get down from there coffee you do not belong on that dog you are a beverage

Woke up this morning to see all of the yard covered in snow. SPRING FAIL. Chicago, you are REALLY getting on my lastlast nerves. If the rest of Spring Break is like this I will become some type of angry mutant rabbit rather than a happy pink louis vuitton one and strangle you with a houseplant.If I were Muffy I would say "vomitroicious." If I were Duffy I would say, like, "mercy" or whatever her gig is. And if I were Uffie I'd say hi my husband is awesome. But that's irrelevant. What I wore yesterday nothing, really. Made a new Tumblr where I upload pictures and links from my favorite magazine editorials, so if you have the same tastes as me/get annoyed when the only Foto Decadent updates are sucky yellow-lighting eds and Tom Ford campaigns then it's here.
I did go to Sophie's house yesterday, but that doesn't count as anything since it is Sophie (hi Sophie tell your fish I say hi) and all we did was look at and serenade pictures of the ShamWow guy and eat donuts for a good 3 hours. If that makes you uncomfortable and scared for the future of the world then I cannot blame you.natalia looks so awkwardly out of place, oops
When I put this outfit together I had these exact pictures from last May's Vogue UK in mind. I am overly proud to own these editorials in print and basically gaze at them and kiss their beautiful tulle prints mixing feet whenever I can. So it's not really executing inspiration so much as I have major girlcrushes on J.Stam and Nati-Nova and poofy headpieces and tatooed them on my brain.I forget what these dolls are called but I got two of them in 3rd grade and have them on my japanophile shelf. Other things on the shelf: Comme tags (also falls under: label whore), other Japanese toys, Style Deficit Disorder book, FRUiTS postcards, manga...
And if you think that's weird, I also built a shrine in my room. For whom I will not say. Because that would be weird and I am not weird *laser stare*

natalia, jessica
obesity and speed headband. vintage blazer, gift. my spacegirl tee. found in my house pink skirt and glove. slow and steady wins the race sunglasses. celeste stein tights via mytights. diy'd cuff and uh brooches. thrifted shoes.