can't touch this

Now for the highly anticipated newz. You all thought I was interviewed by Vogue or something, but this is much better by 20 billion times to the max times 300. And by "you all" I mean Stylish Wanderer. Have you lost your mind, crazy lady?

Anyways, you know me. I love presents. I love clothes. I love my wife. The other night when I had a sleepover with Stephanie's sister, Steph gave me some stuff Belle gave her to give me when they met up in New York. It feels like Christmas! I don't exactly know what Christmas feels like since I'm Jewish, but everyone says it's supposed to be real fun and you get presents, so I guess this works. Plus Belle is somewhat similar to this fat old man with a beard everyone talks about so....gosh, where are all these insults towards Belle coming from? I've been IM-ing with Ben wayyyy too much. Ben, you are a bad influence. And you stole Hot Lookbook Guy.Ignore my slightly black eye in the above picture, you'll see what that's about later (no injuries, I promise!) You're supposed to be reading my beautiful sign anyways. Unless you are an OUTCAST. In which case, I SHUN YOU.

Gray grunge-ish sweatshirt thingy, green and white striped sweater, and floral jeans. I am the happiest man in the world right now.Today and Saturday I wore the floral jeans, can't get enough. They're surprisingly versatile, and very fun to experiment with. I love having a piece like that, one that is very unique and striking but you have many opportunities to wear it and can still match it with other crazy one-of-a-kind stuff. ENDLESS possibilities. I chose to wear the Mozart shirt because it somehow reminded me of her Three Stooges one. Because, you know, musical prodigy just SCREAMS fat balding guys doing slapstick. Don't ask, I was tired.shirt and braided belt, sister's. cardigan, target. pants, jesus.
<3 thank you Belle!