young & tragic

Been thinking a lot lately about mah gurl Laura Palmer as I've been going through Twin Peaks with my hands half covering my eyes. Made a real life moodboard on my shelf, with LP and vomit pink on my mind.
I bought the bible thing at the Salvation Army and had to explain to my mom that I was still a practicing Jew and simply desired living a life as aesthetically close to The Virgin Suicides as possible. Then I laughed and cried simultaneously at how much I am living Tumblr in real life and obediently chomped on my matzah. Happy Passover, fellow chosen ones!

1. Laura Palmer's Prom - You Say Party! We Say Die!
2. Miss World - Hole
3. Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
4. Suicide Blonde - The Weepies
5. Teenage Whore - Hole
6. Criminal - Fiona Apple
7. So Far Away - Carole King
8. Little Trouble Girl - Sonic Youth
9. Young & Tragic - Dead Man's Bones