fall vibes part 2

Slowly but surely, more fall vibes!
1. Grease

2. Bye Bye Birdie
I watched this ALL THE TIME when I was little and I took a break for years and when I rewatched a couple weeks ago all the lines were still popping into my head as they said them. When I have kids I am going to show them Bye Bye Birdie all the time so I can make them perform it for me whenever I damn well please! It'll be like a talking and breathing Netflix Instant, whose poop I have to clean up. Actually, that sounds way less fun that actual Netflix Instant. I'm going to raise my children in a vacuum so they never talk, ever.
Spencer's mom once told me during one of our showtunes singing sessions that they filmed the closing one like a year after the first, which is why Ann-Margaret's voice is so much less whiny, and that the director had to make it on his own money because the producers didn't think it was a good idea, then once he showed it to them they were like OMG you're so right here's the money you spent on this! And then Janet Leigh was SO PISSED because in the stage version Rosie is the star, not Kim. ZOMG hot gossip from 50 years ago!!!!!!

The whole movie is pretty and weird, but the Telephone Hour is the BEST. Kim MacAfee and Hugo Peabody get pinned and all of a sudden Sweet Apple, Ohio is like, a HUGE CITY full of HOT GOSSIP FROM 50 YEARS AGO.
Plus I love how obviously like, 25 Ann-Margaret is in this, while Ursula plays the twerpy little 16 year old she really is. This song was so misleading.

3. The Outsiders

4. Cry-Baby

5. Female Trouble

6. Alfred Hitchcock

7. Alex Prager
The girl on the left looks like the girl in Telephone Hour.

8. Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills

9. Hunx and his Punx

10. "Our Deal"
Best Coast is normally reserved for summer, but this video fits fall. For some reason the video buffers weird and I have not the patience for weird buffering, nor do I feel indifference towards carpal tunnel, so I didn't screencap it. You just have to WATCH it instead. Life is hard, kids! Welcome to the real world!
(Chloe Moretz would be the perfect best friend because she would totally kick the ass of anyone who is annoying you or, I don't know, killing your other friend in a gang fight.)
Lastly, do you like candy? Do you like Parks and Recreation? Amy Poehler? Aubrey Plaza? Rashida Jones? Chris Pratt's breathing? Because they made us a really sweet video at Rookie. It is here! Also, I wrote my editor's letter for October, styled a shoot of angsty yearbook photos, wrote about first encounters with the male gaze, and, under my pseudonym Chill McChillson, tips on middle skool d@t!ng.


Hazel said...

YESSSSSSSS ALL OF THIS! Love it love it love it. I can't believe I wasn't a teen in the late 1950's early 60's, fashion wise of course (the whole world sucked except for the clothes.) And Female Trouble is just too good. Also, Grease's "Beauty School Dropout" scene is one of my favorite movie musical scenes EVAH. Pink hair!

Heather said...

You're killing me with this little list. Cherry in the Outsiders and Tippi Hedren and Dawn Davenport and Divine and, sheesh, it's just a lot. And so, so good.

Jamie Keiles said...


EmK said...

Ffff now these I know I've seen. AND GREASE ugh I haven't watched that movie in such a long time! JAZZERCISE this post has a lot!

Mana said...

sometimes I fantasize about meeting you because you are truly that radest person of my age.

Lia said...

love love love!

and all guys need to start wearing super bright socks.

Glass of Fashion

Ama B. said...

You're interesting as always! :)
How many teens love this type of stuff, you, me, and a few others! lolz

Anyone should feel free to check out my writing blog!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I was raised watching these movies and wish I could raise my kids to re-enact the scenes...although at the same time...not so much. I just imagine tantrums and me turning into a crazed stage mom...But none the less LOVE all these movies and your choice of stills.

TELL YA WHAT said...

ANN-MARGARET, WHAT A BABE! So goood, although I more imagine forcing my kids to perform Sound of Music and the Labyrinth. And I gotta say, Cry Baby made me sick to my stomach when I watched as a young teen. Something about the voices and the faces, I swore off John Waters for a long time, but your stills of it are easy on the eyes (and belly). Perhaps, I am a little PG, PG-13 at times, unless its French, then all censor gloves are off.

Elizabeth said...

Oh man, I have to say hate that opening Bye Bye Birdie sequence but love so much the Telephone Hour. How does everyone know so instantaneously? Imagine if they had the internet!

Love you blog, and I'm 22!

-E, House of Guise

k said...

ahh, amazing inspirations! all the colours! now i need baby bangs.

i wish i could be in a gang with chloe and alia. especially such a well dressed one.

Captain Annie said...

The first ten minutes of Female Trouble is the best ten minutes in cinema history. Cha cha heels! Nicely done.

KARLITO said...

TAVI, HOW DARE! omg You like tapped into my feelings for the Fall EXACTLY. Ughh, I'm totally busting out my 50's-esue garb asap.

Gloria Mejia said...

I love it Tavi!!! great post It brings me a lot of memories ! one of my fav!

Jessamyn Read said...

If I could have lived in the 50's my life would have been perfect!xx

Anne said...

great inspirations!

Laura Morrigan said...

how exciting! thanks for posting this! the first fall vibes one was so inspiring to me! Crybaby and the Outsiders are two of my favourite films ever!


Aloysia Adinda Nareswari said...

Hi, tavi! I like your blog so much! Why you have so many idea to write something? Btw, this is one of my favorite post that you made ;)


thwany said...

i've never heard of "Female Trouble" before, but it looks fun!

skadiida said...

i love such films and of course i know the most of them but some are new for me. thank you for the hint! (:



Sunshine said...

So right on all counts.

Anna W. said...

Dear Tavi,

You've got a lovely blog. It's nice that you use pictures from my magazine.

All the best,
Anna W.

Jule said...

I LOVE Cry Baby, aaaww Johnny Depp *__*
I love the insperations!

Ophelia said...

Loving the list!


Anonymous said...

i love this post ;)



Álvaro said...

wow , what a great research. I love Cry Baby too. This films are so inspirational ;)

I Love Melita said...

i haven't seen cry baby!!!! ooohhhOOHHH!!! though GREASE is one of my fav movies!! great post and largeeee!! kisses from bilbao!

Mr kane said...

wow!!! love it all....
cool blog.


Anonymous said...

Love 60's fashion, great inspiration, Grease is a Perfect film for all the 60's fashion especially when looking at trends that are still around today!


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Nela Kliček said...
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Ry said...

Awesome post!!! I can't believe I wasn't a child of the fifties! :( (Well, other than the clothes it probably would have sucked, but still.)


Anonymous said...

i LOVE grease and i've heard bye bye birdy is really good, might watch that some time :) i'm not sure if you got my tweet but i was wondering if i could use one of your photos for my blog as i'm doing a "cool hair" post :) ox


love love love, so inspiring!


Rivkah Gevinson said...

haha he was breathing so heavily...it was soothing.

Agnes Deer said...

Absolutely amazing post! I love film based posts with stills and everything! :)


Unknown said...

Hmmm, I really love all this films. Perfect post.


Christina Catherine said...

Oh yeah...please tell me you've seen Welcome to the Dollhouse! I feel like it vibes really well with all this...

Lydia Armstrong said...

I've never heard of "Female Trouble" but it looks sort of amazing. I love these little inspiration lists you've been doing! I can't wait to see how you incorporate these into your wardrobe.


love love love!



Ruth said...

Hmmm, is it bad that I'd barely heard of Bye Bye Birdie before this? I guess it probably is...
Great post as per usual anyway - I particularly liked the picture of the girl with the coke beaker, her eyelashes are heartbreakingly perfect :)

zoomslow said...

I was never much of a one (other than Hitchcock) for this period’s: colours, style, hair, music, makeup etc. But as usual your powers of persuasion are proving too much! A Jedi mind trick? (The force is strong in you, Tavi.)

P.S Your writing and drawing make me very happy <33

Maxens M. Finch said...

I've been doing that for a while when watching stuffs on my computer: screencap-ing these scenes when characters are holding old/interesting telephones.
One day, I'll print them to make posters.
For now, I only have scenes from Whiz Kids' episodes, Wargames and Prêt-à-Porter, but I really *need* to see Bye Bye Birdie.
(awesome list for procrastinating but still feeling great in the moment!)

ashley said...

Let's bring ponytails back . . . I've already got those Sandy bangs (and hey! don't you?).

Been listening/watching that Best Coast video for days. HUGE inspiration right now.

@lea said...

just crazy....
zum teil wieder so abschreckend strange...aber diesmal hat es auch echt schöne bilder beinhaltet....i love! go on...!

für mehr von mir, hier:

LG, Lea ;-*

MariaK said...

I love your fall vibe part two post!i find it so interesting..

I you find the time please take a look at my blog: myonlyflove.blogspot.com

and tell me your opinion about it!

Jisu Jung said...

i love various girls's bang and hair! fresh!

Anonymous said...

this is like my fav post of all time! great job! keep going, ur amazing girl! :)


Claire said...

Well this might just as well be the best mood post I've ever seen.

Brittney said...

John and Johnny, both with greasy, slicked back hair. ;) You perpetually make me wish I were still in high school. It's just not right! Glad everything with RookieMag is goin' well. I love Amy and Rashida. Not sure who the other 2 are ... yet.

William Brower said...

nice girls don't wear cha cha heels... love divine/john waters

Anonymous said...

the leader of the Night Creepers is totally Maeby Funke

Julia said...



Anonymous said...

I love these things your doing and dont you think its so funny how in bye bye birdie she doesnt mind that her best friend is going to tell everybody

yuhsims said...

amazing post!!!!! thank you for share!!!!!!

yuhsims said...
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cancercowboy said...

mmh, you might enjoy Wild At Heart's outré, sarcastic take on this kind of style. and of course the early Todd Solondz.

Anonymous said...

Female Trouble will always be the best John Water movie, imo. Such great dark humor in it.

Have you seen American Graffiti and Wanderers yet? More 50s/early 60s nostalgia movies that you might enjoy : ).


Maialuna said...

I watched Bye Bye Birdie for the first time yesterday because of this. It was amazing. :D

batman said...

Amazing post! I love Greece, it's too amazing. Your screencaps are always amazing (:


Anonymous said...

Whoaaaa. Check this out, tavi. it''s about your cover on Lofficiel. love ay there. Super cool and TAAALLL// http://lestylewunderbar.blogspot.com/2011/10/style-rookie-strikes-again-lofficiel.html

Claudia said...

I'm totally gonna watch these movies, they seem so intersting! hahaha the telephone hour is brilliant


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You may be my movie soul-mate.
I am so inspired.
Thank you.

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nataliya said...

ok first of all i forgot how hot traci lords is...and second you are my hero! ghost world!


Anonymous said...

I think the Our Deal video is sorta stolen from this sweet little film.

Unknown said...

Tavi, this is pure coolness!!! I loved the pictures. I'm half norwegian!! Check out my blog :http://eyecandylife.blogspot.com/

Alina Hilton said...

Pretty :)

caitlin of wanderlustings said...

love all of this - ann margaret is such a babe. i even own the soundtrack to bye bye birdie on record <3

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