can't touch this

Now for the highly anticipated newz. You all thought I was interviewed by Vogue or something, but this is much better by 20 billion times to the max times 300. And by "you all" I mean Stylish Wanderer. Have you lost your mind, crazy lady?

Anyways, you know me. I love presents. I love clothes. I love my wife. The other night when I had a sleepover with Stephanie's sister, Steph gave me some stuff Belle gave her to give me when they met up in New York. It feels like Christmas! I don't exactly know what Christmas feels like since I'm Jewish, but everyone says it's supposed to be real fun and you get presents, so I guess this works. Plus Belle is somewhat similar to this fat old man with a beard everyone talks about so....gosh, where are all these insults towards Belle coming from? I've been IM-ing with Ben wayyyy too much. Ben, you are a bad influence. And you stole Hot Lookbook Guy.Ignore my slightly black eye in the above picture, you'll see what that's about later (no injuries, I promise!) You're supposed to be reading my beautiful sign anyways. Unless you are an OUTCAST. In which case, I SHUN YOU.

Gray grunge-ish sweatshirt thingy, green and white striped sweater, and floral jeans. I am the happiest man in the world right now.Today and Saturday I wore the floral jeans, can't get enough. They're surprisingly versatile, and very fun to experiment with. I love having a piece like that, one that is very unique and striking but you have many opportunities to wear it and can still match it with other crazy one-of-a-kind stuff. ENDLESS possibilities. I chose to wear the Mozart shirt because it somehow reminded me of her Three Stooges one. Because, you know, musical prodigy just SCREAMS fat balding guys doing slapstick. Don't ask, I was tired.shirt and braided belt, sister's. cardigan, target. pants, jesus.
<3 thank you Belle!


Unknown said...

Hahah I love you too. Man I bet all our readers are tired of hearing us talk about each other.



Anonymous said...

Oh and Belle really need to get a room or something, geez.....just kidding. I'm bitter because I don't have floral jeans which I never realized how much I wanted til now.

And, see, now all the Chicago bloggers have met Belle in some way. Man, there is something in the water here that causes obsessions with asians

Tavi said...

Yes Belle, they are sick of it, like Maddy here, BUT YOU KNOW YOU LOVE US. Especially all the adults who think we are fashion fetuses, they probably think it's cute. I bet this is prompting everyone to find good blog buddies as we have. Look at us, we're trend setters!

Maddy-I haven't actually technically met her...but actually technically, I have. Kinda. Oh well, our mutual love of Tao is too strong, real contact is not needed. Heh, nice Chicago blog observation, you observer! We still need to meet up btw. The fact that we shop at the same stores and have never actually ran into each other irks me.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

EEEK. TOO LUCKY! You remind me of a duck! (lucky duck, yeah. Im fanciful that way)

Really really want your jeans and your chicago connections!

Yikes!!!! Im Irking from all the jealousy coursing through my bod, you should cringe too.

Ok shutting up. Congrats Tavi!

~The Stylish Wanderer

Erin said...

Sweeeeeet. I desperately want to see an outfit using that green and white striped sweater. :D

Karafina said...

i know you must here this like all the time, but damn, your so cute. and hilarious. i cant stand it.!

VanessaFromMilan said...

i really like your blog...and i added your blog of mine...!

Hannah said...

That is awesome. Haha wow those floral jeans are lovely. Amazing. Splendid. Whatever I'm trying to say.

keira antoia rose said...

I love the floral jeans. Mozart tee is da bomb. And Moulin Rouge soundtrack makes me happy.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

sophie said...

Those jeans...AHHH
Those are so. cool.

emily said...

shitake mushrooms those jeans. i wouldn't wear, but i still LOVE.

Erojoy said...

haha you are so cute its unbelievable. i mean you have some serious style. very kick ass. keep it up tavi!

luceeey said...

those trousers are pretty ledgendary (is that how you spell it ;'D) thats some amazing style AND i love you aren't afraid to stand out. LOVE ITTT.

Hazel said...

AH. the floral jeans are amaziiiing! where'd she get all this? thrifted?

fly like paper said...

your blog is great! do u want to exchange links?

Simply Me said...

I adore everything about you and i especially adore that fact that you can pull off floer print pants. amazing

Anonymous said...

his name is achilles ion gabriel I. you little tool.and I did not steal him, you just came late for our careful scheme. I TOOK A BUS TO CHICAGO BITCH. no such thing as iming me to much, I'm great *nerveous laughter*. btw, get on HE POSTED TWO NEW LOOKS

Unknown said...

Yes, I thrifted everything I sent her. =P


fly like paper said...

im in love with those floral pants!

Anonymous said...

once at christmas i found all the presents for me and my four sisters. my mom had got us all floral jeans. i switched the wrapping so that i got three pairs and two sisters got none. HA! that was mean. i had forgotten all about it until this post. i should do something nice for them. like buy them new floral jeans!

chicago. yes! go cubs go!!!!!

fashionslacker said...

wow. now I really want a mozart tee. damn. those floral jeans are too cool though!

Cakemaster said...

damnnn loving the floral pantalones.
@mollycake: You definitely should make up for that! I would say you are a horrible sister, but who am I to judge? I've got two younger sisters too and they are little buggers -_-

Cakemaster said...

but i'd never steal xmas presents from them LOL

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

lucky girl! i can't wait to see you incorporate these looks into some outfits for cold weather.

Zoƫ said...

dont start calling Belle jesus again
it will get her ego out of this world!

(lmao, i called her that to annoy her in school last year)

Anonymous said...

ugh i want that Mozart shiiiirt!

elysia mann said...

that's so super duper exciting! i love getting packages when you aren't expecting them!

Anonymous said...

well, aren't you a lucky duck. since i actually had to haul that package around with belle, i will grandfather myself into that thank you. not the marrige though- i don't beleive in polygamy.

ah, i remember when she showed up with that package i though it was my birthday present... then she was like" get your dirty hands off it, this is for my woman!" or something of that vain.

Anonymous said...

did you hear?? Fred flare has harry potter glasses! Oh sweet jesus thank you.

Tavi said...

ben- NEW LOOKS??? I must see soon. God he's fantastic. AND BELONGS TO GASTON.

zoe-There was a time when Belle's ego was not as huge as it is now? Wow! xD I kid, I kid.

abigail-Haha, thanks to you too, grandfather. Can I call you The Grandfather? Wait, shit, no, I'm thinking of the Godfather. Nevermind. Gosh I'm so ridiculously cultured it aches.

chessie-harry potter? Sweet! I don't think I'll be buying them since they are a very easy thrift find, and not worth the shipping, but sweeeeeet.

Rebecca Jane said...

those floral jeans are something else - but you'll definitely be able to wear them lots of ways - shall be interesting to see! fabulously fun photos by the way!

Isa said...

I love those pants ! You are so cute and I love your hair !

Unknown said...

Im going to count how many times people say you're cute and mug an old lady that amount. Buahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Jew, gtfo the present. You didn't wrap it, thrift it, you just hung out with it! Loser. D< booooo

Shady Alley said...

TAVI I was so sad when youre blog was private the other day. im soooo glad you didnt cut us off from your crazy mind!

June said...

love the drawings...=) great.

Ade Adeyemi said...

this made me smile... luv the pics... luv ur blog. Its so retro... vpnr

Unknown said...

How great, congrats! You're adorable!

Unknown said...

tavi, after reading about your blog in the NYT style blog, as well as through colleagues where i work, i just have to say i am constantly impressed by your foresight, creativity and irreverance. you are half my age, yet twice as smart it would seem! if you're every interested in reading something in an entirely different field, check out my blog,


meliindaa. said...

you are too cutee haha

terren said...

I WANT FLORAL JEANS! ahh super cute.

Jillian Hobbs said...

tavi BB how are you!!!??
long time no talk!

seems as if you're doing quite well and looking wonderful as always!

keep that playful spirit!
miss u!

Anna Shapiro said...

the jeans are amazing

im jewish too...


Isabel said...

Floral jeans? HELLZ YES. That's all have to say. Other than that I'm half jewish, so I get Christmas and Hannukkah. Yessssss.

Tavi said...

Jillian! What's the deal with that? We need to have fashiony discussions now. Meh. I heart you <3

isabel-LUCKY. Hot dog. Well, I'm also Norwegian, so we get Jul which is similar to Christmas only EUROPEAN-er. HA.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I love your floral pants--and how they're from "Jesus!" Talk about spiritual gifts...

Blake said...

Hi Tavi!
You pretty much inspired me to dress up in my ma's old floral pants today, as well as the fact that their henry holland likeness was just to amazing...
but anyway I started my own blog.. so it'll be awesome if you could check it out... I promise that it'll have some (I'm pretty much obssesed) House of holland stuff that is derived from your closet.. and what I wish was mine..
love B.L.A.K.E

M said...

long time glancer, first time commenter.
when i read these entries, i assume you're a fragment of imagination. Are you actually a 35 year old man sitting at home making up a girl in 7th grade, pictures are from next door neighbor's daughter, while you guys have tea time, the man takes pictures and claims to be himself.
None of this is said offensively, because I find you too witty to be in grade 7.
I don't remember what I was like in grade 7.

Tavi said...

No, I'm not. 7th grade isn't as young as you think, and I'm a little shocked that you don't think middle schoolers are capable of doing something not even particularly notable. What I'm doing here isn't especially great, and I know tons of kids my age and younger that could do the same thing if they felt like it. One kid at my old school even published a book! I'm not one to tell anyone what to do, but open your mind a'd be surprised at what "kids these days" can do...

NY Mag questioned my age and capabilities months ago, if you feel like searching my archives you can see the post.
You can also stop reading my blog if you want. Your decision has no affect on me.

Ina Seb said...

wtf!?!?! when i was in 7th grade, i knew A TON of witty people. its not THAT hard to be witty(Hello, sarcasm?!) especially when some kids(like me)couldnt work the tv and ended up reading the dictionary for kicks. My love for tavi's insane style and witty writing borders on idol worship!! haha! (well, not entirely but pretty close). You kick our asses tavi! well done!

Ina Seb said...

i know that comment was insanely redundant and probably didnt even make sense. But its just so irritating that some people think young people cant be smart, witty and funny. they are SAD people

Susie Bubble said...

If I could buy you the HoH for Levis 501 jeans in your size and send them to you... I'd love them!

Tavi said...

I saw those, they're awesome!

deko and posh said...

You go girl. I read the comment from Emma!!! SUP!! Hey wanted to know if you wanted to write a Column on Fashion on our blog or if you might know someone who does. We are looking for a Fashion Column Writer now! Let us know, if not that is ok. Love the pics.

L8R...Posh from Deko and Posh

Tavi said...

Hey Deko and Posh! As much as I would love to, I'm pretty preoccupied right now right tons of other projects. I'm sure there's a willing fashionista in my links :) Thanks!

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