fall vibes part 1

I've been putting together notes on my FALL VIBES, because for some reason it gives me a great deal of satisfaction for it all to be organized, and because I didn't realize til trying to explain it just now that I am just a huge huge nerd. These are the things that determine how I dress and take photos and maybe even act (which is probably not very healthy) according to the season. I don't know why it matters so much to me, I think because I get really nostalgic, and it's nice to have memories that feel like perfectly composed photographs. Like, it's really disorienting to think that I first watched Twin Peaks in the spring! Also when all the sounds and smells and looks of things fit together nicely it feels like synesthesia and I feel more alive and everything feels special.

Also, everything in all of these posts were very much on the brain when we were working on September for Rookie. DO YOU READ IT? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD! If you like reading my blog, then here are a few things I wrote for Rookie that you might also like reading: editor's letter, how to get over girl hate, a birthday tribute, bullying, and an interview with Aubrey Plaza. You should look at what everyone else wrote too, though! You will not be disappointed.

Today we start with the suburbs part.
Blue Velvet

Desperate Housewives

Stepford Wives

Girls by Valerie Phillips

Life is Life


Twin Peaks
The most important one, along with River's Edge. I am reusing old screencaps I have of it because getting all the details that make it so perfect would require capping the entire series (minus half of season 2, sigh).

River's Edge
I hadn't seen it in a while when I wrote the notes for it, so screencapping it I was reminded of all the flannel and red cars and whatnot that I left out above. It's about a guy who kills his girlfriend, seemingly only because he suddenly finds himself with the power to, and shows off the body to his friends, whose reactions vary from indifferent to indifferent with a hint of guilt. It's really disturbing, rewatching it to screencap it kind of bummed me out and I ended up taking a really long nap. Wahh wahhhhh. Crispin Glover manages to both have the worst haircut in the world and be really cute, and Dennis Hopper plays the most Dennis Hopper-y of characters. It's like a more explicitly dark Twin Peaks, vibes-wise.

I don't have much to write about any of these, except River's Edge, because it's all in real live handwriting above! Maybe the future of blogging is WRITING THINGS ON PAPER?! Speaking of such a pressing topic, I was interviewed by Audie Cornish for NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday about Rookie and other things and you can listen to it here.


Mr kane said...

Cool post!


Paris W said...

You know, you're absolutely amazing! I adore your blog.


Mana said...

I love your handwriting! And I'm definately re-watching all of these before fall comes. Oh wait. We're almost in october? Gosh I have to hurry up.

Tori said...

Lovely inspiration photos:)

Kailey said...

Blue Velvet is one of my favorite movies ~of all time~ - gorgeous stills! Whoop David Lynch ^^

Also how lovely is St. Vincent? *___*

SWK said...

Looks like I have some catching up to do on my movies... :) You're so cute!

inkarlcerating said...


vghjbk said...

HS! We have the same age! OMG, and u're so famous, and ur blog is so awesome ♥ Loving draws, xx!

Larissa Blintz said...

so many screencaps!!
i really really want to see River's Edge now!


Unknown said...

Why have I not seen River's Edge? It looks and sounds like something I would dig. So thanks for the recommendation! And I love all your little illustrations on the Twin Peaks page.

We Love Daisy said...

you have amazing hand writing! and your views on life and other shit is amazing!!! you're forever inspiring me.

lisa cole said...

relevant suburb inspirations:


Laura Morrigan said...

I am addicted to nostalgia! I watch movies and series again to create the feeling I got when I first watched it! I love series from the 90s and the way people dressed and the life back then, it seemed more free and individual. I love love love the original movie of The Stepford Wives! I checked out Rookie magazine, and, although I'm not in school anymore it totally resonated with me. Very inspiring, and I think it will really help people!

If you ever get the time (and it's ok if you don't, cause I can tell you are very busy with the mag and school) I'd love for you to check my blogs out sometime. I'm just starting out, and you are a big inspiration. you are totally the kind of girl I wish I had known in school!


Laura Morrigan said...

When I said Stepford wives, I meant the original movie you have the poster for in the post. The new one ruins the point with a happy ending. The original movie is amazing!

Raymond Suny said...

I watched twin peaks and it was AWESOME

in dreams said...

waaah i had no idea anyone else had even SEEN river's edge!! isn't it awesome!? i keep trying to explain its awesomeness to people - and watch it on VHS with them! - but no one really gets it...especially when i get to the keanu reeves part of it. sighhh. anyway! glad i have a soul-sistah in the b-80s-drama-horror-movie luvin. :)

thwany said...

keep on creating.

Joy said...

Super duper post! I loved your interview on NPR!

Autumn Trillium said...

OH MY GOD how did i miss hearing you on NPR? My life is RUINED!!! No it's okay because I can listen to it on the internet. But it would have been so much cooler if I was just listenin to the radio and washing my dishes, like I so often do and the BAM TAVI GEVINSON! well anyways, congratulations c:

Jessamyn Read said...

Your handwriting is so nice and I love all of those film, such a quirky blog!xx

sandy-Tsai said...

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Coco said...

river's edge also has the best line of all time... "grab your nunchucks and your dad's car, i know where we can find a gun."

Jurgita Dileviciute said...

tavi u r amazing, ur blog is an inspiration library!

Lo que lleve la rubia said...

great pics!!!!


zoomslow said...

- So much of your writing and drawing! Thank you, Tavi <3

- But it's not just the visual aspect of the writing and drawing that I love here. I’m also really impressed by the content. I think it's great how you've set out your points of inspiration. I should do a lot more of this, because I think that by doing it, not only are you left with a reference, but I also think you kind of create building blocks in your brain that you can move around and add to at any point in the future.

- suburbs/small town/industrial town <3:-)

- That quote you have for Twin Peaks, I wonder if it was being referenced in Mean Girls, where it's suggested that someone’s hair is full of secrets? :-)

- The screencap of the girl leaning over the basin reminded me of Jan Svankmajer’s version of “Alice”. Please have a look if you haven’t already.

- I like saying ‘vibes-wise’?

Elise. said...

really good way to organize everything ;) makefashionoracle.blogspot.com

A.A. said...

Great post! Isn't fall wonderful!


Anonymous said...

hey i don't know why i never thought of this but i just wanted to mention this series of chick lit i used to read when i was in early hs/maybe late middle school. it's the jessica darling series by megan mccafferty and i really urge you to check it out; i think you'd really enjoy it, it's so appropriate for rookie mag, too...basically the protagonist is this girl who doesn't really fit into the crowd cause she's really bright and not mainstream, etc, etc, etc. well there's a love interest who's totally dreamy as well, it follows her from hs to college and i think beyond... either way the first 3 books were fantastic ... here's a url:
p.s. ah and if it helps boost my legitimacy any, in case you're wary of taking this absurd lit suggestion, i now read mostly classics/modern classics :P

Julia said...




Unknown said...

great post!



Sonia said...

Dear Tavi, you changed the way how I´m looking at the world. Thanks for it. I´m very happy, when you post something, every word you write is perfect. Every picture you upload is so interesting. I love you blog.. I know, everybody here tells it to you every day. Never mind. Thanks for your blog, never stop posting, please.

xxx from Slovakia (in Europe:D) Sonia. <3

Anonymous said...

I really like these films, programmes and stuff. I havent watched most of them but i reallly want to :)


alexis said...

You know Tim is the brother from Teen Witch. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE PERSON.
and i really am enamored by crispin glover, mullet or not.
what lovely taste in film and shows you have!

Mihaela said...


my blog♥mfashionfreak

Liina said...

I never got why girls thought Keanu Reeves was hot until I saw River's Edge. Not that I really thought he was hot, but I could understand it.

Claire said...

These are definitely the most perfect fall vibes ever! Ugh, so on point with what I've been feeling for fall!
Also, rookie is AMAZING. All caps is necessary. It's perfection.

damali said...

i definitely think it's worth watching both Stepford movies...the first is closer to the book with overall creepiness but the second one is more of a comedy and laughs at itself, which is nice.

Lydia Armstrong said...

Your NPR interview was really interesting to listen to. It's awesome to hear audio or see videos of my favorite bloggers because I piece together an image of you in my mind based on your posts, but to add a voice to it is really cool. Congrats, you're doing so many awesome things.

Also I love how much you get into your vibes and themes for dressing. That to me is the inspirational part.

Vinyl and Velvet said...

I totally feel this!!

ming said...

ahhhh i think the biggest packing mistake i made this year was not bringing my twin peaks gold box with me. otherwise, i would be screencapping the shit out of every episode right now.

fun fact: laura palmer was murdered the exact day/year that i was born


Meagan Hyland said...

The more I read your blog the more I realise I am not the only one who creates themes for each days outfit from watching tv shows. For example today m outfit is inspired by Amy Pond from Doctor Who.


Lola, bye! said...

Love this post, awesome! I'm following, hope we can follow each other :)


O said...

Thank you for a great post! You just visualized what I was thinking. The beauty of life in the suburbs<3


Lou Walker said...

It may be time I watched twin peaks. Or Heathers. Or any of the delicious looking weirdness you put up x

EmK said...

Reading your blog makes me want to ask... Tavi... can you... uhm... move to Canada for me...?

No for real, your blog is seriously spectacular and clearly it's creepy that I asked that.

Constance Smith said...

This was a bit phoned in of you but usually i like you.

you didnt do much but copy and paste and write the same stuff twice.
i like it better when u take your own photos.
just sayin.
someones got to have a bit of critique instead of the general full on ass kissing as usual.

Rachael said...

have you heard of Darwin Deez? I think you'd like his songs :) like the post also!xx


Alguien said...

Hi! We once made a collection based on the Stepford Wives, EXCELENT book.
:D Here we have some pics:



Jisu Jung said...

It's cool! i'm always look forword your handwrite post! i love faaalllll:)
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Raquel said...

I love your blog!

yuhsims said...

I love your vintage photos.

Krystyna Jack said...

Thanks for this post, Tavi! I'd never heard of The River's Edge, but then I saw Josh Richman in the caps and now I HAVE to see it... He was so freakin great in 21 Jump Street, second season, as Ronnie Sebock! I totally fell in love with him.

Unknown said...

Very cool blog!
Thank you, love the photographs!


gwen said...

WOW. I LOVE these vibes. they are just perfect. and I also LOVE rookie mag. It is also just perfect.

Love, GWEN

Mobius said...

I really have to rent all the season and rewatch it, you made feel like seeing it all !!


Heroika Magazine said...

learning things is always so unusual cause your vision is different ( or maybe too much in the classic way which makes it different ), love the pics


William Brower said...

oh my god, st. vincent's new video/album... i've been obsessed with the cruel video since august! you have great taste.

Love the Lynch vibes as always

lanegret said...

I'm so loving your own fall vibes, now you HAVE to see the Stepford Wives latest film version x

DSTONE Magazine said...

Nice Post!


Hannah said...

For some reason I kept reading this as "FAIL VIBES."

Anonymous said...

ur always so.....intelligently honest. I love it so much. xo from Canada.

frantastic said...

Amazing post, so much thought and detail! I especially loved the Life is Life video, thanks for your great inspiration!

mike said...

wait,wait,don't tell me..... there's more! great stuff.

SK said...

Wicked post, great inspiration for Fall


Pedro said...

Great blog! check out mine : http://onlyforfashions.blogspot.com/
When I was last London Fashion Week season at the Burberry Prorsum fashion show

Clairedontcare said...

I love love Twin Peaks and Noah and the Whale and St. Vincent/ I cant wait to see Rivers Edge.
I really liked this post because I LOVE FALL

http://indiespiritt.blogspot.com/ said...

God, I hope my little sister grow up to be just like you!!!

vn said...

thanks for reminding me I need to watch
River's edge - ages since I've seen it
I have a red/black shirt just like that!
love noah and the whale


Kadie Grimes said...

i love it. i know this is completely random, but as someone obsessed with journals and notebooks, i was wondering what kind of notebook you used.

love from ak

Anonymous said...

Hi Tavi , my name's is maria . I follow your blog for one year now , and I never though about posting a comment . So , let's comment ...
You're a teenager like me , I'm 17 , and you love fashion . When I saw you few years ago in a magazine , I was like :" okay , she's 13 , and everybody loves her ? Don't understand !! " I didn't like your grey hair , I didn't found you appealing like all people used to say ... But I went to your blog , because i'm curious , and I started to read all your post ... without a mistake , and you were writing like a mature women . I was .. shocked , yes , shocked . I never though I'll find such a lovely girl , behind all these clothes ... And I really love your personality . You're so cute , now I understand why people find you so appealing :) But I didn't follow you so much these last month ... You know , school , homework ... And I returned on your blog like ... 2 weeks ago ! i saw you're redhead , like me , I did my redhead hair like one month ago ! Haha , I really love red hair ( you're know , not ginger , but beautiful red , without being so red ... hard to explain ) I have the same color as you I think . And I saw you have a TUMBLR yay !!! I have a few friends who have a TUMBLR , but not most of it , and you have one , that's so funny ! I really love TUMBLR , it's like another world .... ( I'm sure you understand what I'm meaning ) . So . Sorry to tell you all my life ; And then , I love your personality , you're such a cute person , you have your own style , and I love it . I like to have clothes that nobody wear , but , you know , it's hard ... I love going to vintage stores , to look on internet ... But finally , I look normally . I hate being like the others , to look like the others , I'm feeling so uncomfortable , but sometimes , you have no choice ....
So , I'll stop here , because I talked too much , sorry for that . I hope you'll have a great day :) And I don't know if you're going to read my ( long ) message , but I hope you will ! So ... bye-bye tavi !

@lea said...

einfach nur gruselig....
die pics kommen bei mir statt "inspirering" eher psycho rüber....
Täusche ich mich!?
Die wahre Mode gibts für mich auf jeden Fall bei FASHIONWHIT.
Wer Fashion's Pics liebt, sollte dahin wechseln.....;-*

Für mehr von mir, klick hier ;-*



WriterInTheRun. said...

Hahahaha this post is amazing, love it!!!

Keep up the good work!

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Sarah said...

I just found this blog, and I must say, from a fellow 15-yr old's point of view, it is nice to see that other people my age care about fashion, and making a statement that they have the energy to post it on the web. Good job!

Dongaala said...

Just letting you know that you are amazing.... :)


Belle said...

hey that was cool see my blog at bellesbrilliantblog

Bas said...

I miss you on here Tavi. I love your cynacism. I only know one other person who gets the world the way you do. Word


@lea said...

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blog, called "stil.werk"...
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cancercowboy said...

woah, too much input to process properly at one bite. DLing River's Edge for starters ^__^

LaMalinxe said...

nice! just missed on of the best suburbs the film industrie has given, i talk about edward scissorhand's!!..let me guess, already done that article..anyway, i only posted cos i felt like writing on your blog

forgive my english, love and good vibes from Spain (yes, europe, not south america...you people)

Anonymous said...

First time posting a comment on your blog. I love all your inspiration lists. Wonder where American Beauty was for this list!

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