The Slits, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, 1980 Playboy bunnies, the Runaways, Logan White, Now and Then, Lina Scheynius, and Rodarte by Beau Grealy.
Music: At Seventeen by Janis Ian, Trouble by Cat Stevens, A Case of You by Joni Mitchell, Tiny Dancer by Elton John, and So Far Away by Carole King.


KARLITO said...

This makes me want to drink beer and I don't even drink/like beer.

matthew roland said...

Ou always collect the most wonderful images Tavi.

Megan said...

Disclaimer: these photos will prompt you to get a record player by any means necessary, thank god I already have one.

I'm going to go cuddle with girls and touch my boobs!

Tavi said...

Megan: Good! Because this post was actually sponsored by the Record Player And Girls And Boobs Store so it's nice to know my advertising is effective.

Flossie, Monster Munch Blog said...

lovely collection! nice songs too...
i really love some of those picture photo things
flossie xx

Anonymous said...

These are such beautiful photos x

Brittney said...

You love Joni Mitchell, don't you? She's amazing. I'm lovin' the musical sweater and smirking Snoopy.

Anonymous said...

sadden ing

Anonymous said...

I love the post - it reminds me of being very young and watching American movies wondering what this life is all about.

Thank you for an Fantastic blog!!!

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

What a great collection of inspirations. I knew that line was from So Far Away :) And I think that shot of Stevie is from her Belladonna tour. Always a big fan of your music picks!

bestie said...


Yay for Tiny Dancer.

And I'm glad you figured out the YouTube embed thing. I read your cry* for help on Tumblr, sadly I know a lot less about it than you do. :p

boyunso said...

yes, your post are full of interesting photos everytime, i like your blog really much^^

Megan said...

Tavi that's awesome! I also played all five songs at the same time because I thought you might have wanted it that way, but it it didn't sound so great, maybe only three at once would work, I'll test it out.

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Such beautiful photos. You have some great sources of inspiration, Tavi, really!

Unknown said...

beautiful selection of photos

brodie said...

FUQ FASHUN! This is your best post evaaaa!
Lick the Star, Carole, Cecilia's bracelets, Runawayz and FUKIN NOW AND DEN! Roberta strapping her bra is my adolescent spirit animal.

My Heart Blogged said...

I love The Virgin Suicides, and now and Then. Such good movies.
My Heart Blogged

Anonymous said...

Tavi, somehow I always get really excited when you reply to comments/ comment on your post.

Anyway, the fourth picture with Cosmo got me kind of laughing. I'm not sure why.

Tavi said...

Megan: That's a brilliant idea! I hadn't thought of that.

Brodie: Roberta is my fave.

Kaiami: Well then, allow me to reply to yours!

...Wasn't that exciting?!

Hannah May said...

love this!

boyunso said...

wow, tavi, i never seen your comment replying....^^ it's interseting...:D

anyways, your post with a lovely musics are... FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan said...

Ok start song 2 on high volume and start song 5 at 19 seconds (of song 2) on low volume, then switch volume levels at 38 seconds (of song 2) that's as far as I got, I like the two voices and harmonies combined.

boyunso said...

and also,
start song 1 and start the song 4 at 10 seconds. it sounds great, too
the harmony of two accompaniment...
but!! if the song 4's voice start, it doesn't sound veeeryyy well....

zoomslow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zoomslow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zoomslow said...

"...i got back in my car
but there was a strange figure
on the dashboard
as i looked closer,
it was a jewelled goose
an it shouted "gobble gobble" at me
i said
"don't you know where i'm from?"
she got mad an swore at me..."



class material!))

guus van vugt (owner) said...

like your blog very much! x

Jess said...

I've always found freckles to be a desirable trait. I wish I had lots. I have beauty marks(as I like to call them) but those nose freckles only show up after much drying up in the sun.

The picture of the girl with long hair and then cut off is lovely. Inspiring. It's on my brave list of things to do- cutting off my hair, short, and by my own hands.

Unknown said...

Love the photographs!


Carol said... i follow your blog...visit my blog? this link is here! kisses!

Phoebe Davenport said...

This is so sweet and nostalgic. I love this.

Michelle Lee said...

your blog is filled up with so many inspirations for all :)

first giveaway ends on 28th: Hard Candy makeup products

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling very nostalgic! I's totally forgotten about some of those films xxx

Orjen said...

Hey, Tavi. Yours is a blog I have always enjoyed and I read your every post but lately I've noticed a decline in the writing part and an increase in the posting-a-bunch-of-cool-images part. I am aware that's a very strong trend in the blogging world right now but what I appreciated most about Style Rookie was precisely the fact that it had original content, content written by YOU and my point is...please please pretty please, Tavi, don't slip into the "visual" blog pitfall and give us more of your - well - blogging.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful set! LOved the free spirit flare of it!

Yajaira said...

you have some great photos!

Anne Charlotte said...

Fantastic Tavi! A beautiful post, as always.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the only one who found this post pretty damn sad. It reminds me of having a crush on my best friend in high school -- makes me really miss her. These pictures really knocked me out.

Love the Cat Stevens/Carole King, also.

Samantha Nandez said...

70's win. Great selection of movies in there too!

whereareyoufromoriginally? said...

It would be so fine to see your face at my door.

Beni said...

Good photograpy selection :)

Sarah Wolf said...

Oh Tavi, I LOVE this one. It's everything that was beautiful and strange and sad about being a teenager. You are great.

Diana said...

Tavi, these pictures are amazing. They're so inspiring.
And I defenitely want a pullover with a sheet music ( do you say that)!!

KINGA said...

These photos are amazing !

Cara said...

I love all those pictures, they are so amazingly awesome!

Please check out my blog if you get the chance and let me know what you think :)

Aneta said...

Featherlane, it's a kind-of-sad knockout for me too.

That time when your body forces you to turn from a girl into a woman. And what options are out there to fill out the phrase "being a woman" with actual factual living bleeding desire arousing and possibly child bearing content?

Pictures can avake and express such feelings and it's much safer to look at them than actually be in the presence of a person in the state of this transition. How many have tried and faled to solve this mystery?

X said...

For some reason this post evoked profound thought. I don't know why, I just found it was much more than a collection of photographs. They seem to all relate to one another. So so beautiful. Much love,

kgal1298 said...

Nice one. Anyway as for the title I think a lot of people stay in one place, but if you want something new it's always fun to move an experience the unexpected it makes life a lot more interesting.

Healigan said...

Jeez. My biography online from someone I do not even know. I guess here is my 15 minutes of anonymous fame.

Ashley said...

so much now & then. love it

SMD said...

I'm glad I'm a teenager. Ahhh I love Elton John! The Janis Ian song is amazing. So nice to hear music about love and growing up and being a person that isn't another T-Swift song. Omigosh, I saw Megan's comment and I just started playing all the other songs when Tiny Dancer was about half-way through, and the effect sounds really. really. cool.

Unknown said...

marvelous images.. very inspirational

Anna said...

I adore Joni Mitchell. I love how you combined these images!

Renee said...

Your inspiration posts always amaze me, I can't get over their impeccable atmosphere. I also get jealous and want to be better than you, but that's perfectly normal, I guess.

Kayla said...

love the yearbook photo,
hope you come and follow me :)

Seeking Elevation said...

This is amazing.

brightlightsbigcity said...

eeep i love this song! the whole post makes me kind of melancholy... but an inspired melancholy!

Anonymous said...

I love the latest photo/music collections you've been doing! They take me back to a time when I was young and disenfranchised, dreaming of meeting my soulmate in a hidden field of flowers.

Alexi Frest said...

Wow - they are eerie. I love them. Those covered faces look like the faces of Samara from "The Ring".

Tavi said...

Thanks guys!

Orjen: I prefer to express myself however I feel is appropriate for the topic at hand. I'm still developing as a writer and I'd like to explore different mediums of expression as well. I'm also 14 -- changing all the time, different ideas, etc., and I think it would be pretty sad if I stuck with the same format I've had since I was 12. I don't know why I would tie myself down or force writing when it isn't necessary or when I have no interest in what I'm saying. Thanks for your input, though.

Featherlane and Aneta: It's funny, compiling these made it easier for me to rid of the feeling I think you're both talking about, at least temporarily. It sucks ya'll.

Anonymous said...

What nostalgia! :) I enjoyed the songs and the photos!

J'adore La Dolce Vita ♥

Tavi said...

Megan & Boyun: I'm about to spend so much time messing around with this now..

M said...

Simply beautiful post.

Fashion Nerd said...

Awesome post.
Fashion erd

gentsomemagazine said...



gentsomemagazine said...



Anonymous said...

Really cool :)

Anna said...

really cool pics!

Jack Flash! said...

I love your 'Just Pictures (and other media)' Posts, ones without text anyway, they're so inspiring! I'm going to have to cut you a check for every time I've used images from your blog as backgrounds/inspirational media in my sketchbooks :)

Mary Katherine Hofstetter said...

Normally, I do not get super excited when I see a bunch of "inspirations" but I really like this one!! I'm loving the retro vibe and it just makes me want to go dress up like it's the 70s and drink soda out of a glass bottle. Btw, does anyone know what cosmo Teeny is reading in that picture? I can't find it on the internet!!

passionlessfashionista said...

as usual, a very inspiring post; keep up the good work.

check out our project -

p.s. following your advice here, thanks!

stokedstokes said...

lovely post to read on a snowy day

Anonymous said...

i have a huuugeee blogger question.
How do you get all these pictures on your blog if theyre All rights reserved??

Izzen said...

Gorgeous. Have loved all those songs for years as well.

VHBT said...


I AM A SELF TAUGHT ARTIST AND I will be starting an ETSY shop sometime soon and I am posting sneak peek photos of some of the VINTAGE CLOTHING items I will have for sale :) I would enjoy your help on spreading the word on helping my struggling artist self and to do something that I love!! First item--VINTAGE STAR EMBROIDERED BLAZER--

Unknown said...

That 3rd picture is strangely creepy... very cool!

VHBT said...


I AM A SELF TAUGHT ARTIST AND I will be starting an ETSY shop sometime soon and I am posting sneak peek photos of some of the VINTAGE CLOTHING items I will have for sale :) I would enjoy your help on spreading the word on helping my struggling artist self and to do something that I love!! First item--VINTAGE STAR EMBROIDERED BLAZER--

Brooke said...

the music note sweater vest and pullover do it just right. we love you, grrl!

Amy and Kevina said...

Oh man oh man! Joni is so great.
I saw Carole King in concert with James Taylor this summer. Hearing fire and rain live? Totally worth my solo trek across Arizona.
Try James Taylor!

JIM Designs said...

Love your 70's images. My childhood was in that era so its pretty awesome looking at girl's bedroom decor photos, etc. I think it was a good time to grow up until the economy tanked.

Charlie said...

All these pictures you very fascinating....appealing to my eyes....

MELISSA Z. said...

Love this post, all the pics are so inspiring! <3
well done!

Aneta said...

A powerful place to be in life. There seems to be a lot of girl/feminine/female power to embrace. It sucks you too, Tavi ;)

Nolita said...

Oh so weird and so cool at the same time!

FB: Nolita Vintage Shop & Blog

Unknown said...

Today, there was an article about you. =)
Suisse, 20minuten, friday <3

I love your blog... ♥
visit mine

Linda said...

Love this post, all the pics are so inspiring! <3
well done! Please keep it up - I love to do the same thing with my Heated Blanket as well.

e r i k a said...

have you seen "my summer of love"? it would fit right in here...

KristyMystique said...

love the virgins suicidide!!!

Liina said...

I love how you mix the 70s original images with their 90s nostalgia counterparts, because when you grew up in the 90s or, I presume, now, they end up being kind of the same thing, the same feeling. & I think it's cool that you acknowledge that.

Irene said...

Great inspiration!
And love the music :).
xoxo irene

BECKY MAY said...

col pictures. i like your rad commenting too. nice to see from a blogger :)

The Flower Girl


BECKY MAY said...

clearly i meant cool, not col x

Unknown said...

i feel relaxed now after looking at those pictures

Unknown said...

I love the school photo one, that's really clever!

Death By Shoe said...

These are beautifully strange photos and make me feel inspired :)


da said...


Love the pick

Leopard Girl said...

i can't believe you included The Runaways! made my day! huge fashion inspirations

cancercowboy said...

kinda enigmatic post, to me at least. but my blatant lack of empathy doesn't stop me from enjoying the pictures and the songs ^_____^
keep it bowling.

czech foreigner said...

realy good!

Claire said...

You always have the most inspiring images put together Tavi. Ahhh, I cannot express my love for you and your blog.

A La Mode said...

Stunning selection of pictors xx

my little apartment said...

aw, Arrow.

Matilda Delaporte said...

Stop posting such brilliance, I need to go to sleep!!!!!!

If you are British, into interiors bla-de-bla-de-bla, check out this competition.

Matilda xxxxxxxx

Not quite beautiful said...

Those photos are wonderful. Just sort of transport me back in time. Simply stunning.



Cailin´s Place said...

like all photosªªªkisses

Alex H said...

Great collection of images. You are such an inspiration as cheesy as it sounds.

Unknown said...

I used to really love your blog (especially all the outfit posts) so I don't want to trash it or anything, I just wish you would do less of the pretentious/overly hipster picture posts. It's just my opinion, but I think it's gotten really irritating.

boyunso said...

it's too hard to matching all the songs everytime.... and i think that this is th e 10 or 11 time i came to your blog to do this.... wow!!!

anyways, tavi! that response was very surprised to me!!! and i will post another comment if i found other great harmony....:D

boyunso said...

OH and tavi, what was the title of the song that you used on the vidoe "chalk"(is it right?) i think the song 1's start is very similar with that song!!!

isn't it?? it's just only my think^^

Chelsea's Girl said...

Love the photos. Esp. Now & Then one's-- one of my fav movies ever!

Riot Nrrd said...

Yeah. In the middle of growing up and being a different person every year... Mmm. This post made me kind of sad/moody.

Anonymous said...

Jolie petite selection, very innoncent, very VIRGIN SUICIDES and so 70's

Anonymous said...

Jolie petite selection, very innoncent, very VIRGIN SUICIDES and so 70's

Rio said...

I fear you might have the most perfect taste in music. You're a beautiful girl, dont let the world make you hard.

love Rio

G.A.N said...

Hi, i love you, love the blog, you is the best!

My blog is:




Kath said...

Loved the girl reading cosmopolitan e the second music!

You are so smart for a little girl.

da said...

my blog

nadine ahmad said...

so dreamy

nadine ahmad said...

so dreamy

Tavi said...

Lindsaymcl: In the case of this post, I was really sad when I compiled all these images and being able to somehow pinpoint that feeling actually felt sort of therapeutic. I'm okay that that doesn't come across as long as it did for me. As for the moodboards in general, I like the idea of compiling different references to express one idea, and will continue to explore it. I realize that they're pretentious, but I think my outfit posts are too, so I just don't take that into account anymore because then I second-guess everything I do.
At the moment, I have a lot of submissions I'm going through for the magazine, so time doesn't really allow for outfit posts (plus then I also get a heapload of "You're doing outfit posts but not looking at my submission?!") Someone is going to complain either way. I will continue doing what I want. If it bothers someone I hope they recognize that I'm changing a lot and just trying to experiment with new ideas. Thanks for your comment.

funkystylejunkie said...

Wow tavi.....great pics :D you were actually my inspiration for starting a blog.....might sound a bit idiotic but o well....I'm new to bloggin just wanted to ask u to view my blog warned I've only done two posts one with pics and its bull compared. To you....well great pics and thanx fofr even reading this if u did if not then this was a waste of writing lol biiii

יוצאת מחוץ למגירה said...

hi tavi, i just want to say that i feel sorry and sad for you, girl in early teenage years that watch these picturs. you are so smart and intelligent person, so why to watch these picturs?!


Lulu said...

Ah, I tried to sum up my feelings after looking through your blog a little, but I can't put them into words :/. Actually to be honest I can:

Wow, this...omhmygod.. lulz whats she doing in that tree... ah gotta have that dress... so deep...meh I want to be like

That didn't come out very well...
anyway, great blog :D

Jayj said...

haha the piano sweater with musical notes? i have it, it's marc jacobs but the coolest thing about it, is when it's inside out. instead of nude, it becomes sparkly rainbow stripes and nude musical notes!

Zoes Blog! said...

I love your blog <3 you inspired me to start my fashion blog! please check mine out :)

Unknown said...

I love your collages! Makes me think a lot about different stuff. Movies ive seen, magazines ive read, photos i like, memories... <3

Jake said...

Your collages are so beautiful & there is always an image from a favorite book or film of mine.

Megan said...

My Summer of Love would definitely fit in here... cool movie, and sad...

mike said...

I liked the Janis Ian and Carol King cuts. Janis played "At Seventeen" on the very first Saturday Night Live and the same song was used in a Simpson's episode where Homer consumes psychedelic peppers (given to him by the chief of police no less) and hallucinates among other things a coyote with the voice of Johnny Cash. The thread does not end there because a few years later Johnny Cash hosted SNL with musical guest Elton John. It's all nonsense, but still kind of fun. Tavi I am glad that I went back and read your comment on why you posted all of these images and moody songs. It's kind of the way that people sing the blues to lift their spirits. If you want to as Prince Buster sings "Enjoy Yourself", check out a video called "Simmer Down" covered by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones (Mercury Records). Stay rude stay rebel.

miriam. said...

Of course there's a reference to one of the Lisbon girls, I agree, how could you not post it.

Anonymous said...

such a good selection of photos, quite whimsical and child-like and naive, too. very inspiring stuff. I particularly like the first photo, from Lula?

Houndstooth Bunny said...

Hey Tavi! Just wondering where do you get all these pictures from? So cool:D
It'll be so cool if you check it out:) I'll be honoured:D

Jeremy said...



toridawn said...

good for you for posting what you're feeling of the moment...and not what people are expecting. i think young girls who read your blog can definitely feel like you know how they're feeling and older girls (like myself, guh) can remember being there. either way, there's a sense of comfort. keep doing you, hon. we like it:)


Suz said...

Yay tiny dancer!

. said...

I just saw your first post here,and I laughed.At that time,you didn't know,that you'll be one of the greatest bloggers.
Now you're famous,almost everybody wants to have style like you.Many girls make a fashion blog,they wanna be like you.But they can't copy you,you're too unique.
Cause in things like fashion you're always a step ahead.
I admire you and your creativity,really.

Hope,that you'll read my comment,you should feel honored.

. said...

I just saw your first post here,and I laughed.At that time,you didn't know,that you'll be one of the greatest bloggers.
Now you're famous,almost everybody wants to have style like you.Many girls make a fashion blog,they wanna be like you.But they can't copy you,you're too unique.
Cause in things like fashion you're always a step ahead.
I admire you and your creativity,really.

Hope,that you'll read my comment,you should feel honored.

M.Weston said...

Des photos magnifiques qui nous parle, et nous font ressentir tant d'émotions !

J'aime particulièrement la photo "moon walker", elle me fait penser au "Petit prince "(Antoine de Saint Exupéry), sur sa petite planète ... de si beaux souvenirs... :)


Alexander Daniel Designs said...

Love the images! :)

The BourgeoisFilles said...

OMG. we absouletly love your blog. Your pictures are amazing :). We just started our blog quite recently and you were the person we followed first. Please could you possibly follow us back :) BourgeoisFilles xx

thwany said...

i miss thora birch

Ana Pizarro said...

your blog its so cool your pictures are amazing, everithing is perfect.

Hope,that you'll read my comment:

Philippa plunkett

Seeley said...

You should add music to every post. Its a great addition.

Anonymous said...

loving your inspiration and blog as always!
come visit the completely new COSMICaroline again soon and see the better layout, revamped outfits, and a new photographer!


Meghido said...

Katheyn Volikos said...

inspiring photos <3


rar said...

great mood you brought me :)

Noumia's papers said...

Tiny dancer is just .. Beautiful ! I can cry when i listen that ! Pictures of little girls are amzing, I love.


Roser Lou said...


Roser Lou said...


Justina said...

Tavi, I have just seen proof you actually read these comments :) I am a big fan! And yes, I would say your advertising is effective :P
I sent you an email a while back, and I was just wondering if you ever had the time to read it :)

And these pictures?? AH-MAHZING! :) Where do you find these??


Justina said...

OH, and can you please tell me where that second photo is from/who it is?

caroline rosalie said...

this stevie song would complement these photos well

Eda said...

some pics are little bit creepy.
but cool and unique. :)


Can I Be U? said...

It's posts like this that make me soooo excited for your and Jane's magazine!

Novateur Blog said...

What a wonderful collection of images

Carys said...

The first image, along with some of the others, reminds me a lot of the photoshoot entitled 'Babes.' in the new issue of Russh (Feb/March2011). I bought it today and haven't read a lot of it yet but looks pretty good. You should try and check it out.

Bianca said...

fotos lindas!

mike said...

"I have troubles today that I did not have yesterday, I had troubles yesterday that I have not today" George C. Tilyou 1907, owner of Steeplechase Park on Coney Island, Brooklyn by the sea.

Don't forget to look at life from both sides. I hope you are weathering this latest storm OK.

cobra said...

I thought you were genius before, but the fact that you just referenced CAROLE KING takes you to heights unknown. Keep it coming, Tavi, it's incredible to watch.

LadyNoir said...

ahahahha cool

visit my blog:

Livy Magee said...

the last picture looked like the girl on the left was smelling her hair. hahaha

Mixed Feelings said...

Beauty You always put things that i really love
greetings from greece

Unknown said...


my blog)

Allison Stuart said...

Tavi -
your unknown pic of the two little girls in the field is from a volcano that erupted some almost 20 years ago....i don't remember the particulars, but when i was a kid, i remember reading about it in my history book....and being completely haunted by that photograph. the volcano gave off a poisonous gas - as all volcanos do - so lots of people suffocated to death. but the caption under that picture said that the little girls were sisters, and that the older sister was trying to cover the younger sister's mouth, to keep her from breathing the gas. they believe she suffocated while trying to save her sister.

bittersweetly haunting, no?

Unknown said...

OMG, Tavi You are an Old Soul. My goodness sister, You are Amazing! Keep it up..You are a Very special girl..

Laura Frances said...

I actually own Seventeen on vinyl.

lulu said...

you are so sweet and crazy. look here, i love joni too <3<3<3<3<3

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