it's not just any paper towel

3-D life is taking over! I feel so out of, Kanye reads fashun blogs? Twitter was on the front page of the Times? THE SHAMWOW GUY GOT ARRESTED? Wutinthewut. LET'S JUST STOP RIGHT THERE. Internet, you are blowing my mind.
Posts will be pretty spotty from now on but if you want incessant ADD posting that will ultimately dominate your dashboard, you can read the ever angsty quick inspiration Tumblr I've been unloading my entire hard drive on.In other insomnia ramblings, I am honestly not that big on fashion magazines. Or at least, I hardly ever buy them. I just sneak food into Borders and grab a bunch of Vogues and fancy WE USE HELVETICA AND ALL CAPITAL LETTERS/COST 24 DOLLARS magazines and read them in the corner whilst slurping some GoGurt and walk out without buying anything. That's how you gotta operate in this here "recession," you see. Go cheap or go home! And if you don't go cheap, spend money on pretty things like this.Anyways, I find many fashion magazines to be too commercial, and if they're not too commercial they just try too hard NOT to be. It's like designers that are weird just for the sake of being weird and "going against the norm." Vogue, saying "Real Women Have Curves" contradicts half of your magazine and we all know your future content still won't change a bit. I mean, when I saw this month's cover, TOTAL Photoshop questioning went through my mind. Mmm, irony.
RUSSH, on the other hand, is a lovely little Australian fashion magazine that puts awesome girlcrush material chicks like Karlie Kloss in Rodarte and then takes epic pictures of them. More here.
Have a good weekend, you cool cats.I WISH I could take credit for this incredibly profound and beautiful illustration but my guess is some kid that was once on Arthur's "And Now a Word From Us Kids" drew this? Source here.