greens, pinks, light blues, skies and sea

Sometimes seeing one photo sets off my memory and I immediately associate it with images I have stored in the back of my mind. While internet-stalking a bunch of Prada lookbooks for a SUPER HUGE IMAGE SPAMMING BEAUTIFULNESS-OVERLOAD post going up later this week, a couple photos from the Spring 2008 sent me digging into the archives of Tumblr as well as my head as well as the folder entitled "can you please just like marry me" on my desktop..Royal Tenenbaums books, neon water Meisel goddesses, Totoro greens, Hanne in the new issue of Numero shot by Lina Scheynius, nebula, and fish grazing in coral (do fish graze?)
Prada, Numero, Nebula, Family of Geniuses, Meisel, coral, second Totoro still. Other photos, Youtube screencaps.