she's full of secrets.

The Virgin Suicides takes place in a bare Detroit suburb in the 70's and Twin Peaks in a secluded Washington industrial town at the time it was made in the 90's. Neither towns distract from their sadness with pastels and picket fences, as they slowly give up on holding up an illusion of a friendly town. They are yellow and gray and chipping paint and bags under their eyes. It's the perfect place for the kind of tragedy no one can figure out how to justify. Laura Palmer was murdered at 17, and the Lisbon sisters, 13-17, all killed themselves.

The show and movie are both known for giving extra camera time to the details of the ways their characters live, keeping specifically with the middle-of-nowhere feeling. But the moments spent on details of material memories of the girls align with this feeling most perfectly, combining the mixed pain and comfort of remembering someone who is now gone with the mixed pain and comfort of living in a place so secluded. The point that both Twin Peaks and The Virgin Suicides make to focus in on seemingly minor details -- a photo on a mantle, an eyelash curler -- when the larger story is so tragic gives pathetic tchotchkes and tiny memories significance. Depressing details of boring houses in boring towns become weirdly beautiful when they end up the only remnants of people who are now dead, leaving the neighborhood boys to smell the Lisbons' stolen lipstick with wistful desire and Mr. Palmer to dance in the living room with Laura's photo to keep from crying.
These are the only memories we get of these girls, too. Laura is found dead in the first episode, occasionally recalled throughout the series with flashbacks and dreams, primarily remembered with the homecoming photo that always ends the show. But a video tape of her dancing at a picnic with a friend that's shown in the pilot is when we first fall in love with her spirit, and first notice that something is at work underneath her joy as a muffled voice begs "help me" over a close-up on her eyes.
Though the Lisbon sisters actually are alive for the majority of the movie, we hardly know them any better than the boys across the street do, and join them in their search for any clues or contact. Half of the idea of the Lisbons is definitely a teenage boy fantasy about blonde unicorn fairies, but the moments we get to witness of them all spending time together -- lying strategically like Tetris pieces on the same bed, fixing their hair for the spring dance, smoking together in the school bathroom -- indicate a kind of unspoken bond they've created amongst themselves out of colors and songs and stares. Along with being the total babes the neighborhood boys fawn over, they're complicated and human, mysterious and intriguing, already thinking about things you're not supposed to consider until you've exhausted the world of your bedroom and school and want more answers. As it goes, not all answers are as dreamy as the world the Lisbons had previously pieced together. One scene focuses in on Lux Lisbon in a class photo while one of the boys recalls the tips the school administration had told them to look for in their possibly troubled peers: "Were the Lisbon girls' pupils dilated? Had they lost interest in special activities, in sports and hobbies? Had they withdrawn from their peers?"
It's strange to feel strongly about characters who are talked about more than they're shown, but Laura and the sisters have turned into faces for me that feel less like fictional characters celebrated in the outside world and more like local legends, personal legends, combinations of various teenage figures I watched avidly when I was little, of my sisters' friends and dad's students and cool and weird and pretty babysitters, who I so desperately wanted to be friends with, if not be.

The "little things in life" aren't supposed to be this morbid, but right now I'm more affected by ugly living room decorations than by flowers. I'll take a few extra moments to look at a tacky ceramic on a thrift shop shelf or someone else's school photo hanging in their stairway or a friend's older sibling's souvenir of adolescence left on the dresser of her old room. All of a sudden there can be something really endearing and personal about a pitiful trinket, and I've become more nostalgic for all those small bedside table objects my sisters and their friends once held to such importance. As another person who fell in love with Laura Palmer and the Lisbon sisters, I feel compelled to nurture my own memories of the girls, paying close attention to any cheesy iconography or vomit pink figurines or crackly ashtrays or shiny stickers I may come across. Even if it is more about a romanticized idea of this age that ended up less true than a younger me had hoped. Even if it is less for the sake of paying respect to fictional characters and more for my own fantasies.


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Eline said...

Interesting post! :)

vn said...

nothing has ever impacted me
more than Twin Peaks - and like
a tag line on a Fire walk with
me magazine ad I saw - Sheryl Lee deserved an Oscar - for her performance in it ... reading her diary (THE SECRET DIARY OF LAURA PALMER) added a whole new insight to her character

Pre-Riot Grrrl ... RIOT GIRL

Louise H said...

I was another one I was about 12 when Twin Peaks came out and the programme had such an impact on my life even though I never quite understood why - even now watching that programme on dvd takes me way back

Louise H said...

I was another one I was about 12 when Twin Peaks came out and the programme had such an impact on my life even though I never quite understood why - even now watching that programme on dvd takes me way back

Unknown said...

The Virgin Suicides is one of my favorite movies. I feel the same way about little details...

Claire said...

I've watched neither of these, but I think I really understand what you're talking about here.
Lovely post. It's great to read writing like this every so often.

Hanna said...

Everything has whatever value you decide to give it. Wether it's fascination with how others use it to cope or what you use cope. It's really just you in the end.

Samsara said...

this was incredible. it makes me wonder where you are in life right now to be so impacted by something so intangible. that sense in both movies/shows doesn't touch the core of too many.

its a depressing feeling when a person is now held in objects that mean more to you than even the person herself. then again no one loves themselves as much as others love them.

blackeyedbonzai said...

Love that movie. Never seen the program so I gotta get on that.

The Virgin Suicides is almost a mirrored flashback of my experience in high school.

It'll eat ya up. =p


Frockspotter said...

woah, this is beautifully written, and has definetly insired me to watch Virgin Suicides and Twin Peaks - thanks Tavi :)

ponynamedlucifer said...

There was a time when I was very obsessed with The Virgin Suicides. I think I have to watch Twin Peaks.. Your thoughts are wonderful.

Cristina said...

Love Twin Peaks and David Lynch! If you like attention to detail you should try to sit through Barry Lyndon. It's directed by Stanley Kubrick, one of my favs. It might be a bit long and tedious for you, but watch it for the amazing compositions if not the story line ( both are very good btw ). Also The 400 Blows directed by François Truffaut is fantastic as well. The final scene is jaw dropping. It's time to discover some classics! Get it girl!

ELLA said...

I've never dared, and I'll never dare to see 'virgin suicides', because i've always feared the trailer :PP

but your post is very interesting!

Anonymous said...

The way you write is amazing. This reminded me of a book I read, 'The Lovely Bones'. I was thinking about the book long after I finished it. It had a huge impact on me. I watched neither the show nor the film, but now I feel like I have to.

Toyin Lola said...

I've seen some of the Virgin Suicides. It's so interesting how you analyze these shows/movies
, even though i couldnt comprehend

Shelley Noble said...

"...already thinking about things you're not supposed to consider until you've exhausted the world of your bedroom and school and want more answers."

It's that kind of objective analysis and wise-beyond-years perception that demonstrates why you are a such force to me.

Anonymous said...

I loved the stills, the details shown there. A cigarette tray, the polaroids, discarded ornaments, lipstick, which just seems to give you a window into an ordinary person's life and it suddenly becomes much more interesting.

Martina Navrátilová said...

I didnt heared about it untill now! So interesting. Thanks for info;)

Hilary said...

You must love this movie! One of my favorites. Keep up the good posts little one. You do such a great job!

XO Hilary Nicole

Michelle Loreto said...

The film captures you've chosen are really great - I love how they're not the typical ones I see on every other blog post that reviews this dainty movie.

Reading your post, I want to watch it again! It's just been so long, I don't think I really understood it quite the same way you did. I'll have to look beyond the prettiness next time.

x x Michelle

Lydia said...

Really good post! I think it's really sad about Laura Palmer and you take really great photos!

Lydia xoxo

Kate Rooney said...

♥ YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING! i have just discovered it! ♥
I LOVEEEEEEEEEE it ! I'm Kate, by the way... Check out my blog if you like?

Anonymous said...

you convinced me. i'm watching it again!

Unknown said...

yay for nostalgia tavi. <3

Hazel said...

Fantastic post!
Did you know that is Sheryl Lee's real prom picture?

jessielovesthis said...

I've never seen Twin Peaks (it's never been on UK television in my 13 years...) but I think it looks and sounds really interesting!

Lydia Armstrong said...

My bf and I recently moved in together, which means converging of the book collections, and he has "The Virgin Suicides." I haven't watched the movie since it came out, but I've been dying to read the book now that it's in my house.

MyLifeIsRandom said...

I wrote about the virgin suicides this summer... I LOVE Sofia coppola and enjoyed your take on it

n p said...

an unrelated (but wonderful) twin peaks reference, for your viewing pleasures:

Jessie said...

one of my all time favorite movies. such a classic. all so wonderful.

MyLifeIsFood said...

When I saw this movie, which by the way made me a little sad, I made up my own ending. Although it's hard to figure out why they killed themselves it was still a good movie. It was definitely one to keep you wondering why.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with humans and imperfection? (Sounds like a Seinfeld routine, I know.) I think the most beautiful thing in the world is a trashed, "ghetto" house. I would like to say that only artsy people get it, but that sounds really stupid and exclusive. All I'll say is this: there's a reason why misery and loneliness and all of those things are everywhere. It's because they're so damn beautiful. It sounds emo and goth and horrid. But really. It shows the complexity of human emotions.

ThereAreNORules said...

The Virgin Suercides (s/p) was one of my fav books. The book is far better then the movie could ever be, but def a great one to watch.

Anonymous said...

And really what you’re responding to, Tavi, is the brilliant work of the film’s and television show’s production designer (mainly), art director, and set dressers. The thought and effort they put into researching the characters in the scripts resulted in the look, and the feel of the finished work.

I work in film (costumes), and I always find myself fascinated by the art department and prop masters, and the stuff they find that help create the look of a film. Such a cool job!

Beautiful post, I loved reading it.

like fried chicken said...

These girls always remind me of something fleeting, like trying to capture steam in a jar. Sort of like the Rayanne Effect except more haunting. Even when you're friends with them you're missing them, and when they're gone, you know you never had them.

A Separate Peace sort of gives me this feeling as well.

acquiringshelby said...

So. I really enjoyed the summary of these. I decided to check them out. I watched Virgin Suicides... it was super great. I love Sofia Coppola's work, and this movie was no different. Very different, very neat.
I also found Twin Peaks on Netflix... My mom started going on about how she has wanted to watch the show since it first came on but wasn't able to. So this was perfect! We're watching the first episode now. Thanks for mentioning these!

Unknown said...

really great post! i read the virgin suicides my freshman year in high school and loved it. i'll be checking the movie out (: thanks!

Alexi Frest said...

I did love the series... adorable one. A bit too peaceful for my horror standards, but a nice dark story. It would be interesting to read it in a book.

Alexi Frest said...

I have already imagined Chet Williamson, writing the screenplay - it would be brilliant.

zoomslow said...

This is like, 'really' deep! :-)

Tavi, you very often make me think about things in a different way, or inspire me to pay so much more attention to things that I had maybe forgotten, or didn't think were so important (but then through you find out that they actually are). And this post is a perfect example...

"...I've become more nostalgic for all those small bedside table objects my sisters and their friends once held to such importance." I can totally understand this, and understand why this is important to you. But without you mentioning it, I would have continued on without noticing and caring about such things. It's impressive that you have the sensitivity at such a young age to feel this, and very generous of you to share it.

"...I'm more affected by ugly living room decorations than by flowers." I guess I used to (and still do) try and sort of find my feelings in music, books, films and more particularly in paintings/artists. But taking inspiration from ugly living room decorations? I know you're kind of contrasting this against the more traditional flowers, but I know that you also mean it very literally! I would never have thought of taking inspiration in ugly living room decorations! Nice :-) For me this would be called "Thinking outside of the picture frame" :-)

"...of my sisters' friends and dad's students and cool and weird and pretty babysitters, who I so desperately wanted to be friends with, if not be." <3

Tshinta said...

Hi Tavi,

You should also watch Peter Wier's 'A Picnic at Hanging Rock' if you haven't seen it. I think Sophia drew a lot of her inspiration from the film and it has a similar nostalgic aesthetic that is quite captivating...

Marin Dodouce said...

I love this movie! It's so sad and mysterious! Sofia Coppola is so magic girl!

. said...

You write with such elegance, it hurts.
You should invest in a type tray or thimble display to put little trinkets in. I have both, and they look awesome on the wall as well as keeping your stuff safe rather than falling behind a chest of drawers or whatever.

Megan said...

very poetic. the objects we surround ourselves with say more about us then we realize, like unsuspecting fingerprints that inevitably end up forgotten and abandoned. they hold some trace of who we are and how we lived. i share your bitter sweet nostalgia.

This comment has been removed by the author.

i love your blog


i love your blog


i love your blog

meri said...

oh my god this film means everything in my female life

TheBeautyFile said...

I was actually on tumblr recently and saw that VS has such a cult following, but until I read this post I didn't really understand why. Now I really need to watch it again, and again, and again. When are YOU collaborating with Miss Coppola...???

Vanessa the Undressa said...

yes the movie and television series are incredible in their own right. glamorizing the dangerous (laura's a prostitute and drug addict), and the morbid (lisbon girls fixation on death)---it's all a little ridiculous. it's much harder to be happy and so much easier to be sullen which can be mistaken for mysteriousness. you're quite young and i went through the same fascination with the lonely, sad mystery of girls and their secret lives----at the end of it all glorifying suicide and rape is quite awful and sad ---but it's masked with all that beauty so of course it seems glamorous---but in truth, what it is, is tragic.

Sam said...

read the secret diary of laura palmer...

mike said...

I've seen almost all of David Lynch's films, but never watched Twin Peaks even though it was on TV. Mulholland Drive is good (try and figure that one out),but my favorite will always be Wild At Heart. I used to be obsessed with Stanley Kubrick. I once filmed a hardcore punk band called Black Flag on Super 8 and then cut what I got into a film called Nervous Breakdown. I used footage of the band and also cut in images from A Clockwork Orange and Dr. Strangelove (Kubrick). Isn't film great! Last summer a local cinema showed a Hitchcock retrospective and Psycho was the last film of the series. This year they are doing the same with Bogart. Here's looking at you kid.

Carolyn said...

I'm loving this movie! So sad and mysterious!

Homeowner Insurance

Sascha said...

Great post. I love The Virgin Suicides. It has such an atmosphere. Like all of Sofia's movies.

Unknown said...

Twin Peaks is amazing - I have watched the whole series about 6 times now, it is still haunting, amusing and beguiling.

Great post!


Lily said...

I just finished watching the Twin Peaks series like a couple of weeks ago. It was kinda scary and weird, but good. :3

Anonymous said...

Wow you've hit the nail right on the head.

Haven't seen Twin Peaks though.


Emmy said...

I'm always impressed with how insightful you are (in ways i, undoubtedly never was at your age). I was too young for Twin Peaks first time around, but devoured the Virgin Suicides (the book). I adored and really couldn't tell you why except that it was beautiful and sad. You make me want to re read/watch them again. Thanks.

attalie said...

Did you know that the prom photo of Laura Palmer is the actual prom photo of Sheryl Lee, the actress who played Laura? Also, I think she was a local girl they just got to play the part and she ended up being perfect. I wonder how similar her actual home was to Lauras!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. You write beyond your years (and I mean that in the best way possible).

I actually saw The Virgin Suicides because of what you wrote, having also loved Twin Peaks
and Lynch's disturbingly hypnotic vision.

Keep it up Tavi! Never stop writing!!

Metalbabe96 said...

The Virgin Suicides is one of the weirdest books I've ever read...

cancercowboy said...

very interesting read. to me, Twin Peaks and the book by Eugenides (have never seen the flick) are more about whats beneath the surface of ordinary, seemingly upright people's lives. all these secrets they're so carefully concealing; repressed emotions, dried up dreams, disappointments and desires, weirdness and (sometimes) perversion. a little reminder that appearances are often deceptive. in VS the boys try to figure out the sisters but fail in unveiling their secret(s), in TP the murder is like a rock thrown into a lake, and the ripples affect the whole town.
one sees everyday objects with different eyes if you know who their owner truly is (if its at all possible to truly know someone, philosophically speaking), instead of how he/she wants to be perceived. everybody has skeletons in their closet. some are just trite or embarrassing or ridiculous or pitiable, some are more sinister. adds some layers to our concept of 'normality' and makes you think about what might go on behind all those facades one walks past on the way to work or school or leisure. you know, in every dream home a heartache.
of course happiness is way harder to achieve, partially because humans are comprised of so many clashing interests and contending passions, but it also tends to be fleeting and is a boring and unrewarding subject for most forms of art, with the exception of music. insert obligatory Tolstoy quote here ^______^
wow, what a hunk of text.
lemme just add a movie recommendation: American Beauty.

SarahPeslar said...

All of the wild, dark, and hidden secrets the corrupt this film only make me love it more. The four sisters are so pure and beautiful and so filled with the world of darkness, you can't help but envy them.

Jack Flash! said...

i really do need to watch/read the virgin suicides - all of my friends have and I'm the lemon who hasn't :)

Bex said...

totally unrelated but kind of related have a look at a Czec film called

"Valerie and her week of wonders".
Its a visual feast

one of my all time favourites, along with Twin Peaks.

Bex said...

this link is better


blue roses said...

though beautifully shot and based on a compelling story, i found that "the virgin suicides" lacked both a consistent perspective and use of narrative devices. the end of the film, when we return to the narration and monologues of the young boys, enamoured with the physicality and nascent sexuality of these girls, while coming to terms with their own changing bodies and mentalities, is the most poignant, and most interesting.

twin peaks is incredible.

theceelist said...

Pretty creative Tavi!tnx:)

New witch in town said...

HI TAVI if you have a time, please visit me on Polyvore :)

Acid Wallpaper said...

Brilliant post, Tavi.
For a more light hearted and perhaps trivial read, my blog is at


Lauren M. said...

This was such a nice read! I wanna re-watch Twin Peaks now.

Unknown said...

I'm watching an episode of twin peaks per day right now, it's amazing how i never get tired of it.
TVS is amazing, but then again, I love Eugenides & Sofia.

Anonymous said...

Tavi Tavi Tavi,
Paris misses you and this is what you are missing now


i'm not stylish said...

i don't know about this but i love the way you share these to everyone tavi!

visit mine xx

Zayin said...

You might like this book:
Princesses and Pornstars by Emily Maguire. she's Australian. So am I.



Buffalo Ballet said...

Really interesting thoughts, and it's all well-written as usual!

Maven said...

Pretty sure you need to know about the Rayanne Project:

Melissa said...

That was a great movie! I am biased, as the girls were actually from my suburb... They went to the same high school as my father and are buried beneath the school, in the catacombs, I guess... creepy but neat!


F said...

I think it's a bit scary...


Angeles Almuna said...

Twin Peaks! for years my favorite.... remember to dream with the characters....and the music SUPERB!
Great post , great memories!

Maxens M. Finch said...

I like how you can convey such feelings in your writing.
Maybe one'd think these aren't related, but the books that gave me similar feelings are /Ada/ and /Lolita/ by Nabokov.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tavi! I'm sorry that this comment is totally unrelated to this post. I just wanted you to know that I look up to you, and you inspired me to start my own fashion blog recently, called "The Ruby Lotus". I've read your entire blog, and not only is your eye for fashion a lot more, well, GOOD, than that of most, but your writing is also great and I love reading it. I've just begun my blog, so it's not much to look at, but I hope some day you can find the time to.
All my friends and family know of you now, because I blab all day about The Style Rookie and my new love for fashion.
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So, thank you for being an inspiration. Some day I hope to go to fashion week like you, or to study fashion design in Seoul. I just can't wait to continue blogging! Please look at my blog (

Ruby Book :)

Ana Jorge said...

I am portuguese. And i am from Lisbon.

. said...

Thanks for your comment,and yes,he was really a genius ;D

. said...

I'm sorry Tavi,I confused the comment window... :/

LookGood/Do Good said...

Thanks so much for this beautiful post. It actually mades me tear up. Trickets can be such personal, and powerful catalysts to nostalgia. They're beauty and meaning is usually in the eye of the beholder but sometimes they can also be meaningful to someone noticing them from an outside perspective. And this is so beautiful. xo

es★ said...

Your writing is amazing and i know this is unrelated but my ipod was on shuffle and look:

I have no computery-skills and can't make it blue and stuff but I think i've discovered your secret identity on the front of an album in the right-hand corner of the glasses.

Style Dilettante said...

I remember Twin Peaks well when it made it's debut on TV. I was in college at the time. Art school, to be exact. My friends & I predicted TV would never be the same & it wasn't - until "reality" took over. At least we have Mad Men & a few interesting programs on Showtime & HBO.

Happy Saturday!

mike said...

What,s up? Silencio He Xopowo!!!!!

Tristana said...

Very romantique photos...

Christine said...

you always have the most interesting posts!

Pramudita Puspita said...

virgin suicides is my fave novel of all time!!!
I really hope to find the DVD in Indonesia (still searching for it)
btw I am following u now, and please visit me if u have time :)

Anonymous said...

if you liked the show twin peaks & the film virgin suicides, I recommend the book house of leaves (if you enjoy reading). it's a mindfuck, but it's incredible. it really makes you think. it's in a form of a documentary. i just finished reading it and i'm just... blown.


Angelica said...

I love your posts so much!

(anyone who follows and comments I will follow back)


~CASS, said...

You gotta watch the show "Popular" (1999-2001)another amazing teen comedy/drama series! I would love to hear what you have to say about it :) PLEASE WATCH :D

Maggie said...

Wow. I love your writing. You're very talented.

Unknown said...

I remember High School and in Brazil they don't treat each other badly. Most people reapect each other. I don't understand why there are bullies and nasty experiences in High School. It doesn't have to be that way.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michel said...

I think this completely solidifies my desire to be your friend. As much as I've agreed (or been intrigued by) your posts, this is the most I've felt connected to. My sister decorated her room with the Virgin Suicides in mind (should I have been concerned?) and it's one of my favorites.

ines said...

Virgin Suicides is definitely one of the most inspiring and poetic movie I ever saw

Stella K. said...

I kind of want to be Sofia Coppola..just a little bit..

Heroika Magazine said...

this is freaking me out

Alex said...

Gaaah thank you for posting about this, you've now got me hooked on Twin Peaks, and I just read/watched The Virgin Suicides. I cried. The book and movie are both fantastic.

jack said...

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The lost girls said...

okay, because you ALWAYS refer to The Virgin Suicides and Twin Peaks, i decided to finally watch them. well, i've yet to watch Twin Peaks, but i am getting to that, i'm still astounded by the virgin suicides. i'm so happy you are obsessed, and happy you shared your obsession with the show and movie. thanks,

carwynism said...

Tavi, I think you should definitely be made aware of New Zealand photographer Yvonne Todd - She won our top art award in her early twenties (quite a coup!), with subject matter that is described as 'Lynchian' and 'unsettling'. Her work is generally portraiture and inspired by the like Jacqueline Susann novels, butterick sweing patterns from the 60's and the artifice of 70's New Zealand (and also American), culture. Check her out!

Beirut Boy said...

U made me wanna rent this movie and watch it again :)

Keep up the gr8 work with the blog! Love ur posts.

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