Givenchy was so rad! It's nice to see a sense of humor in a superserious fashion city at a superserious label where the collections are usually superserious. I mean, tacky Bettie Page pinups with ugly 80s Versace sweatshirt chain prints, you guys. Gimmicky motifs are tricky because they sometimes rely on only shock value and excusing something as "ironic" (cough Christopher Kane and Jeremy Scott cough, bless their 90s school supplies-enamored souls,) but the slicker parts of the collection are very slick (the sheer!) and the details are very detailed (those collars!) so these clothes have something going for them other than Jumanji imagery. I highly recommend clicking and zooming in all of the photos.

And for the classier lady, aka Catwoman...


Serious Enid vibes from the cat hat/glasses combination. This collection needs to hang out with the Luella's Ghost World collection so they can walk around and hate stuff together.