it's raining on prom night

Happy April Fool's from yesterday's post! Ella helped me think of it. You know who wasn't fooling, though? Those intense Blingee graphics, holy shit. Anyway, the Rachel Antonoff post got me thinking about proms and Pretty in Pink and Molly Ringwald and that specific kind of 80s pink/green floral.

Erica Segovia, Courtney, Jon Stanley Austin, tiny 80's Drew Barrymore, tiny 80's Drew at a mother-daughter fashion show, Molly in Pretty in Pink, Rodarte for Opening Ceremony, Maddie Goldbeck, and Alexis Mire.


Luiza said...

first comment!
gosh, you freakin scared me with that post!

Lia said...

UGH. you got me. :(


Glass of Fashion

maisa said...


Moni said...

I didnt get it :D I just keep forgetting it was 1st april!! :D
nice pics :)

Sarah Dee said...

Love the pink hair! That was funny yesterday =)

<3 Sarah

Lydia Armstrong said...

Kinda surprised at the folks who DIDN'T get your post yesterday. Duh.

Jessie said...

my prom is in 2 months! ah. wearing helmut lang.

Unknown said...

loving this spread.. reminds me of my prom.. and that photo of molly in pretty in pink.. divine!.. she's one of the reasons I started thinking about fashion design, and so I am now.. a fashion designer thanks to her and that pink 80s dressed she transformed on her own.. stay cool kid

Freya said...

Completely fooled me. God. I'm so gullible.


Unknown said...

Love this post, thank god the post before wasn't for real! I thought you'd lost your mind!!

RChS said...

I like it ! Amazing ;)

SMD said...

Yay for pink and flowers and curtains that remind me of my grandma! I love pretty in pink...and Molly...she's gorge.

Anonymous said...

I love pretty in pink!

Elsa said...

lol u got me too

Jack Flash! said...

Awww, I was looking forward to a header featuring the bieb... Haha! Lovely imagery, Especially the pink hair! whenever I see someone with pink hair I want to run over and hug them

Philomena said...

Nice joke! :D

Marlena said...

I love this collection of photos :) 80s floral prints are the best!!

Anonymous said...

Ellie said...

reminds me of granny's curtains and most of my wardrobe. Fantastic.

Diana said...


Claire said...

Lovely lovely! I will never stop loving the colour pink. It is the best colour by far.

Federico.Selma. said...

haha I HATE idiots <3

this comment pages of some better-known-blogs are such a society crash...

sorry tavi!

PS: ich liebe deinen blog, du bist eine der einzigen leute, die noch wirklich stil haben.

Anne said...

1.great april fools!
2.happy birthday!
3.thqt pink haircut in this post is so nice

Polly said...

aw, I was really hoping you would make one of those pictures your header! :D

the green&pink flowery goodness eased the pain of my disappointment though.

brightlightsbigcity said...

bahaha that's exactly what my friends would do if they hacked my blog... i'm a little disappointed about the lack of JBIEBZ in the future header, though. :/

b said...

all gorgeous ladies above.

Richard Kilroy said...

I just saw this re-interpretation of Ghost World's cover art with Rebecca & Enid as Scooby Doo's Daphne & Velma, and thought I should pass it on, knowing how much you love Ghost World

Kaitlyn said...

I love all of the pink, especially the pink hair xD

mar said...

you get it gurl

Anonymous said...

i love these pictures so much

Madeline Quaint said...

I just saw Carrie yesterday so I'm kinda freaked out by proms at the moment. I'd love the pictures otherwise, but now... What goes on behind the powder pink surface?

Anonymous said...

hey tavi! so crazy, we must be on the same wavelength because i just posted a Pretty in Pink post yesterday!

check it out if you want.

also, i practically fell over laughing at yesterday's post. good one!


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I saw that some people believed your post yesterday... I was like- shes not that unmodest peeps hahahahah. Anyway, you always have such good pictures, and i dont mean just themes i mean quality and it all looks slightly vintage ish to me and its all just soo pretty!!! Congrats your blog is fab!

Your friendly Blogger,

From (my blog)>

EmK said...

Nice joke yesterday, those pictures are similar to some facebook photos I see now. Ha.

Mm those colors kind of remind me of easter, for some reason. I could look at them for a while, :)

Felina said...

The girl on the first picture is so beautiful, even if you can not see her face front..

Shea said...

thank gooddness. I saw those banners and thought... what happened. it was quite frightening I must admit.

Maddie said...

Thank you so much for featuring my photo on your blog :) I've been a follower of it for a long time and it means a lot to me.

zoomslow said...

Great! Makes me want to watch "Pretty in Pink" again :-)

gwenstella said...

<3 molly ringwald and her ginger hair :)

Tika said...
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Tika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Fancy Teacup said...

Oh my gosh, such a minx! I totally got fooled by yesterday's post. I did hesitate though, and thought, that doesn't really seem like her? :) Loving the pink vibe.
much love.

Audrey said...

Have you seen the corset-inspired top at Urban Outfitters? It has the same pretty pink/green floral pattern to it! :3

Catherine said...

Girl do you know how many people will have nightmares from your post title...

bianca said...

Hi lovely! i have entered a Dotti design competition and was wondering if you could help by voting for my design? all you have to do is go to this link:

scroll down to the bottom right and click the YELLOW YES, I LIKE THIS button. (if you like on facebook your vote wont count) thanks so much for your help! xxxxx

Riley Bolender said...

Sorry this is irrelevant, but have you seen Sucker Punch? I want to hear what you think about it once/if you do. :]

Alexi Frest said...

Vanessa is lovely as ever...

As for fooling... I was a fool!


Thank goodness you would never srsly make your readers choose between Biebz and Selena Gomez. Talk about conundrum!

That sort of floral reminds me of the cloying femininity you see in Roccoco fashion - totally digging it!

Cloud P. said...

pink pink pink <3 !

charlotte collins said...

I miss prom!

Angelika, Esmée and Lotte said...


Courtney looks so healty in that picture... It looks strange :)

MEOW said...

Hello dear,

I feel that you need to take a break from fashion and go out and just live your life. Fashion is such a cruel and lonely world. And it's too early for you to succumb to its unpalpable loneliness. Teenage phase is supposed to be the most amazing time of our lives. Go to parties and meet some boys. Young love is such a wonderful thing. Don't miss it for the world. Fashion can wait ;)

Love you kiddo XXX

Michelle Lee said...

great pics

would love your visit/follow @

Anonymous said...

I would love a Rodarte Prom!

Brooke said...

Lol nice joke... Dont laugh but I sorta fell for it....! Anyways, I LOVE your blog tavi!! In fact, I jut started blogging and really wish you guys would read it (and please follow it!!!) ( :( i have no followers)
Please read it, and forgive me about only posting a couple times. I've been on spring break and plan to pot again tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog...and I love the pink hair!

Anonymous said...

<3 Pink hair.

cancercowboy said...

lol, nice "WTF?" moment. wish i could say with utter conviction that i'd have called the bluff...
the pink lady has a swell haircut

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious said...

pretty in pink . DUCCKKIIIEEEEE . need a date like him .

Tara said...

such pretty pink tones
Erica's so talented. I'm happy that you've posted her work on here

I love Drew's over-the-top pink princess outfit. especially the

molly's room in Pretty in Pink is so great. my love of Duckie will be eternal

this has such great vibes, it has a nice childish whimsy mixed with bits of nostalgia and high school prettiness

Anonymous said...

so disgustingly right

Mimi said...

I love you Tavi!! xoxo MIMI

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Anonymous said...

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