take your silver spoon, dig your grave

Stevie Nicks vibes. It was fun to drag this long dress around when my friend and I went to the ice cream shop and bakery (both were necessary, it was delicious) and conservatory and, best of all, A PSYCHIC. I was hoping for a scam, if only for the cultural experience, and I think I got one! Either that or I really am the only person who is questioning things and has crushes on people. It was great. I got her business card and her email is like "jennythepsychic03@yahoo.com" or something.

Thrifted bag and lace wedding dress underneath, pearls belonged to my grandma, Old Navy floral tank top, sheer floral tank sent to me by Angie of iheartnorwegianwood, and tiara DIY'd from random brooches.

The polka dotted dress is Meadham Kirchhoff and was sent to me by Courtney Love. I'm drained from freaking out about her email so I don't have any ASDFSKHMKF's or !!!!!!!!!!'s left in me. It's also really hard to fathom to begin with, and kind of strange to be sharing. But it's worth noting that there's more where this came from on ebay, where she is selling stuff she has worn. Nuts!! I am happy to selflessly take a Meadham Kirchhoff dress off her hands because I am a good guy like that.

I'm gonna go let it sink in in private. I'll have some snacks, water, and an inhaler with me, but bring me a meal if I'm gone for too long.