Givenchy was so rad! It's nice to see a sense of humor in a superserious fashion city at a superserious label where the collections are usually superserious. I mean, tacky Bettie Page pinups with ugly 80s Versace sweatshirt chain prints, you guys. Gimmicky motifs are tricky because they sometimes rely on only shock value and excusing something as "ironic" (cough Christopher Kane and Jeremy Scott cough, bless their 90s school supplies-enamored souls,) but the slicker parts of the collection are very slick (the sheer!) and the details are very detailed (those collars!) so these clothes have something going for them other than Jumanji imagery. I highly recommend clicking and zooming in all of the photos.

And for the classier lady, aka Catwoman...


Serious Enid vibes from the cat hat/glasses combination. This collection needs to hang out with the Luella's Ghost World collection so they can walk around and hate stuff together.


Erin said...

I love these clothes so much! They're so, so cool! I love the glasses, especially! And the cat hats, since I'm a huge cat lover. Awesome post and pictures!



Weronika Fudała said...

I tottally agree with Erin.

I also invite u on:

xx from Poland

style meerkat said...

Great post! amazing clothes ;D This style is so awesome! love it! love these glasses


ImaginaryHighHeels said...

great pics
I love them all!!!
I think cats are hugh
in fashion this year

Kaysens nye klæder said...

Oh, These outfits are really awesome! :)
The yellow glasses are fantastic, I WANT THEM!


Jessie said...

i agree with all, the yellow glasses are increeeeedible. another wonderful post stylerookie!


Sofia.g. said...

Lovely post! I am following you now! Please follow me too!


Alys said...

Can't say I'd wear much of it but it's certainly an imaginative collection!

Blond Panther & Louboutin... said...

LOVE ;))

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davidikus said...

Great report on the collection. IMVH experience, Paris takes fashion very seriously but this is also where the funniest & most interesting fashion can be seen. Christian Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler...


thwany said...

the details on those neon glasses are just awesome.

Frockspotter said...

I think I prefer the catwoman vibe, but the glasses and collars are so god damn cool!


Olivia said...

pantherspantherspanthers EVERYWHERE. I love it! Panthers are kind of my animal (amongst many others). Wish I had that panther skirt.
Really digging those glasses as well.


the collection is perfect!


Angela Joy said...

I thought the collection was so fun too, I just love the animal love! So whimsical.

Afra Klinkenberg said...

Amazing graphic prints

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what I feel about this collection.. on one hand I appreciate the creativity in it.. I see the pieces more like art than actual wearable clothes, but non the less.. this is suppossed to be fashion... I think this time he just went for a fun show; artistic, creative, inspired.. but not that wearable...
I love Givenchy but this didn't exaclty move me..

Unknown said...

Woah, awesome collection. Hadn't seen it before, the details are amazing!
I want to get a collar, and a tacky chain detail jacket, and a cat hat, and then go sneaking around pretending to be catwoman/a givenchy girl...
Great post, as always!


ruxandra said...

Love them!. They're so eclectic.


Miss Molly said...

my little heart skipped a beat


Anonymous said...

LOVE the blue hat look in the last strip of photos! Looks like a souped-up jockey's cap.

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Oh, wow. The collection looks utterly amazing - absolutely love it, and the Enid reference, haha! I particularly love all the neon-y sort of colours going on with all that black, it looks so striking. And the sheers!


jenny liu said...

really cool theme & photos!


MONi said...

Love the very first picture with the yellow skirt and the cat faces and also the stockings with the glas flowers (wanna have IMMEDIATELY!). Best skirt is the one which is part see-trought and the other part has those black cats on it!! (aren't really cats more jaguars)


Anonymous said...

I love those glasses!! I just got a new pair of Prada glasses very similar to those..:)


Krystel said...

Now, that is a truly awesome cat hat.

Must find a way to DIY one up. It'll appear in my dreams later if i don't. :)

meagan said...

THE GLASSES AHHHH. i love eyewear that makes the wearer look snarky or otherwise unapproachable, these do so perfectly. really hoping givenchy makes them commercially available.

Abby Alicia said...

Wow great collection, I've never heard of the designer before. I especially love the clear pencil skirt with the panthers on the bottom and the glasses with the big cats on the sides! so cool! and cant wait to see anne hathaway as cat-women in the next batman movie! xoxo Abby


Abby Alicia said...

oh its Givenchy! wow thats so unusual, just had to post again as I zoomed in on the collars and the panther details are amazing! <3 xoxo Abby


The Fancy Teacup said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Fancy Teacup said...

I am pretty mesmerized by the intricate patterns in the collection, but what is truly eye candy to me is the section exuding catwoman vibes!

much love.

Claire said...

Mmmm. The glasses and hats are beyond perfect. It wasn't my absolute favorite of the season, but it was up there.

sootsy said...

one of your tumblr posts recently reminded me that i'd been wanting to see "daisies". i found it online if you haven't seen it yet!


{-ponys on tumblr)

sootsy said...

oh the subtitles aren't english....drats

sootsy said...

english! http://www.veoh.com/browse/videos/category/comedy/watch/v187211218SzC38bb

natalie said...

love itt!
check out my blog


love itt! so cool!

Anna Bonfiglio said...

Hello beautiful!
Do you know the designer Danny Wise?
Pass to my blog and tell me what you think of my last post on his new Spring-Summer ..
Thanks in advance ..


Alexi Frest said...

Wow. That first photo with the see through top and black bra - adorable.
I am fond of BLACK anyway.

VhingStars said...

freakin amazing! ♥

Cristina said...

Your sense of humor is as refreshing as you say this collection is...the Cat woman pic at the end was brilliant.

Tali said...

Hey! I was wondering if you have a tumblr, I've noticed you posting things from other peoples.

I'll just let you know that receiving a question in my ask from you would be the most exciting thing ever, I would probably do a happy dance in front of my computer, OK that's it my tumblr is 9673.tumblr.com

Joanna Paulsen said...



Unknown said...

Oh man. Just had a total fashion-gasm at the Luella collection. She makes clothes that look like my clothes. Or something. Whatever. BRILLIANT. Also <333 Enid!

PS your blog is awesome! Reminds me of me at your age (except this was before blogs & I lived in a country town... haha everyone thought I was a witch! Not even kidding :-/) Keep doing what you're doing & Hole freaking ROCK.

lola said...

wow..tavi this is really amazing and I <3 all of this..but It's too much for one girl who want go outside and check her friends...<3<3..U know what I mean let's go out with catwoman look somebody will probably kick us....never mind u have a style..but catwoman and all of those..cool for runway but i think it's too much for one ordinary girl.....Like it

Ash said...

The entire collection would be extremely fun to wear (especially the cat hats + glasses)

Denim + Cotton

Anonymous said...

Great post :)


Elettra said...

I'm in love with the cat woman look! :)

The Clothes Press said...

Ah what a great collection! I certainly want cat glasses... The collars are so beautiful, too! I also like the pansy print... I hope the high-street does some imitations of that!


blue roses said...

this is, indeed, hilarious and amazing to see pictures of, but i definitely do not want to wear any of these pieces (at least not as an entire look). enjoy the collection though.


Mira said...

i love it. iloveit. I LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

I watched jumangi yesterday!


Frederik said...

I think the Givenchy collection is amazing! It's nice to see som new prints and patterns. Cool that you chose to show this!

If you wanna, then come see my top ten list over "amazing and upcoming blogs"!


Anonymous said...

The Betty page tops would match your Miu miu coller perfectly!


Alex said...

gawd i love this collection..
as always, spot on post.


chuck n. said...

the collection was unbelievable.

he definitely needs to stay at givenchy. i actually posted about that yesterday!


zoomslow said...

RE. Voodoo Barbie

Oh, I love a good cardigan! They're comfortable, but always look quite smart. I once bizarrely claimed in textiles class that the cardigan I was wearing was worsted wool (the softer version of wool if memory serves), but I later looked at the label and saw that it was just cotton :-/ Must have been feeling some kind of fashion school peer pressure? :-) Anyway, the one you're wearing looks great.

The whole voodoo barbie outfit is a total success. Very inspiring! And I have to comment on your boots. They certainly fit in with the witchy vibe, but also have that Victorian feel that I like and want to put in my work one of these days. And can I just say congrats. on your awesome shoe modelling! The pose cleverly provides both a frontal and side-on view of the shoe in the one photo ;-) But on a more serious note, thanks for doing that! The boots are so cool that it's nice to see them in such detail.

Re. Jumanji

Individually I like a lot of this stuff (Is that too flippant for the superseriousness of fashion?), but when such densely and sumptuously [I can not help but be inspired by the sheer breadth and depth of your own vocabulary, dearest Tavi :-)] detailed work is thrown together (as I guess you have to do when presenting a collection), I start to get the feeling of being locked in an upholstery warehouse :-( But if you bought like one of these jackets or skirts and wore it with a basic, then that would indeed be rad!

Speaking of Enid (<3) and hating stuff, I've got the David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) concert on and he's doing some really dodgy Marcel Marceau invisible-wall work :-( Please get back to the singing, David!

Vivi said...

i loOove this !!!!!!! x


Nin said...

The last thing you said about this Givenchy colection hanging out with Luella's Ghost World collection was so funny, and a really good analogy too, something I'd love to see.

Erin said...

Is the blog okay? I was really worried when I tried to visit but it went to some odd other site.


Pinata Head Girl said...

aaaah!!! Tavi, you changed your blog url!!! it makes it so hard to find!

Unknown said...

It seemed a lot like 'baroque-with-a-twist', very lovely collection, with Riccardo leaving for Dior, I guess we'll just wait and see if his successor can live up to expectations, hope so ^^

Anonymous said...

really like the patterns but err wow to those glasses and cat hats

Unknown said...

"ugly 80s Versace sweatshirt chain prints"??!!
Excuse me?! Gianni Versace was one of a kind - what he created was some of the best fashion ever designed! I stopped reading your post right then and there.

HumanAdult said...

props for the Enid recall! I know Ive seen them looks somewhere.

cancercowboy said...

how far can arabesques be pushed up without causing epileptic fits? one day we'll know ^__^ the batgirl hat is darn cool. no idea if Clowes was the first to come up with that design but he surely deserves a share of the sales.

Mani said...

Love the prints.....just perfect
you are all welcome to:
Tavi, love your blog so much!

Laurie said...

First time on your blog; first post I see is this - you made an Enid reference. Instant friend !

Jay said...

I love all the prints.
Such perfection.

J C said...

Love that BAT GIRL, cool!

the Babe said...

the givenchy collection was awesomely awesome <3 <3

i just loved the fabrics

Angelica said...

loove this collection.
The sheer fabric at the legs make me want to die.
as for the cat hat, i'll pretend that their rabbit shaped.


Love LuLu said...

Glasses in high fashion is the new black!


rebecka said...


M.Weston said...

Article très intéressent, j'adore la photo de la tiare de princesse "style faite maison"
C'est drôle de voir que Catwoman peu même influencé l'univers de la mode XD



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Anonymous said...

very nice clothes. I like the glasses
Also the pictures are great!

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much love xx

James said...

It looks like couture clothing... The Rookie Blogger

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I'd say yummy for the cateye goggles.

heihare said...

"Ghost World" was one of my fave movies of all time! L*O*V*E this post on so many levels! If I were still your age (I never got the memo that I'm "older")... we could be great friends! Laurel St. Romain is the closest thing! xx

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