reading certain blogs makes me feel nostalgiac of 6th grade when i first got into fashn and would speak to my teachers entirely in wilco lyrics

I've been pretty lazy about dressing lately, still feel uninspired. I love that fashion allows you to change your identity every time you change your clothes but I feel like I need a change of CLOSET. So tell me, FASHION, how am I supposed to change identity if I'm so tired of my clothes? think I should TRY NEW COMBINATIONS? Are you suggesting I put an ounce of effort/creativity into something? Non, non, non. You are talking about effort and creativity to someone currently melting her brains with ANTM and lots of macaroni and cheese.
I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE. SO BORED! THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT DOGS! (Cole Mohr, anyone? Bueller anyone buellerrrr)
At least I can dress vicariously through invisible people that don't exist on Polyvore. I think it's because I read Jen's blog too much but all of a sudden I am really wanting more purple.
So I'm kind of obsessed with this tee designed by Queen Michelle. Seriously, the picture itself is great but the font used for TRUE is so killer (nerd alert) and I love how it corresponds with her name on the neck. Have already composed about 6 outfits with it in my head. The story behind it is great too. Go read it or Tyler Riggs will ruin YOUR ozone layer!
Speaking of tees, I think it would be awesome to put together a bunch of photos of how different people style the spacegirl shirt and post them up here. Send over pictures of you wearing it and once I have a good number I'll post all of em as a way to see how it can be incorporated into different styles.
And speaking of male models...image here
brilliant and totally witty sentence by me
yes i am genius and can put text on a picture
no i am not vain like derek