no not like that one movie about some yodelling girl that falls on a rock and has a dog or something or was that lassie

Hedi Slimane is one of my favorite photographers for a number of reasons. The pictures from the concerts and parties he goes to could easily be really cobrasnake-y but aren't. He'll compare one set of photos with another to highlight the similarities-or differences-of two things, like putting pictures of a rose throughout a set of Courtney Love photos. I don't know who most of the people he photographs are but I want to learn more about each one. He didn't even study photography in school (come to think of it, few of my favorite designers studied fashion. Rei, the Mulleavys, Vivienne Westwood...)
Anyway, these are the kinds of photos that can take my breath away and make me think at the same time. Nothing but love.
All from the Hedi Slimane Diary. I was gonna put some of these on the same photo to make this less lengthy but you can't really pair any of them together, they need to be seen on their own. Now go look at the other thousands of photos he's taken!