anger ventage

Dear 8th graders,
I know you're older than me. I know you had to go through 1 year more year of idiot teachers, disgusting stationary bikes in the fitness room, smelly locker bays, and social trauma than we 7th graders have. I know you're taller than me, and I know you could beat me up with a mere poke of the finger. But honestly? Just because you're a year older than some of us doesn't mean you're as "better" (whatever that is supposed to mean) than us as you think. In the long run, age is just a number. You might be older than us, but the few months you're older than us by could've been spent staring at a wall. And that doesn't make you that much smarter, does it? So I know you have all this middle school anger because your Uggs got dirty, or your bangs didn't part right this morning, or Okker broke up with you for the millionth time, but please don't take out your pissiness and tickedoffiness on us.
I know you like to mutter things under your breath about how funny we think we are, or about how smart we thing you are, or how stupid we really are, but let's face it: the current 9th graders said the same things about you, and it got under your skin as well. You were just as wisecracking and smart alek-y as us, granted, some of you still are, but keep that in mind.
So no, Carrie, I will not give you my pencil because you were too busy talking about which bra to buy. And no, Girl with the Glasses, I will not risk getting a detention so you can get to 7th period because you were too busy trying to impress guys with your horrific rendition of Elton John's The Gods Love Nubia from the hit musical Aida and are running a bit late. And no, Girl Who's Name I think is Olivia, I will not give you my homework so you make honor roll and finally get your 3rd iPod because your nano doesn't hold enough room for your Miley Cyrus "7 Things" video. And no, Gabe, I will not round up a group of kids for you to trick into saying that they're gay. Funny? No. Idiotic and insulting? Yes!
Stop pretending that we'll risk important things to do you a bunch of favor flaves because you're older.
Okay patronizing and ridiculously condescending people that are 3 inches taller than me and older by 67 days? Okay.
Tavi (the "short as hell" one)