happy birthday style hag

Don't need to write much since my fat mouth takes care of it. "Reflecting on the past year" = rant rant rant, I guess. Have a good week guys!
Love you x

get down from there coffee you do not belong on that dog you are a beverage

Woke up this morning to see all of the yard covered in snow. SPRING FAIL. Chicago, you are REALLY getting on my lastlast nerves. If the rest of Spring Break is like this I will become some type of angry mutant rabbit rather than a happy pink louis vuitton one and strangle you with a houseplant.If I were Muffy I would say "vomitroicious." If I were Duffy I would say, like, "mercy" or whatever her gig is. And if I were Uffie I'd say hi my husband is awesome. But that's irrelevant. What I wore yesterday to...do nothing, really. Made a new Tumblr where I upload pictures and links from my favorite magazine editorials, so if you have the same tastes as me/get annoyed when the only Foto Decadent updates are sucky yellow-lighting eds and Tom Ford campaigns then it's here.
I did go to Sophie's house yesterday, but that doesn't count as anything since it is Sophie (hi Sophie tell your fish I say hi) and all we did was look at failblog.org and serenade pictures of the ShamWow guy and eat donuts for a good 3 hours. If that makes you uncomfortable and scared for the future of the world then I cannot blame you.natalia looks so awkwardly out of place, oops
When I put this outfit together I had these exact pictures from last May's Vogue UK in mind. I am overly proud to own these editorials in print and basically gaze at them and kiss their beautiful tulle prints mixing feet whenever I can. So it's not really executing inspiration so much as I have major girlcrushes on J.Stam and Nati-Nova and poofy headpieces and tatooed them on my brain.I forget what these dolls are called but I got two of them in 3rd grade and have them on my japanophile shelf. Other things on the shelf: Comme tags (also falls under: label whore), other Japanese toys, Style Deficit Disorder book, FRUiTS postcards, manga...
And if you think that's weird, I also built a shrine in my room. For whom I will not say. Because that would be weird and I am not weird *laser stare*

natalia, jessica
obesity and speed headband. vintage blazer, gift. my spacegirl tee. found in my house pink skirt and glove. slow and steady wins the race sunglasses. celeste stein tights via mytights. diy'd cuff and uh brooches. thrifted shoes.

kids of the cage

When Angie, designer/sewer/everything for I Heart Norwegian Wood, emailed me about a tee-for-item-from-her-store exchange I excitedly agreed and started thinking about ideas. If you are obsessed with British style blogs like me you might've seen some of her stuff on Susie Bubble or Queen Michelle. Hell, you MIGHT'VE even SAVED their outfit pictures in a folder entitled "WHY AM I NOT THESE PEOPLE" but, yknow, that's a rare case most common in people like...seventh graders, blonde, obsessed with layering and prints mixing and structural clothes...while we're at it, we can throw out BEAUTIFUL and GENIUS and PERFECT IN EVERY WAY~ too, but this is all just general, really *flicks hair*
Uh anyway, I chose the cage skirt and was squeeling like some type of suffocating wombat when I saw pictures in my inbox this morning!
So excited for it to come and Angie's been really great to work with. She lets you choose from the fabrics she has up on the item's page, or just give her an idea of what kind you'd like and she'll do her best to find it. I chose black ruffled ribbon because it seems extremely versatile. Can be worn with girly stuff thanks to the ruffles but the black and metal buttons and zippers make it a little tough too. It's fun being part of the design process and feeling like it's an actual collaboration rather than just placing an order.
Oh the layering opportunities! I'm SO excited to wear this (omg, picture it with the Comme top) and see how she styles the spacegirl tee as well.

Angie's pics, duh. My camera is NOT that good.

whoever scanned these in on foto decadent, i want to send you a basket of mini muffins.

I need obnoxious prints MIXED with obnoxious colors, and flowers coming out of my head, and totally crazy sunglasses, and yarn as braids, and, and...God why do I not yet have a time machine?!This is a mixture of neon christmas ribbon, Issey Miyake SS 09, and a particular outfit I had for my Barbie when I was little. Except Barbie had a huge hat with a sequin flower on it, and that is the only flaw in this.
Now THIS is something I'd like to see Kanye in! Actually, erm no. Ew images ew.
Anyway, I want multi-colored flower-shaped pancakes keeping ME from the sun/any social contact.
More great sunglasses, this time schizophrenic, which obvz I'm a fan of.
A new idea for spring? Raf Simons may be on this whole ~sculptural collar~ thing but I see no tulips on the Jil Sander runway. And this is a problem.
So bad it's good. My only problem is that it reminds me of when ANTM tried saying stuff like "beam me in, Tyra" and wearing silver lipstick.
Um, I need this? In my life? Kthanks?
Monochrome white, niiiiice.
OH SO blindingly epic. Apparently the only clothing I'm interested in is the kind that could give you a seizure.

These are just a few of like a million but go look at the rest! And get me a time machine while you're at it.

it's not just any paper towel

3-D life is taking over! I feel so out of it...like, Kanye reads fashun blogs? Twitter was on the front page of the Times? THE SHAMWOW GUY GOT ARRESTED? Wutinthewut. LET'S JUST STOP RIGHT THERE. Internet, you are blowing my mind.
Posts will be pretty spotty from now on but if you want incessant ADD posting that will ultimately dominate your dashboard, you can read the ever angsty quick inspiration Tumblr I've been unloading my entire hard drive on.In other insomnia ramblings, I am honestly not that big on fashion magazines. Or at least, I hardly ever buy them. I just sneak food into Borders and grab a bunch of Vogues and fancy WE USE HELVETICA AND ALL CAPITAL LETTERS/COST 24 DOLLARS magazines and read them in the corner whilst slurping some GoGurt and walk out without buying anything. That's how you gotta operate in this here "recession," you see. Go cheap or go home! And if you don't go cheap, spend money on pretty things like this.Anyways, I find many fashion magazines to be too commercial, and if they're not too commercial they just try too hard NOT to be. It's like designers that are weird just for the sake of being weird and "going against the norm." Vogue, saying "Real Women Have Curves" contradicts half of your magazine and we all know your future content still won't change a bit. I mean, when I saw this month's cover, TOTAL Photoshop questioning went through my mind. Mmm, irony.
RUSSH, on the other hand, is a lovely little Australian fashion magazine that puts awesome girlcrush material chicks like Karlie Kloss in Rodarte and then takes epic pictures of them. More here.
Have a good weekend, you cool cats.I WISH I could take credit for this incredibly profound and beautiful illustration but my guess is some kid that was once on Arthur's "And Now a Word From Us Kids" drew this? Source here.

reading certain blogs makes me feel nostalgiac of 6th grade when i first got into fashn and would speak to my teachers entirely in wilco lyrics

I've been pretty lazy about dressing lately, still feel uninspired. I love that fashion allows you to change your identity every time you change your clothes but I feel like I need a change of CLOSET. So tell me, FASHION, how am I supposed to change identity if I'm so tired of my clothes? What..you think I should TRY NEW COMBINATIONS? Are you suggesting I put an ounce of effort/creativity into something? Non, non, non. You are talking about effort and creativity to someone currently melting her brains with ANTM and lots of macaroni and cheese.
I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE. SO BORED! THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT DOGS! (Cole Mohr, anyone? Bueller anyone buellerrrr)
At least I can dress vicariously through invisible people that don't exist on Polyvore. I think it's because I read Jen's blog too much but all of a sudden I am really wanting more purple.
So I'm kind of obsessed with this tee designed by Queen Michelle. Seriously, the picture itself is great but the font used for TRUE is so killer (nerd alert) and I love how it corresponds with her name on the neck. Have already composed about 6 outfits with it in my head. The story behind it is great too. Go read it or Tyler Riggs will ruin YOUR ozone layer!
Speaking of tees, I think it would be awesome to put together a bunch of photos of how different people style the spacegirl shirt and post them up here. Send over pictures of you wearing it and once I have a good number I'll post all of em as a way to see how it can be incorporated into different styles.
And speaking of male models...image here
brilliant and totally witty sentence by me
yes i am genius and can put text on a picture
no i am not vain like derek

to be stuck inside a margiela boot with the superficial blues again (insert slashes where needed)

Today was a great day, the kind where your juice matches your skirt!taken by ella
Karoline printed a tee in a metallic copper and I love it (as evidenced by my awkward expression, obvz). This hairbow was cut off an old dress...skirt is my mom's sweater with lots of pins in it...vintage Docs from eBay. Yep.
Went to a consignment shop and got this haul for $8 (honestly not that much of a deal but I am used to thrift/mooching techniques). I do love me some shoes that both fit AND are attractive so no complaints there. Seriously, how many stores make epic shoes for 9 year old feet?
Also if your eyes sting easily I advise you do not picture the pants I got with the tank top I wore yesterday. Try not to run into me on the street the day I wear that combination, either.
obesity and speed tee and striped tank. leather skirt from jen. american apparel tights. yokoo scarf.
The print on this tee is BEYOND, GUYS. IT IS BEYOND.
Random notes.
This brown hat is vintage and reminds me of chocolate. I've had it for forever but haven't worn it for fear I would start seeing everything as chocolate if I did.
O i c u thar, plasteec skul. Seriously, easiest DIY EVER. I mean, unless you don't have a vacuum molding machine lying around. That's a bit rough. But if you do, just add metal fastener.
When I get tired of this veil I tie teeny ribbons in it.
I don't know why I've been chopping all these huge bows off nice dresses? Anyway, they make good necklaces as well as hair...enhancers? OH, accesories. Oopsydoops, recovering from the weekend.
Best 6.50 I've ever spent. Batman sunglasses bought locally...there wasn't a brand on the glasses but my wife Belle somehow has the same ones. We are on the same brainwaves, swearz.

no not like that one movie about some yodelling girl that falls on a rock and has a dog or something or was that lassie

Hedi Slimane is one of my favorite photographers for a number of reasons. The pictures from the concerts and parties he goes to could easily be really cobrasnake-y but aren't. He'll compare one set of photos with another to highlight the similarities-or differences-of two things, like putting pictures of a rose throughout a set of Courtney Love photos. I don't know who most of the people he photographs are but I want to learn more about each one. He didn't even study photography in school (come to think of it, few of my favorite designers studied fashion. Rei, the Mulleavys, Vivienne Westwood...)
Anyway, these are the kinds of photos that can take my breath away and make me think at the same time. Nothing but love.
All from the Hedi Slimane Diary. I was gonna put some of these on the same photo to make this less lengthy but you can't really pair any of them together, they need to be seen on their own. Now go look at the other thousands of photos he's taken!