Suppose I should address this:Apparently this hat was very upsetting to some people!
I had no intentions of blocking the views of people behind me but it didn't block any views-I'm SHORT, so watching the show behind me would be like watching it through a regular-sized adult, but better, because adult heads do not have holes in them. Other than the stinky cheese man, from that one book, from like, second grade, or something. My dad was sitting next to the Grazia writer that tweeted this picture and said there shouldn't have been any problems in seeing the clothes, but I'm pretty sure she or he was joking, anyway?

The day before the show we went to the Dior atelier (which was, in a word, amazing, but that's all for another time) and spent a bit of time with Stephen Jones, who, being the incredibly friendly and charming mad hatter he is (his watch was SO Alice in Wonderland, kooky and distorted numbers and everything) was very kind as to give me this hat he had made as a sample for one of Dior's couture shows a couple years ago but ended up not being used. It only seemed appropriate to wear it to the Dior show.

Also, some people thought it was too show-offy, which..I mean, my philosophy for dressing is pretty much to go all out, and it seemed like the right time to do so. Complaints that it's "childish" or "obnoxious" are silly. Because to some other people, it would be a bad thing if I DIDN'T dress childishly! And that sums up the Haters thing altogether-it is impossible for EVERYONE to be pleased with EVERYTHING. If I wore leather and studs no one would complain, and I'm not sorry for bringing a bit of color into the room. Haters gonna hate, etc. But also, I am really curious as to when news websites will write about something interesting, i.e. not what someone wore to a fashion show. Really, the people that actually care will read about it on this here blog. Otherwise, it feels pretty pointless to me!

More photos and such laterrzzz.