Yesterday was my birthday (15! I can already feel my back giving out!) so I wanted to dress like a Birthday Party Girl. My sister tells me that when I was little I said I wanted to be a "Birthday Party Girl" when I would grow up, which I guess means it's your occupation to have your birthday every day, probably because I wanted cake and presents every day. (I also think this is the definition because I remember feeling like I had to replan my life when I saw the Jimmy Neutron episode where it's his birthday every day and it ends up being not fun or something.) Now that I am 15 and can claim to totally get what Taylor Swift was talking about in that song where she talked about being 15, I think I'm finally grown up and can take on this job of Birthday Party Girl.
(Grinning devilishly and fifteenishly at Ella as she took this picture.)
Like any professional Birthday Party Girl, I wore a special crown to school. Ed of Meadham Kirchhoff gave it to me as part of a mutual mixtapes/barrettes/stickers/ribbons exchange. It might be my favorite thing. Wearing it yesterday was such a good decision that I think I'm going to start wearing it all the time, and hopefully the fact that it's a crown and not something like douchey sunglasses well keep me from seeming like an obnoxious person who thinks they're in a Wes Anderson movie but actually just looks like a dumbass for making turtlenecks their "thing." ("Yeah, I went through a phase where I wore a fedora for, like, a year." -Dude from school at auditions for a play.)
And since I've been going through it for the first time, and in honor of the marathon Ella and I had last night in honor of my birthday, and because the fall vibes/back to school vibes on that show are so good, I tried to get a bit of Twin Peaks in there, too. This shirt is the top cut off a dress I had when I was little, the perfect white picket fence shoes were sent to me by Rachel Antonoff, and the Laura Palmer pin I bought from Bookhouse Creations on Etsy. Worn above with a skirt from American Apparel and my mom's socks. I think this "Birthday Party Girl" thing is working out to be a pretty good gig.