advanced style x the ace

It should come as no surprise that I am a fan of Advanced Style, as both a blog and concept, so I'm really excited about a party Ari Seth Cohen of AS and I will be hosting at the Ace Hotel tomorrow night. I can't recommend reading his blog enough, there are inspiring outfits and photos, but the best part is when the women Ari photographs talk about aging on both a personal and cultural level. John Waters says the only way to dress rebelliously nowadays seems to be to combat the frantic anti-aging attitude prevalent in so many magazines and in celebrity culture, and I suggest looking to these women for inspiration:
I often think about how delightful a tea party of some sort would be to have with a bunch such as this, and now it's actually happening! I'm looking forward to the cabaret portion especially. And if you haven't already watched Illona Royce Smithkin's video on Stylelikeu, I highly recommend that, as well.
I hate for everything on here to be about upcoming Fashion Week events but thankfully I'm enthusiastic about this little shindig and also think more people in general ought to see the photos above.