fall vibes part 2

Slowly but surely, more fall vibes!
1. Grease

2. Bye Bye Birdie
I watched this ALL THE TIME when I was little and I took a break for years and when I rewatched a couple weeks ago all the lines were still popping into my head as they said them. When I have kids I am going to show them Bye Bye Birdie all the time so I can make them perform it for me whenever I damn well please! It'll be like a talking and breathing Netflix Instant, whose poop I have to clean up. Actually, that sounds way less fun that actual Netflix Instant. I'm going to raise my children in a vacuum so they never talk, ever.
Spencer's mom once told me during one of our showtunes singing sessions that they filmed the closing one like a year after the first, which is why Ann-Margaret's voice is so much less whiny, and that the director had to make it on his own money because the producers didn't think it was a good idea, then once he showed it to them they were like OMG you're so right here's the money you spent on this! And then Janet Leigh was SO PISSED because in the stage version Rosie is the star, not Kim. ZOMG hot gossip from 50 years ago!!!!!!

The whole movie is pretty and weird, but the Telephone Hour is the BEST. Kim MacAfee and Hugo Peabody get pinned and all of a sudden Sweet Apple, Ohio is like, a HUGE CITY full of HOT GOSSIP FROM 50 YEARS AGO.
Plus I love how obviously like, 25 Ann-Margaret is in this, while Ursula plays the twerpy little 16 year old she really is. This song was so misleading.

3. The Outsiders

4. Cry-Baby

5. Female Trouble

6. Alfred Hitchcock

7. Alex Prager
The girl on the left looks like the girl in Telephone Hour.

8. Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills

9. Hunx and his Punx

10. "Our Deal"
Best Coast is normally reserved for summer, but this video fits fall. For some reason the video buffers weird and I have not the patience for weird buffering, nor do I feel indifference towards carpal tunnel, so I didn't screencap it. You just have to WATCH it instead. Life is hard, kids! Welcome to the real world!
(Chloe Moretz would be the perfect best friend because she would totally kick the ass of anyone who is annoying you or, I don't know, killing your other friend in a gang fight.)
Lastly, do you like candy? Do you like Parks and Recreation? Amy Poehler? Aubrey Plaza? Rashida Jones? Chris Pratt's breathing? Because they made us a really sweet video at Rookie. It is here! Also, I wrote my editor's letter for October, styled a shoot of angsty yearbook photos, wrote about first encounters with the male gaze, and, under my pseudonym Chill McChillson, tips on middle skool d@t!ng.