advanced style x the ace

It should come as no surprise that I am a fan of Advanced Style, as both a blog and concept, so I'm really excited about a party Ari Seth Cohen of AS and I will be hosting at the Ace Hotel tomorrow night. I can't recommend reading his blog enough, there are inspiring outfits and photos, but the best part is when the women Ari photographs talk about aging on both a personal and cultural level. John Waters says the only way to dress rebelliously nowadays seems to be to combat the frantic anti-aging attitude prevalent in so many magazines and in celebrity culture, and I suggest looking to these women for inspiration:
I often think about how delightful a tea party of some sort would be to have with a bunch such as this, and now it's actually happening! I'm looking forward to the cabaret portion especially. And if you haven't already watched Illona Royce Smithkin's video on Stylelikeu, I highly recommend that, as well.
I hate for everything on here to be about upcoming Fashion Week events but thankfully I'm enthusiastic about this little shindig and also think more people in general ought to see the photos above.


Flower said...

Love this post, the shapes and colours are so inspiring :)

Bla bla said...

How cool!!!

Kaiami said...

Holy jeebs these ladies are so cool. I need to make sure I grow up to be like that.

Lydia Armstrong said...

The woman in the yellow!! The woman in the plaid with the crazy black glasses!! OMG thank you for introducing me to this blog, I have found my source for fall inspiration.

Paris W said...

They're both immensely inspirational! In fact, they remind me of my mother...

Unknown said...

These women are divine!! :D

Åsa Konstantia Svensson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Åsa Konstantia Svensson said...

OMG these ladies are AMAZING! True inspiration!

The PvdH Journal said...

I love this blog actually- some incredibly real style going on there. The lady in yellow has been a long-time favourite photograph of mine.

Thanks for sharing this Tavi!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I love that site too! Awesome that you guys are co-hosting a party. :)

Bianca said...

That is literally one of my favorite blogs. I go out of my way to look like this everyday.

Peps said...

I'm loving their styles. Cool old ladies are my role models like my late grandmother. At her 80 years birthday party she had high heels, fake eyelashes, white curly hair and her jacket was made of black lace. She was always very stylish and she dressed up in totally unique way :)

Roberta Tonelli said...

The photos are great and looks are very inspiring! Unique and full of personality all these stylish people!
♥ ♥ ♥
Provocações da Beta

Claire said...

Ughh, Advance Style is SO great. Seriously. "Old" people have the best street style. :D

Hanna said...

i love the woman in yellow! I wish Id be just like her in 40 years time

Julia said...


Beatrice said...

these ladies are fantastic!:)

Angel said...

OMG I love it. I saw some of this in London and I wish there was more. These lades are inspirational in their self-confidence. The style is not something I'd go for myself but I love that they're so care free about it. BRAVO!

jessielovesthis said...

I love all of their outfits,especially the rainbow hair and Jeremy Scott glasses!

Unknown said...

loved this photos!
I wish I look like them when I'm older.. cool post!

E V E L Y N said...

when i have grey hair, my hair will so be multi-coloured like the last lady! x

Emica said...


Joy said...

Yay for more fashion week stuff coming. Advanced Style is so amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love there outfittts!! they're style is so awesome!

Eva said...

love these pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, its great to think how imaginative and funky the older generation can be. i think they are constantly underrated and sympathized with when really they do just want to have fun!!

Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

Funky Fondled And Fresh said...

Great photos, such stylish ladies!

Tabea said...

Wow, it looks great! ♥
I love the cross-glases and the colourful hair. It's totally faboulus!
Stilrausch - my fashion blog

RA said...

very positive women:)

Lola, bye! said...

these ladies are awesome.. I hope to be like them when I grow up
I have a blog..I'm 14 and I want to follow some bloggers' footsteps like you :)

it's called rita has a blog and I'm starting haha...
hope you readers like it :)

notanymore said...

I've seen that first fine lady around several blogs, and while she certainly goes beyond my own brand of extreme color, I have always wished her well for her audacity.

brightlightsbigcity said...

omg these are such cool pics! i hope when i'm that age i'll still have the energy to dress outside the box but ill probably just end up succumbing to chic wasp. or ill be a crazy cat lady. WHO KNOWS

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Love this look! How cool...

The Fancy Teacup said...

What a playful and brilliant way to combat the anti-aging attitude. The joke is totally on celebrity culture.

♥, Jamie


woah this is sick!
i love the one in the creepers and the one in the jeremy scott sunglasses
these women are aweome

D.R.P. said...

Love this post - and that rainbow hair!

For design and fashion inspiration check out THINGS SHE MADE
Fashion Hype / Graphic Content / Pretty Things

Find N Share said...

I love how they played with the colors. And of course, nothing seems to matter when people love what they wear. The rainbow hair is absolutely out of this world but gorgeous. Like what my friend say, fashion is not limited to the young people. These pictures prove just that.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Well hot damn. What fantastic ladies.

Jalees said...

this is an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the woman in yellow is fantastic! The rainbow hair is perfect. What a wonderful bunch of women.

Tanya said...

Lovely post.

My Confession said...

Gosh these ladys look awesome! Completely crazy but so self confident! This is so inspiring! But I can't decide whether I like the one with the yellow turban or the rainbow hair better... Oh well, they're all awesome!

DSTONE Magazine said...

I love the pic of the lady in yellow! This post "wowed" me!

Anonymous said...

You just gotta love their style. Outrageous and chic

thepinkmateproject said...

same here! I love advanced style, concept wise such a winner. All the photos of Ari are just these amazing women who embrace old age with grace!
I wish i can attend your event, i would have loved to see some of the women who were featured in Ari's blog.


zoomslow said...

"The way one feels is how one wants to feel..." James K. Baxter

Anonymous said...

hell, some cool grandma!
I personally believe in the same age period in normal life, like childhood or adolescence, for example. Of course, with their charms. Great respect for people who come into this period of life and youth not lost his spirit, if it was at all, because many people are starting to get old mentally long before the onset of biological aging. this as a panic before the test that you did not write. And then sort of wrote - and nothing!

. said...

Ladies with glam.

Fashion is a crime. Is fashion a crime?

Camille said...

Funny !!! I love these photos !!

karin said...

I love his blog and the fact that he gives the world the chanse to see these great pictures. You don´t see that everywhere!! Good luck in your event!!

Bookworm said...

the last lady and my math teacher look exactly the same.. How strange...

Idiosyncratic Fashionistas said...

Can't tell you how delighted we are to see our photographs in Style Rookie! That's us, The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, in the top photo (Jean left, Valerie right). Lynn Dell is all in yellow, and Christina Viera has the marvelous cross glasses. And checkered coat. And plaid pants. We haven't yet met Ann with the rainbow hair, but hopefully we will meet Ann and Tavi and a gazillion other fabulous women tonight at the Ace Hotel!

chica arcoiris said...

That is the best blog in the world haha I love it !!


Maxens M. Finch said...

I want to act like that when I'm that age, if I still like fashion then.
Kudos to them for not giving up on what you like because society tells you.
Compare to when I gave up on computing at 11-12 for a few years, because I was ashamed of being so young and people I tried to talk about that with mocked my age. (although then it wasn't liked to conventional beauty concepts as with liking fashion /and/ being stylish while being more aged, but to what was thought of as my capacities linked to my age; but I think the fact people are so against elder and younger (-15) who like fashion because it's "superficial" is linked to the ideas of wiseness and innocence associated with each age group respectively and thought of as not compatible with the superficiality associated with fashion)
(woah, I hope it's comprehensible, I need sleep)

Audrey said...

I love how they mix their prints and work with color! ^^

Unknown said...

wow you're so lucky to be able to be involved with fashion week!

btw, the I really like the pic with the lady and the yellow turban.

please check out my new blog!

Kendra Bing said...

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Unknown said...

I can't believe I've gone so long without such a wonderful blog like Advanced Style. It's absolutely spectacular.

Anonymous said...

the elders still have their crazy fashion sense left which I find inspiring. thanks, tavi for a winderful feautre on the advanced style. totall appreciate it! I wonder 50 years from now of what i'd lok like. I reckon i'd be someone FIERCE and totally a trendsetter of the 22nd century. hahah, ironic, if i still lived, that is.

ayumi said...

Oh,I wanna be rainbow hair XO

. said...

if i am not like this when i am old... i just don't know what i'll do. these women are fabulous!

Unknown said...

i think you'll be in your old years like granny's frist photo!. i love it!

kisses from barcelona

cancercowboy said...

those insectile sunglasses are pretty cool. but the knack with these ladies is that they don't dress like society expects old people to dress. its extravagant and pretty but not exactly a call to arms against youth mania, imho.

Kat said...

EVERYTHING about that site makes me happy!!
Thank you so much for putting this up:)


Paz { y amor } ☮ said...

I love this original sunglasses and her hair!

Emily said...


a reference said...

can't wait to see the pictures?

Mobius said...

Amazing post !!

These women are wonderful, happay shinny faces, and great looks !!

Thanks for this !!

Unknown said...

These are sweet old it. You are so ahead of your peers.

Alex said...

Love the women in the first photo! I met them at the IFB Conference (which Ari was at) a week ago.

Magnólia Barbosa said...

when i grow up, i want to be like these girls! they rocks, baby!

Her Persona said...

oh they are sooo cute!!

Pins and Stories said...

Get old but get it with style!!!!!


Phoebe said...

They are AMAZING!
Had to blog about them too

@lea said...

da kann man mal sehen! im alter muss man sich nicht gehen lassen....obwohl das hier ja DERBST übertrieben ist....tja, ich sag nur: aufmerksamkeitssyndrom....und wenn das sogar ICH diagnostizieren kann...aber die omis sind trotzdem cool....

Besucht mich auf meinem Blog


oder auf unseren mädels blog

LG Lea

Luna Tiger said...

Want to be such a creative old lady !


They look realy cool.

ELLEDIT said...

Wow, such colored style and make up, very destroy and excellent pictures, bravo Tavi ;)

Grace said...

I want to be like them when I get old.




haha~so cool!

Jenna Benson said...

They look brilliant.


Lola said...

Wanna be just like them when i grow up! XX

QUiNESTRE said...

wow ! I'm going to be like those woman when I'll grow up!! P.S I've got the creepers shoes too!! amazing !


Lisa and Kirana said...

adore her in a minute. she's so inspiring! getting old doesnt mean we cant have fun

Jeanne.Arthes said...

i love it

Laura Morrigan said...

I love Advanced Style, too! One of my friends linked me to it. We want to look like these ladies when we are old! Or maybe even sooner...

SK said...

love the yellow turban!

yesim said...

i love ur blog <3

visit my tumblr!

AimeeDGB said...

OK, Those women are so awesome! If my granny dressed up like this, i'll probably get all of her wardrobe. Yes. And actually would not need to buy any clothes for myself :P

Tita Carré said...

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Aylin Vedad said...

This is cool!
I love your blog, dear!

Marzipan said...

So cool!

Ravenna Moreira said...


Anonymous said...

The third pic is by far my favorite, but I like the rainbow hair too.

Shhivika said...

Oh, Tavi, you silly (genius) girl, you rocked my world with this post! The lady in yellow with oversized gold beads necklace is the look I yearn to master. When I am that age.

fran4711 said...

hola, me ha encantado tu blog, soy nuevo, aun no me manejo muy bien pero estoy teniendo una cantidad brutal de visitas, seria un honor que me lelleras y me dijeras que te parece y si me pones en tu lista de amigos y me sigues ya seria demasiado por que has conseguido crear uno de esos pocos blogs que merecen la pena leer, mi link es

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Theyre faaaaaaab xxx

Mr kane said...

so cool!
love your blog!!


hauteculture said...

Tavi, wierd question but could you post somewhere where you got that fantastic pink fur(or feathers, or whatever--can't really tell what it is) in your "about" picture in the right column? IN LOVE WITH IT.

emilla said...

Im from peru n i love your blog, i think is so good a child like you can have this style, Congrats n like we say
Muchos Exitos!!!

Noel said...

they're soooo cool!!!!!! love them..

Noel said...

they're soooo cool!!!!!! love them..

Minnie Clipper said...

That's really nice looks!
Very inspiring


@lea said...

gibtz hier irgentwann nochmal neue artikel....langweilig...!

hier, mehr von mir gibts auf meinem blog:


Klee. said...

let's adore our mothers, who have gifted us the fashion of today.

a blogger lover lovin you blog.


Griya Mobil Kita said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing. rental mobil jakarta

Emma said...

WOW,I totally wanna be like them when I grew up,AWESOME...I´m sooo sooo inspired,that I want to dress up my grandma like this *_*

Anonymous said...

hey tavi,

i'm loving your blog so much! i visit it soo often ! :)
I have a blog myself to, and it would be like awesome if you'd visit my blog, to! :D


TianShanae said...

Loving your blog

nikkistyle™ said...


Raymond Suny said...

Be my friend! most people around me are Lady Gaga loving, top 40, abercrombie wearing sheep. ANGST... I need someone to watch my documentaries and listen to garage with.

I V Y said...

ahah fucking amazing.

xo zebra and meerkat

ZaGroszTaktu said...

bcaryn said...

Just heard about you (and heard you!) on NPR this morning. Great blog! Likewise, I love the agewise photos, as I'm in my 50's, love expressing myself through art and fashion, instead of worrying about getting older. Sorry, don't know how to attach photo, but check out my website, you can see some aspect of me. Best of luck, you've got a great life and the ability to embrace passion!!! I'll be following yr blog..caryn

hannah banana said...

loving the stylish grannies!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to be an old eccentric; practicing now <3DD

Zoé said...

I am a huge fan of Advanced Style and I adore how you have brought that to a wider audience... I think that Advanced Style, as a concept, is a truly great one and, in a modern world where it is so difficult to be original, I shall claim that I believe it to be very close to that - full of very inspiring and incredibly regal women.

Ok, so I have also been looking through some of your past posts. You are so witty and amusing, not to mention illuminating and interesting. I loved the post you did on the Virgin Suicides - although truth be told, I had hardly heard about it before. It is only when I searched it on google that I realised that a piece I did on two ivory lace dresses adopted from my French grandmother's, was very similar. - Anywho, I love your sense of style and the vibrant range. I hope this is not a personal question but 'How old are you?' I do not believe it says... You are American right? There seems to be a much larger range of vintage items in America. Whenever I wish to buy some on Ebay, they ALWAYS seem to come from the USA.

I am basically just a fifteen year old girl from 'merrie olde' England with an eclectic taste in hats, an adoration of the pre-raphaelite brotherhood (not that that is always very obvious) and a love of Fashion, without ever really following it. :)

Ciao, ciao, ciao!

Elise. said...

that is real fashion :P

antonia said...



Maria Fernanda Mamede said...

I would love to meet this ladies! :)


yuhsims said...


marilenasilivestru said...

lovely post!gorgeus lady!

Unknown said...

Those are amazing looks !
xoxo from

Nea Jokinen said...

I love it how older people have the confidence to dress in what ever they want! Most of the young are so shy and boring, blaah we should dress like queens and act like ones too :D

Gerrardz said...

I'm glad to see this picture! Awesome! ^_^

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Gerrardz said...

Wah! So stylish! :)

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Unknown said...

I like your style!!

Tony@Tax Consultant

Unknown said...

Wow very cool Grand ma..:D

Sharon said...

OMG, these photos have showed that aging is nothing to do with your style and fashion and that you can dress like a pro and fun gal any time. Thanks for sharing the photos, they are very inspiring!!!


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