waffles had a plan. waffles had a rock.

Some spreads from a zine I started to make way back in the FALL and never got back to out of laziness. Oh, the days of sitting in bed collaging while watching Freaks and Geeks for the first time! I wish I could watch them all again not knowing what was going to happen.

OH MY GOD BACK TO SLIGHTLY KIND OF FASHION-RELATED STUFF, I will incorporate them into outfits somehow maybe eventually some day but for now, ~sharing is caring!~ so enjoy?
A bug in National Geographic, table and chairs from W, a shelf of Yohji Yamamoto shoes, Celine Fall 08 shoes, Damien Hirst's For the Love of God, Alexander McQueen Spring 09, butterfly card found in basement, Nina Ricci Fall 09, Rick Owens Fall 08?, Undercover Fall 08, Comme des Garcons Fall 09, a blurry picture from a Dior couture show from an old issue of a magazine so I don't know the year...
Kinda Norwegian Wood, 60's-themed.
Alan Aldridge body painting and book cover art, Sonia Rykiel bunny sweater, Miu Miu wedges, Pierre Hardy for Gap shoes, vintage Missoni sweater, collages by SOME PERSON I DON'T REMEMBER THE NAME GAH THEY WERE FEATURED IN AN OLD ISSUE OF FLAUNT GAH STOP INTERROGATING ME GAH, Julie Christie, Hussein Chalayan table skirt (A+), picture from old issue of NYTimes' T Magazine, Penelope Tree, another random butterfly found in basement with a girl on it (can't remember her name), a hand that was in an old issue of Nylon I think, Dior Couture from a few years ago.

PS, dontcha like how I can't figure out a logical way to order the credits so I do so randomly and expect you to know what I'm talking about?

Ahhh heavily influenced by Prada Resort.
Brady Bunch, Paul Smith, teevees from 80's Sears catalogs, Proenza Schouler Fall 08, Marni Spring 09, Sesame Street.

(Note how it says a lighter FALL. Yeah, until you get lazy and stop working on your zine, dummy.)

Geometric dome robot hippie commune in T, Miu Miu skirt, Proenza shoe (sob cry sob favorite Fall 09 shoe cry), Miu Miu Fall 09, polaroid of Fabiola Beracasa, hippie family from Time Magazine "THE LAST FORTY YEARS" thingy, Prada Spring 08 campaign, the flowers in a picture from an old issue of Elle, Nina Ricci (back when it was good), Stephen Jones shoe hat, John Paul Gaultier, more hippies.
Same kind of idea as the other one but the other one is prettier.

Vogue Australia, Nina Ricci (again, when it was good), Missoni Fall 09, John Galliano Fall 09, Antonio Marras Fall 09, Rodarte Fall 09, Acne Atacoma in GYPSY form, random picture of people brushing their teeth, random picture of murky houses, Romance Was Born, Prada Fall 09, Peter Jensen bootz, Antonio Marras Fall 09, picture Bruce Weber shot for Vogue US, flowerpot from a really old Saks ad with Irina L. in it.

Lily Donaldson in W, National Geographic.
Sidenote: When I took a picture of this, the camera face detector got the dragon vase's face but not Raquel's. Total diss.

Illustration from an old Nylon, Tao, dragon vase from National Geographic, Margiela Fall 09, sign at Woodstock, herds and herds of penguins, Raquel Zimmerman in a Chloe ad (back when it was good.)

One of my favorite color combinations is coral and blue.

Picture of weird volcanic place in National Geographic, Issey Miyake Fall '93, Jean Paul Gaultier couture, bizarre 3-D Virgin Mary postcard from joke shop, scraps of ceilings in a temple from a picture in National Geographic, a picture from the Vietnam War from that "LET'S LOOK AT THE PAST" issue of Time, and the earth in an ad for the earth or something.

Happy Monday!


Emma said...

Totally agree with you on Chloé. Hannah has kinda made the brand go in the direction of Balmain in the sense the all the collections are no different from one season to the next. Also, really glad that you added the photos of Prada resort because that was a really great collection. So much better than the spring collection. Prada is wonderful. Miu Miu spring 2010 is wonderful. Miuccia is wonderful. Anyway, that really has nothing to do with your wonderful collages...always seem to get carried away.

Melissa said...

I just adore your artistic ability. Its just so flawless, I sometimes find it hard to believe you're only like 13. I especially love the first one, it really reminds me of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. :D

Jessicafied said...

I make books with pictures I tear out of magazines and I have some of the same pictures you do! And one of the pictures you have from the Prada show I have as my desktop right now. Weird! Good stuff. :)

C A said...

I miss your à la Comme des Garçons home-photoshoots.. Those are the best ones.

Erik said...

These are so fun to make! :D I should do it again sometime. Also, thanks for giving me some inspiration. :)


You are very artistic! Love these.

Flipping Pages said...

Its good to see your creative side, that bloggers don't just post photos and retweet news published in magazines but have something more to offer!I would love to see some illustrations too from your side, since you are so creative love to see the unique flavour they will assume!

I have found some excellent art/illustrations in this blog too www.fashionfifthavenue.blogspot.com

It is slowing becoming one of my favourites together with a couple of other blogs like bryanboy.com, Style Bubble etc! And once again you rock!!

NorwegianWood said...

Can we just talk for a moment about how ridiculous it is that you're so good at putting these together...not fangirling here...I really, REALLY think you've got something here. I think you see things in a way that's very different from many people...and it's a good thing. :)

fledgling said...

we at fledgling LOVE you tavi!
you're such an inspiration!

maxwell conrad
leigh fountain
vassiliki ellwood


zoomslow said...

The images are cool, but my favourite part of all this is your hand-written thoughts and credits. I guess that sometimes it's your interpretation of fashion that interests me more than the fashion itself!

zoomslow said...

Yes, fashion as seen through your eyes has opened up creative possibilities that I hadn't seen before! Thanks <3 And it's Happy Tuesday to you, from where I'm sitting :-)

Soren Lorensen said...

love the National Geographic pages that sit alongside

connections I had never imagined

İçimden Geldiği Gibi said...

I realy like it.

fboogabooga said...


Madelene Elverum said...

I love it! =)

Check out my blog: www.madelle-fashion-blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Your posts always make me smile Tavi. Thank you!

Steffanie's Style said...

cool pics!

check out our fashion blog, we are 3 aussie teens who need more followers!!



Vanilla said...

Very creative, I love them :)

Love, love vanilla

Julia said...

Great zining! I never finish my zines too... ;)

Ross said...

Were you intentionally making the comparison of Prada resort to Sesame street, or is that my mind working overtime?

Amela. said...

Sometimes I do the same with pictures. Loving your results!

With love,

Anonymous said...

yeah, watching freaks and geeks for the FIRST time was incomparable to anything, really. I know how you feel :)

And these collages, they're so great. You're creative and it shows.

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

Great collages - so inspiring! & filled with so many beautiful images... plus sesame street! haha! LOVE IT :)

♥ Hannah



mariska said...

awesome awesome awesome pics!!

love them all!

they r so fucking cool,,





Emily said...

amazing!!! you're going to be a magazine editor and i know it!


LORRAINE. said...

I have to say that i agree with Emily, your so going to be a magazine editor some day!

Diane said...

How fun to do this! I also used to do these collages when I was younger, but it's a good idea for fun time now also!

Does Lily Donaldson look like Uma Thurman in that photo or what?

Have a super fun day


Mila said...

OMG! I saw ELMO!!! Sorry, I'm a bit obsessed with him at the moment...


Jean-pierre MATTEI ( clothings maker who shares some fashion sketches .............................. ) said...


( I MAKE )

Kisses !


cest.comme.la.mode@gmail.com said...


I surely admire your feel for fashion, change, and what is happening now!
As a fashion design college student, i highly advise you to take advantage of the free time that you have now as a middle school student/ high school student. You are lucky to have such time to be purely creative and to share your ideas with the rest of the industry/ world.

ps. Where do you plan on going to college if that thought has entered your mind yet?

zoee said...

I do this too. These are so inspirational, lovely!

Isabel said...

These are awesome! I made numerous 'inspiration books' when I was in high school and I should probably share them eventually on the blog. Also, SESAME STREET!

theceelist said...

Elmo! I luv Elmo as a child:)

Daniel Storto Gloves said...

Diggin' it!

Margarita said...

nice nice nice !

J said...

love the collection. :) and i agree in the synonymy from season-to-season...

Anonymous said...

Love it all! Very inspiring :)
- Emelie

davoichka said...

As always... beyond impressed, and inspired by your charmismatic reviews. The collages are a bonus on the eye candy front. If I were still 14, I would want to be your best friend.

Angeles Almuna said...

Fabulous collage Tavi!!!!!
I love the way you mix everything , I found great that you put the Prada Resort, it's fantastic!!!!!! I Love it!!! and the whole idea with the dragon, National Geographic, Times and earth!!!!WOW...... the best creativity way to start the WEEK!!!!!!
Thank you Lady Tavi!!!!
Kisses :)

EB said...


Sam Harvey said...

Hi you! Do you know how to use Photoshop to do collage? Once you do that you will be dangerous! Some pics are too small to enjoy. I love the thought you put into it. I found some vintage National Geos at an antique treasures shop, now I am thinking to go back and scoop them up!http://lara-serbin.blogspot.com

Rosalind said...

I'm impressed at your ability to credit nearly every photo in that impressive collection!
I keep an inspiration book too, but I love the sheer imagination of some of the pages here. Especially the one with the Sesame Street characters coupled with some colourful clothes..
I could probably talk about all of them, but I'll just leave it here by saying I like them very much!


Anonymous said...

i wish i was 13 again and had your potential and self-confidence. we used to dress up like you do back in the days and play games.
play on pretty kid!

luv from vienna


Ellie said...

saw a photo of you and Karl today, you looked so good! Loving the colour wash in your hair!

These collages are great :) x

Anonymous said...

absolutley fab! i made a mag for christmas and yh it was calles 'a little bit jazzy ,a little bit sasy and a little bit of VA VA VOOM' = so tacky love ur blog all the best xxx

Teenage Dickhead said...

you glorious child.

Demoiselle B. said...
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Catherine said...

oh my god tavi, the long dress with checks on bottom? and the headpiece lily danaldson is wearing? EPIC

Demoiselle B. said...

Maybe the artist Jan Fabre will interest you. The first collage reminded me of his work and vocabulaire...

Festy said...

I like this post, amazing!

Francesca said...

i adore you and your blog!

Jean-pierre MATTEI ( clothings maker who shares some fashion sketches .............................. ) said...

I SAW HIM AND I LIKE HIM A LOT ! ( i'll follow him )


Kiss !
=Friend Jean-Pierre MATTEI=

Sophie said...

You always have the best commentary and interpretations of fashion. Thanks for making fashion fun and creative, rather than intimidating and pretentious (as it can be portrayed). I could go on forever about your collages, but I'll keep it short - they're amazing. Keep it up!


Chiffon Dreams said...

National Geographic truly has some of the most inspiring images I've seen.

don't forget to stop by my blogs!

Unknown said...

Like your blog! Im a Norwegian blogger by the way! :-)


Meet Virginia said...



casey said...

I spent a disgustingly large chunk of time last week collaging and watching Freaks & Geeks for the first time! Crazy stuff!

I also got my Roadrte X Target cardigan from UPS today. Thank you thank you thank you. It's lovely and it fits perfectly and I can not wait to wear it!

Sammi said...

Wow, this is so great! I've been trying to do something like this myself, but to no avail.

firefly said...

Collages are cool. I love seeing other collages, but I don't do them myself. Your pictures are interesting, with the different subjects.

Madeleine and Maya said...

If only I had a sliver of the patience required to make so many collages of really awesome images! I'm getting jealous.
Chloe could be worse.
remember the embroidered-horse shorts from the era of Stella McCartney?
'nuff said.

Katy said...

One word: WOW.

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Nice blog
Great layout


Ane said...

I'm completely crazy about your inspiration books (if thats the right word?) hehe
I'm norwegian too! I just thought I'd let you know...

would love if you checked out my blog :)

style-magnet said...

Yo dawg, I love the zine. I've been neglecting my collage-book lately. Perhaps I should whip out the trusty ol' scissors.

Jes said...

Loving your collages!

Tavi said...

Thanks guys! <3


I haven't really thought about what college I want to go to.

Leah said...

i've always wanted to make a sort of inspiration book, you've inspired me to start. and i love the photo of the dragonfly from NG.

christie! said...

Yo, I just sat through my first Renaissance through Rococo Art History class and we TOTES looked at a bunch of Virgin Mary icons and paintings and she was always wearing blue and coral/reddish. Probably symbolizes something, but we haven't gotten that far yet.

tomorrow started said...

lovely stick ups. you are just too hot

Festy said...

I like this comment!

Kim said...

The clippings remind me of my old elementary projects--but a lot more artistic!


Linda said...

I just adore your artistic ability. Its just so flawless, I sometimes find it hard to believe you're only like 13. I especially love the first one, it really reminds me of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. :D

Helen Neely

Lise said...
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Lise said...

Hey Tavi -

Is that vase covered in honeycomb an art piece by Aganetha Dyck? She's pretty amazing.

Nice blog, just started reading :)


destroy what bores you said...

these juxtapositions are brilliant - you have a good eye.

not a new reader, but commenting for the first time. hi!


If you finished this zine, I would definetely buy one! What a wonderful thing to have for in the future when you're even more mega sucessful!! :)

Domino said...

Your feel the same as I do about Chloe, Phoebe was so good as the head of the House. I just did a post about her debut collection @ Celine. You should read it and tell me what you think.



so-hee Park said...

Hello, tavi~^_^
Today your style too very unique and cute^^
I feel little bit strange when i saw your hair style yesterday.
But today i see ur hair again, it's so unique so i really love ur hair very much!!~~~~
Can you remember me?
I'm South Korean who worte the comment to yeww yesterday.
I'm not expect to will you remember me.
But i worte the comment yesterday^^

Than.. bye bye!!

I will visit to your blog next time^^

Good bye, dude~~~~~♥♡

debijoy's said...

Hey Tavi

My friend and I (from Switzerland)started a fashion blog too, maybe you can look at this, we put pictures from you on it, you're great!

take a look



Anonymous said...


mariam said...

do you have a scrapbook of fashions and designs?
is that book from the picture yours??
its adorable
i do that alsoo

i just started

Fauve Aeon said...

lol, very Mori Girl style feeling to me, those 'zine pages, and your style leanings lately, and it works :)

Fauve Aeon said...

oops, and forgot to say, mani-pedi with 1/2 CG 'For Audrey' (old) and 1/2 OPI 'A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find' (new) either shiny or with Matte Magic is my fun blue-coralish combo for spring, if you like some bright fingers? ( I notice Tavi hides her hands sometimes, hmmmm, could she be a biter?!) I plan to exploit the Pantone Turquoise all I can! I am enjoying your blog (but in small doses^.^)

Chicago said...

stunning :) sometimes i do this instead of homework.

Yvette said...

Wow. KO fashion. But, really, it's you're writing- so much fun and honesty- I read you like a novel. (non-fiction, of course.)

People are worried about your future? because of missed school? I would love to take your "field trips!" Pretty sure you're future has been left unscathed.

RhubarbPie said...

Tavi!! I'm jealous. I wanna be like you... I am twelve. I wanna have blue hair, I wanna have a salvation army that just has cute stuff rather than thrown up on ball gowns. sigh.... When I sew barbie fahsion in the weekends I wonder if it is blog worthy...Rei Kawakubo, can I be your friend...*sigh*

Meg Webb said...

heavens to betsey. the earth has landed on planet earth. what a national discovery that we must put in national geographic that is actually INTERNATIONAL. i love the volcanic plates. very flattering.