after about five lines of this post you're gonna wish you had five beers

Spencer's mom dug these out last time I was over and begrudgingly passed them on to me because having kids makes your feet grow. I'm really glad Spencer was born because now I have great platforms.

I have been trying to channel Enid in them, and along with that a bit of Riccardo Tisci's version of Enid, hence the print.

Thrifted longsleeve and skirt, jacket sent to me by Risto, random socks, joke shop glasses, and tiny Goody daisy barrettes I stuck in the shoelaces. I'm not used to listing so few outfit components! That's because this was truly a spring break outfit. Sleep is such a wonderful thing.

Explicit Enid reference via a button my friend gave me.


a dream come true (sounds crappy i know) said...

I love this outfit, especially this jacket - wow wow wow!

favio said...

amazing enid outfit tavi : )
i used her "HI FASHION GLAMOUR DOLL" for a project in school and it ended up going ace. Thank you Enid Coleslaw

Sanam said...

Cool mask, and haha, I geuss Spencers birth was very convenient, free platforms right! :D

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

Michaela said...

I want your platforms and love your mask want too !

Andrea said...

great jacket!

Mathew said...
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thwany said...

looks like they'd make great weapons as well.


Great cardigan, I love it!

Wiebke said...

ohh wow! i loove your outfit :)

K. D. said...

I love this outfit, and this electric blue is the most beautiful color ever.

Hazel said...

woweeeee fantastic jacket. very spooky!

Charlotte said...

I really am into your shoes, socks and jacket. Adorable outfit. Love, Charlotte.

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

I really don't think I'll ever be able to get over the amazingness that is that jacket.
Oh, and awesome platforms! How lucky of you to have inherited them, hah!

x Michelle

. said...

Haha,you're big Ghost World fan,right?The little brooch is so great!

anni said...

wonderful pictures! ♥

Yajaira said...

nice - love the shiny socks - cute

Lia said...

ugh I love your jacket!!!

Glass of Fashion

Anonymous said...

I love your jacket

Anonymous said...

I love your jacket

Jessica said...

Love the outfit. Th skirt is gorgerous.

. said...

the jacket is pretty adorable x

Claire said...

The eyes on the jacket are so freaky and cool. The look like they're staring at us. It kind of makes me think that the jacket is actually a very smart animal that takes the form of the jacket and possesses the wearer.
(okay that made sense in my head)
The shoes and socks are SO A+.

Tanya said...

heh, good shoes!

vn said...

... and a (cool) billy idol sneer!

Little Miss Vintage said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh *drooling*
uber platforms + uber cool jacket and glasses=
p.s the socks are also cool, don't won't them to feel left out of the whole crazy "uber" equation.

Tranbeena said...

The jacket is absolutely amazing D:

b said...

~*~**~MY BUTTON~*~*~*

Frockspotter said...

amazing jacket! though it looks slightly creepy with all the eyes...

and, i so want that button...

Tavi said...

brandon yes

iShak said...

This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! The Enid reference in Tisci's collection is so cheeky and you found a brilliant way to highlight it.
Fabulous! X

minimal coast said...

witch house jacket. WIN

Gossip´s Fashion Week said...

I like your pictures!!!!


Jack Flash! said...

Enid is an icon :) love the Jacket and those crazy platforms! but those glasses just pull the whole look together :)

I'm sooo glad that bomber/letterman jackets are still in and mega in because I LOVE them, this guy at my college has a black satin one with a Lion embroidered onto the back, I plan to steal it from him...

inspiring as always!

Mihaela said...

Very good.Good.

Unknown said...

the blue skirt is sooo cute and i love the blue socks! such a fun outfit!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Anonymous said...

Jacket- awesome much? I love it. You are such an interesting blogger. I find myself (nearly against my will) checking your blog every single day or more. Hahah.

Your friendly Blogger,

From (my blog)>

Lita Larkin said...

hey I love your posts and checking your page every day to see if there is a new one! X

ps love the cat jacket

Jane Soboleva said...

love ur shoes))

20thCgirl said...

Having kids makes your feet grow?! Who'd a thunk it.

brodie said...

your best outfit EVER.

Anonymous said...

Cool jacket!

Lydia Armstrong said...

Awesome!! And I'm drinking a beer right now!!

Michele said...

This is genius! Perfect jacket and those shoes totally channel Enid.

The Fancy Teacup said...

Those are fantastic platforms. Glad they were passed on to you. You are such a doll! The title of your blog post is hilarious.
much love.

Jenny said...

love it. love that line about spencer :)

Limey said...

very very enid! i love the platforms


Megan Hattie said...

amazing jacket! happy spring break to ya! Also, I love your blue socks with a lil' sparkle to 'em.

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Metalbabe96 said...

I love the Ghost World pin. I wish I had one- I could add it to my pin collection on my backpack. (;

Don Reynolds said...

This outfit is fantastic! I love your smirk pic. Keep up the 'tude!

Emma M said...

Fabulous jacket, and mask! Love it Tavi!

feel free to check out my blog :)

Crystal Lee said...

kiddo, you are everything that is right with the world.

Gun Street Girl said...

whoa I think I had platforms pretty much exactly like those in grade 7 or 8.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute. x

Marlena said...

I love this outfit too much! Glittery socks and Enid..perfect <3 I also want to steal those glasses.

Brianna said...

i love (!) the blue glitter socks and also that amazing jacket!


AFitz said...

"I'm pretty Enid Coleslaw wouldn't wear a pin with her own face on it."
"She would on Halloween"

(10 points if you get that reference)

Caddy said...

This outfit is one of my faves from you.


I like the way the black n' blue from the socks and shoes match the shades from Enid's catwoman mask!

also the color of your shirt makes me crave smarties, not beer.

te$s said...

tavi, you're so wise that it almost worries me. almost

Anonymous said...

you look awesome, the jacket is amazing!

Unknown said...

Take 'm Scoobydoo!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Love that button. Oh, you're always so cute!

Alexi Frest said...

Those bright blue socks are lovely! I am fond of coloured socks myself.

MELISSA Z. said...

awesome jackket! <3

love-life-faschion* said...

crazy button..I like it !!!

Pippi said...


Ro Furkim said...

Really few outfit components, I like much more you over. But ok, you're always so cute.


beauuuuuuuuutiful! :)


lookwhoswearing said...

Aww - Picture Number 3 - so cute! :)

xx G

Gayatri Kumar
Look who's Wearing (LwW)

Anonymous said...

Very nice :)

Petit♥ Coeur said...

Yay to you, your shoes and Spencer.
come see us on Etsy

Chloe Tweeny said...

there's way too much coolness going on in these pics. the jacket is insane in the best way possible

Renee said...

There will be one day that I'm not envious of other people's shoes.

Guess it is not today.

cancercowboy said...

these shoes sure kick ass. the jacket merges cool with creepy. to me the outfit gives off a hardboiled, kinda skinhead(NOT the racist fuckheads)/hard mod vibe. haven't decided yet if the sunglasses add an insectile feel (all hail the hornet queen, may she feast on her homecoming copy ^___^ /gotta thank your mien for this brilliant analogy ;p ) or a Venetian-carnival-mask look. thanks for kicking my lazy mind in the butt (again)

twelve99 said...

If Enid were a color, I bet she'd be "bat wing lick" or "vampire collar gloss", that is if she were a nail polish. Paint swatch, I don't know.

TobyOliverDean said...


SophieGrace said...

That jacket = Amazing!

Unknown said...

the platforms are fucking sickkkk
i dig themm

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful!

Jenny said...

tavi, where are your shoes from?

Six Six Sick said...

Always a sucker for Risto. I have a the same jacket in a different print--a melted iridescent plaid kinda pattern. I love the eyes on this one, and how you can't tell if it's a bird or a cat or an ewok thing.

Masha said...

wonderful socks))

Unknown said...


Fee said...

Love the pics!

Lonneke Bouman said...

wow wow wow, stunning!

visit me at:

Laurencia Febri Savanna Winata said...

cool ! i love your style siss <3

Tara said...

oh, Enid. this outfit is great. those sunglasses! I love how they mimic her mask, you worked that out perfectly. those shoes are insanely good. don't you just love when you get amazing clothes handed down to you? the majority of my favorite clothes like my rainbow harlequin skirt and my riding-esque knee boots belonged to my mother.

and I adore your psychedelic eye jacket.

TallBlondeGirl said...

Ghost world is the coolest. it's awesome that tavi is spreading the awareness of ghost world!

Unknown said...

hihi at the third picture you really look like the little girl from Kick-ass :D


Anonymous said...

I love the badge that kinda links it all together x

Sunrise Love said...

wow! gorgeous blog <3
check our blog! :)

Her Persona said...

love the socks and shoes

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Paulie Wolf said...

I absolutely fell in love with this jacket? Where can normal people get it? :D

Eco Creative said...

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yuhsims said...
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yuhsims said...

oh my god i really love your shoes

Unknown said...

cool !

İrem said...

Lovely pics :)

▼ROD BLU said...

I love your shoes

Anonymous said...

Please update posts, I miss your writing!

CherryCherry said...

Love your jacket !!

Georgie Pie said...

Amazing photos!!! love your blog tavi
Please check out mine :)

czech foreigner said...

cool one!

Unknown said...

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Alix said...

Love your socks

Unknown said...

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