January 15, 2011

valley of the dolls continued

The same vibe from here and here and here (except my real life moodboard involved more of the cheesy 90s girl power and this is supposed to be creepier.) (THESE DETAILS MATTER.)

Unknown, Valley of the Dolls, Mario Sorrenti for Jil Sander SS00, Alex Prager, Pixy Stix, Good & Plenty, unknown, Sparrow v. Swallow, Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris, Laurence Philomene, and zoëah. As always with the unknowns, if you have the source please email me (stylerookie [at] gmail [dot] com).

I am taking a break for finals studying and finals week. Wish me luck! For trying to take a break from the internet, not for finals.


Lakyn Carlton said...

I love your inspiration posts. I always try to draw upon them for inspiration in my own clothes, but, yeah, it never, ever works.

--Sanam-- said...

Awesome photos :) I love how they stand out and are so colourful :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

Sophia said...

That whole fantastic twist on something that's supposed to be so innocent (ex: dolls) is just bizarre (but in a good way).

material.pursuits said...

It's interesting to see such a sinister feel (very stepford wives/ studio 54) from such a pretty palette of colours.

I have enjoyed perusing your blog for a long time now, and have finally decided to start my own! Come visit if you get the chance... probably after your finals :) Oh, and Good luck!

Nadia said...

I remember my mom and I watching the movie on sunday mornings. nice images.

brightlightsbigcity said...

Slightly creepy candy colors... I like it!


Flower's Child. said...

Good job girl! 90s Girlpower was awesome! We lived that thing, believe it or not ;)

LaArmoire said...

This girls are so 70's and that is the best time for fashion, and my favorite one.

Justina said...

Hello Tavi!
I like this post, its very "Emily the Strange" :)

Do you respond to emails? (that wasn't meant in a snobby way) because I wrote you one a while back, and was just wondering if you got it :)


Vicky said...

Fabulous collection of photos! x

Annie said...

love your make-up in the last picture, sweet&plastic


Emilie said...

Ha well I was going to wish you luck for both. I just had finals before break. Hell. But you get through it and then it doesn't seem like such a big deal afterward. And yeah, staying off the computer makes a huge difference.

Shelley Noble said...

Even younger, the "TAVI" knowing behind the eyes leaps through! Old Soul in young bod I guess.

Beni said...

It inspire me in my blog!

eat me said...

Nice...now I want some Pixie Sticks and a jawbreaker.

Juhle said...

All the photos are great.

The one with the white and pink pills reminds me of a game i played on ma gameboy when I was young. X]

e l i s a b e t h said...

good luck on finals
I love the pictures, some of them kind of give me the heeby jeebies...but the good kind!!!

feel free to check out my fashion blog..

Michelle said...

Such an amazing collection of images! And is that last one of you?! I swear, it could be. :|

Emma Winn said...

I know it's sooo intense that last one looks exactly like you.. I'm loving her lipstick
good luck staying off the internet i can't do it!

Yajaira said...

Great photos..
You always find the best photos

Nicole Roy said...

love this post!


Fashion Nerd said...

Hey I love yur style Tavi!!
Check out my blog.

Luisa said...

Hey Tavi, what's up?

Just wondering when are we going to get an answer for the magazine... I am wondering if those who were not selected are going to receive an answer as well?

Horse729/Wren said...


Love the mood....because I'm totally ready to kill myself over midterms too!

I am not really sure if I am serious or not....so.....

naomi said...

I absolutely love The Valley of the Dolls. My mom gave it to me to read in high school because she said that her mother stole her copy when she was trying to read it. It is wonderful though, and the movie is quite creepy!


Sofi Stellar said...

I love this. So inspired by you...

That last photo, Am I the only one who thinks that looks like you? I think it looks like you with long, messy hair.

Keep up the good work, good luck away from the net, haha.


m.corbett said...

ohhhh my, so much pastel.

i love it.

posted about pastel hair because mann alive do i love it but I can't get away with it unfortunately :( have a cheeky look if you like :) x xx
http://kireimode.blogspot.com/ loveeee what your doing by the way.

b.smith said...

you are quite an inspiring young lady tavi, thank you for your uniqueness, i regret conforming to the ways of this world. i wish i had been stronger- to be comfortable in who i was when i was younger. your maturity is influential, more than you may know. keep on keepin on sister.

favio said...

gotta love yourself some pixy stix and slurpee.
alot of junior high nostalgia from that.

Violet said...

i agree this is very inspirational. i love the color!

good luck on finals!!!

Vi from Cali

The Clothes Press said...

Cool creepy images!!
Good luck with staying off the blogosphere... and finals. :)

Chloë said...

Yikes, taking breaks from the internet is a tough tough thing. I tried it before. Didn't work out. Best of luck!

JC said...

Oh dolls are so creepy eh! BUT CANDY IS NEVER CREEPY. Remember that one kid.

btd. said...

Talk about a jump start of inspiration!

KristyMystique said...

nothing but love for mario!!!!

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

good luck with exams, mine are this week and next week, ahhh so stressful

check me out!


Connie said...

Wow love the bottles!

little moon lover said...

awesome photos.. I love the inspiration.. I think I might watch that movie tonight.. it's been a while since I last did..
love your blog, stay cool girl

Fashion Nerd said...

Tavi, you are so amazing and send a great message to girls.

Please check out, read, comment and follow my blog.

Kaiami said...

Woah, totally thought that last one was you. Doppelganger much.

Lucy Scherschligt said...

SOOOO lovely. Seriously; these are fantastic.


Philadelphia Magazine said...

My mother used to say...
"if you want a lolly, then go to bed and kiss your dolly".

I think I am getting closer to finding out what she meant. Thanks Tavi.

Philadelphia Magazine

My Heart Blogged said...

I love the last photo. The make-up is perfect.
My Heart Blogged

Sabina said...

Good luck! Love the suburban vibe of the colors in these pics. And love that last photo. Bad girl precious.


KIM JI HYE said...

I love your photo !!!

Good luck on finals ! :)

Kissing Kittens said...


boyunSO said...

good luck on your test, tavi!!!

hbub29 said...

Good luck:)
I love this cute colors


CopenhagenMuffin said...

You are so funny :) (and good luck btw).

I don't care about fashion at all(!) - but I care so much about your blog - i LOVE it!!

Thank you for being you out there!

Kate said...

I suddenly want one of those wax coke bottles. (I don't even LIKE them that much.)

Fashionably Drugged said...

LOVING The pictures and the colours!

Would you mind following my blog?


Poppy said...


Indefeasible said...


noratheteenager said...

I adore this, hmm, psychedelic-cheesy-creepy (?) thing you've got going on :)
Oh and good luck with your finals AND the internet break! I tried to do the latter once but failed miserably. Well, you're cooler (and probably less of an addict) than me.



Frockspotter said...

Where do you find these pictures? My image sourcing talent goes as far as Google images!
Love the blog :)


Eda said...

This posting is so lovely! I loved these things before but when I read this posting I totally love doll again!! You make me go to past. Love it!


María Chantal Rodríguez Nilsson said...

love the doll-ish looks, but it occasionally can get a little bit creepy...

good luck Tavi!!

M for CityStyle said...

really inspiring! thanks! x

Evie said...

Love these vibes!!!! You have no idea!!!!

Zo said...

you have no idea how excited i was when a friend told me about this. I think i cried/blacked out.

You are the coolest kid on the planet, no kidding. I always read your blog, so this is comparable to meeting the queen of england for me.


p&p said...

do you realize that you have influence all over the world?
you're really talented. follower from spain


good luck!

chica arcoiris said...

are you the girl in the last photo ? OMG you look very pretty and changed! :D

Viruu. said...

He is Enikő Mihalik:D:D

Viruu. said...

Or not?:D

Maddie said...

Totally feeling these vibes right now too, its all about color for spring. Good luck on your finals! I am currently studying for mine as well. eek!


Emma said...

I live in chicago, and i was wondering why you haven't written about any chicago designers, there is this great one on division, Anastasia Chatzka, and she is amazing, you should really check her out.

Chantak Lauper said...

Love these pics, even if some of them do make me shudder!

Keep up the good work Tavi, I've just completed a 5000 word essay about if fashion blogs are taking over from magazines and you were the star of the show in it ;)

Please check out, read and comment my blog.

Love, Chantal xx


fashionslap.net said...

Breaks are always good. Have fun and good luck and this post was way creepy I think you achieved your goal.

Jack said...

Good luck! Finals are a bazitch :S


Christine said...

I loved that book! It's nice to see pictures reminiscent of the book.


Alexandra said...

So much goodness in one post!
I am actually infatuated with the Eniko Mihalik by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris shoot...
And now i want to enjoy some good and plenty and children's crack/pixy stix


Fashion Baggage said...

Love the candy pills and the coke gummys very interesting! Your to young to know that cult classic! The music in the movie was great also! www.fashionbaggage.com

Fashion Baggage said...

Love the candy pills and the coke gummys very interesting! Your to young to know that cult classic! The music in the movie was great also! www.fashionbaggage.com

zoomslow said...

Fantastic moodboard! Certainly creepy. And you’ve created a really pretty combination of pastel and fluorescent colours.

Lastly, can I just comment on your remarkable use of the [bracket]!!! I mean… (stylerookie [at] gmail [dot] com). My mind is almost completely blown, but I… I can just manage 10 more words… Goodluck for your finals and for staying off the internet!

Thanks, Tavi :-))) <3

Megan said...

How do you do it? This post is amazing and even kinky? I can't wait to see the rest of your creativity. Everyone at my school loves your blog! I'm a noob, http://theartofdressingwell.blogspot.com/

Natalie R. said...

This is a smart and creative collage.. you've got the point there (:

Lola said...

Good luck avoiding the internet, I find it incredibly difficult! Btw, am I being really silly? Is the girl in the bottom right picture you?


coldclove said...


Annika said...

i feel like i shouldn't be saying these photos are so inspirational cause they are so creepy but i am anyway. because they are fabulous.


Sofi Stellar said...

Have you ever seen the show "Saved By The Bell" ? You post a lot of older tv show photos, and early this morning Saved By The Bell was on, and I couldn't help but notice the epic outfits of Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski It's very early 90's style. I read your blog a lot and I've seen the Brady Bunch, The Wonder Years, Daria, and I'm sure others. Anyway, I just thought of you for some strange reason when I watched it!
Good luck again on finals. And not using the internet.

Eclectic said...

Cool pics Tavi. Ever thought of blogging about Alexa Chung and Agyness Deyn. Im sure you make it a great read.Keep up the great bloggerlishessness...lol
Regards Lebohang Eclectic (vintagespillage.blogspot.com)

Sandy Joe said...

That book is so engrossing. Beyond The Valley of The Dolls is beyond amazing. That movie has everything.

Haute Mode said...

They all remind me of lollipops for some reason! Hahaha, I am visiting this page for the first time, and I must say: you are quite incredible. I also do fashion blogging and I would literally DIE if you commented on one of my posts!

fashion fool said...

hi tavi, i know you have been looking for a pair of velvet platforms, and while i was browsing ebay i found these beautys, unfortunately they wasn't my size, but maybe its yours


Engreida said...

I love the Big Gulp, great 80's touch to a 60's look...

Floz said...

i love the acid-y colours of this, ny favourite pic has to be number 5

Plasterdoll said...

As a Doll myself, I cant help loving this post! xoxo!

Renee said...

So. Much. Candy :D

And good luck! I've got exams too, *sarcastic hurray*

Hannah said...

Mmm mm dreamy, I do love the creepy 60s Barbie vibe o'course.

HauteShopLA said...

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HauteShopLA said...

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LadyNoir said...



The White Rabbit said...

colours colours colours.. art art art



Riot Nrrd said...

Duuuuuuude, this may be one of my favorite posts ever. Drugs and color... Unf.

Lo said...

That last photo really does look like you. I think you aren't really into makeup tho (why is that?) which is why I'd love to see you do something outrageous, like impersonate Leigh Bowery. More importantly, its obvious from your latest posts that you are craving to dye your hair some wonderful unnatural colour, so why not? You can always tell your parents that the internet told you to do it.

C'mon Barbie lets go party


Logan said...

Your inspiration posts are wonderful. I'm just starting my blog, and yours is going to be a big source of inspiration.
I love the way candy in piles can evoke so much emotion...
I used to superglue piles of old pills together for sculptures.

BbyFaB said...

this is different
i love it


Tavi Tavi Tavi...

I am speechless..


p&p said...

love the colors , the fantasy.


illustratecommunicate said...

This is exactly how I want to dress every spring, but somehow it never happens.
Good luck!

illustratecommunicate said...

This is exactly how I want to dress every spring, but somehow it never happens.
Good luck!

Nolita said...

Great inspiration!

FB: Nolita Vintage Shop & Blog


Your blog is very cool! I love it! kisses from Sao Paulo, Brazil! see me on my blog: coisasbacanasdatelma.blogspot.com!


Your blog is very cool! I love it! kisses from Sao Paulo, Brazil! see me on my blog: coisasbacanasdatelma.blogspot.com!

Cat said...

Yeah, every one sends you a link to there blog etc. I would. I would love to, but you don't probably have anytime :/ I love your blog and I swear you arre the least fake person I ever saw. Totally love your outfits

The black Voguette said...

This is the house where I´m going to live!:) seriously, that´s sooo cute!
I love the hair of the girl on the right...


itsthestylechild said...

They are soooo colorful. I would have used them for inspiration. Thank you and your mind for creating this. Do you still use lookbook and weardrobe? I have one now.

itsthestylechild said...

They are soooo colorful. I would have used them for inspiration. Thank you and your mind for creating this. Do you still use lookbook and weardrobe? I have one now.

Fumiko Kawa said...

I like those colourful images..

I redesign clothes recently..I just redesigned a Uniqlo plaid shirt@ http://bit.ly/ghe9fs and
Disney jacket@ http://bit.ly/e9Mxxe
..maybe interested to take a look?! lol..

comments are most welcome, i would love to hear and keep improving..♥

Josie said...

i like this vibe! i love the colors and the pills/candy. Reminds me of desert parties in southern california.

whoaMYgoodness said...

don't forget tavi, drugs are bad.


Fluorescent Adolescent said...

Fabulous post. Good luck on finals! We're in the same boat, unfortunately and I must put my focus a little more on the books and a little less on the magazines. xx



Captain Tess said...

LOVE all the colors!! Fun Post :)

Coco said...

This reminds me a bit of if Girl Interrupted had hallucinogenic scenes. Faaaaantastic :)


Giovana said...

Hi Tavi! I'm from Brazil and I love your blog, would appreciate if you could look at my www.tomaraquecaiaagora.blogspot.com and follow me on twitter @ blogTQCA

Giovana said...

Hi Tavi! I'm from Brazil and I love your blog, would appreciate if you could look at my www.tomaraquecaiaagora.blogspot.com and follow me on twitter @ blogTQCA

Giovana said...

Hi Tavi! I'm from Brazil and I love your blog, would appreciate if you could look at my www.tomaraquecaiaagora.blogspot.com and follow me on twitter @ blogTQCA

Giovana said...

Hi Tavi! I'm from Brazil and I love your blog, would appreciate if you could look at my www.tomaraquecaiaagora.blogspot.com and follow me on twitter @ blogTQCA

Giovana said...

Hi Tavi! I'm from Brazil and I love your blog, would appreciate if you could look at my www.tomaraquecaiaagora.blogspot.com and follow me on twitter @ blogTQCA

Giovana said...

Hi Tavi! I'm from Brazil and I love your blog, would appreciate if you could look at my www.tomaraquecaiaagora.blogspot.com and follow me on twitter @ blogTQCA

Rar Traum said...

cool mood you give us
i wish you luck sweetheart

Mina Jade said...

Those colourful bottles look exactly like... well... I do not say aloud, but you know. And I love their colours - I am fond of neon colours.

Pepella said...

amazing photos! so beautiful and colorsful... i love them . they inspired me to read And watch the valley of dolls :)))

Thiciana said...

Oh dear, I just love these sixties mood + soft candy colors. Good to see, wonderful to work with. Good luck, but the internet always wins, you know.

Élide Elen said...

I loved these photos!!!

MiSs LuvLuv said...

Cool and creepy at the same time!!!

Ben said...

I was sufin blogs yesterday and I found this: http://cupcakegoggles.blogspot.com/2010/05/best-medicine.html
on Cupcake gogles and I thought of this post.


Oran said...

Such an inspiration!!!! xo

DailamiDaniel said...

hi, visit n follow me @ http://dailamidaniel.blogspot.com/

thwany said...

the doll in bathtub pic is scary

Beatrice said...

Love the color! Pictures are awesome!!!

Cassie - the PR girl said...

A lovely blog!


Cassie - http://www.pamelamanntights.blogspot.com

Mileide Almeida said...

very nice this post!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Fabulous collection.

Alex said...

I love the pastel comment form. Plus the typography on Valley of the Dolls is fantastic.


working socialite said...

this is mind numbingly good....

CICIDI said...

colours in this post are spectacular!


Ana Patrícia said...
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Ana Patrícia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ana Patrícia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ana Patrícia said...

Whenever I visit your blog, and I am his fan.
I love the way you talk about fashion, and how to express their
I am braziliam, and here in Brazil, you went to
inspiration for a character in the soap opera, ie many
People here admire what you do as much as I do.
I keep reading here, I love your blog.
Kisses: *

Klein said...






CMQ said...

Oh dear! You are so talented.
I never left a comment before, but I´m following you for quite some time, and let me tell you that you have the world on your hands darling. I know sounds stupid, and silly (or sounds words that came out of an old lady, which I´´m not, Ipm 28, haha), but you´ll see that. Amazing pics, incredible collages and style.

xoxo from Argentina ( yes, we do exist!!)

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...


Ruben Martins said...

Nice post!

I love your blog!


Ruben Martins said...

Nice post!

I love your blog!


cancercowboy said...

power of pills and powders. socially acceptable drugs so that the treadmill keeps going. wrapped in damn nice colors. these patches on her cheeks, and the doll in the bathtub... overall theme (including your hopefully successful break from the net) reminded me of this classic.

Izzen said...

Candy-coloured death trap.


TheAngelWears said...

Inspired...loving the palate :)



eugenialejos said...

oh! amazing pictures! ou yes! lovely!kisses from porto!

chrissy *fnizzy* said...

Dear Tavi. It's my 21st birthday today. I was browsing through Facebook aimlessly when I found an album uploaded by one of the boys I used to go to school with, with pictures from when we were children. Probably around the age of 12 or so. One of the pictures were of two of the boys in my class, Victor and Filip. Filip had commented on the picture. It said: "Fuckin hell I fuckin look like Kaboom here or somethin! lol :P" When I read that, I remembered. In 3rd-6th grade some of the boys in my class used to call me Kaboom. They did this because once, in PE which I hated, we had to run laps. Usually I would be able to get away with it, but not this once. It was extra bad because it was sports day. My teachers forced me to enter, saying it would be fun. I was shit scared. I was panicking. I wanted to cry. But I ran that lap anyway (and ended up last, finishing 10 seconds after everyone else). And it was after that, that I realised I needed to get a bra. Because as soon as I got back to the audience bench, all the boys laughed at me and shouted "Kaboom! Kaboom!" and gestured at their chests with circular movements. That was 9 or 10 years ago, so I obviously thought they had moved on to better things by now. But no. I find out, through Facebook, that they STILL call me Kaboom. I'm STILL the girl with the boobs in need of a bra to them. I know it's stupid to care, I haven't seen any of those boys for maybe 5 years, and while they haven't changed one single bit, I have. I am doing what I always wanted to do: I write. I'm still at university but I study in London (when they are stuck still in that suburb of Stockholm where I once ran a lap without a bra on), and I'm a hired writer, a professional. While none of them have reached higher education, nor gained the careers they wanted. (Also, the boy who wrote that, about Kaboom, has got his arm full of ugly tribal tattoos, which, I'm not gonna lie here, does make me feel enormously better than him.) BUT I still can't walk away from it unaffected. I want to. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY ffs. Why did I have to read that TODAY? Any other day. Why TODAY? Anyway, I just wanted to say that I was in despair and felt useless and lousy and hateful, so I turned to your blog. And it helped a little bit. So thank you Tavi. That was all.

G.A.N said...

Adorei, sou do Brasil e simplismente amo o seu blog!

obrigada por postar, se puder veja meu blog!

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Villedela said...

This is a greatttttttt post.

Noumia's papers said...

Love the vogue paris's shoot.



Josefa said...

Okay, so the American Idol guy looks exactly like Dieter Bohlen and this is totally funny, because the colours and all the stuff looks EXACTLY like Deutschland sucht den superstar, which is a german TV show.... Love Your Blog Thumbs Up!!!!
(I am more interested in, not fashion, but in Make Up... so....)

Out Of Runway said...

Amazing post !!
check my blog ;)

BBSexydesign said...
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BBSexydesign said...

Hi Tavi. It's BB.
I'm leaving comment because
i just want to know about
the 3rd photo.
I'm very interesting about it
because i'm Korean and it looks like Korean symbol.

Marita said...

Interesting post - I like the way the textures+colours of each picture contrast the next. Makes me think of a series by one of my favourite NZ photographers, Anne Noble, of a little girl eating candy - creepily close-up, saturated images.
Here's a link, if you're interested! enjoy : )

glamcouture99 said...

Intense, but why the pills Tavi?
do you care about beauty? or is it all about fashion for you?

Tatiana said...

you very nice doll :)

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